Black Lies Matter.

Niger means black in Latin. Somehow, misspelled, that was made into an ultimate insult in the USA… So Black matters, because it’s so insulting? Oh, black is not insulting, just insulting when spoken in Latin, the root language of English, and slightly misspelled.
Then people who are not niger at all, but with blonde hair and green eyes, plus white skin, as one of my friends, a lawyer, somehow also get called niger, including by themselves, because they have some African ancestry (as we all have).

That weird irrationality, that obsession with African origins, is called the “one drop (of “blood”) rule”. It is then not just racism but deeply delirious sectarism. One should say hatred, because deliberate, wilful alienation, pushed too far, is akin to hatred. Now you may ask, what is the point of sectarism? Divide et impera.
All this niger-not-niger obsession creates conflicts (be it only inside oneself with reason and observation)…. And also distractions of the unsolvable type: one cannot stop being racist while race obsessed. Especially when this has arisen to the level of a mass delusion.

In the end, people, in the USA, learn to use reason irrationally and purely subjectively, and thus become slightly psycho and easily manipulated with superficial triggers.
In particular, being “race” (something that does not exist except in racist countries) obsessed, We The People of the USA forget, and have no neurological, emotional and cognitive space to be class obsessed. Thus American plutocracy is free to keep on exponentiating… while the attention of pseudo-progressives is focused on the obscure concept of origins, as long as they are niger… Or supposedly niger…

In the USA, people see the one on the left, Meghan Markle, as “black”. And the one on the right, with the red hair, as “white”. However, their albedos are similar. Can one trust people who see black where there is white? Can one trust people that demented and racist?

I was brought up in Africa. Am I ashamed? No. I am proud because of my life there, my African consciousness, my African culture. Plus, I know a continent most people do not (and especially not Americans). But most of all, on this particular subject, I come with the wisdom that one should never evoke the color of the skin, or the origins. That, in the parts of Africa which know peace, is crucial, and viewed as the basis of civilization.

Skin color discrimination, especially when imagined from variegated, partial, distant origins, is as furiously primitive and retarded as it gets.

Patrice Ayme


P/S: In a generalization of the racist obsession with “black”, some US pseudo-thinkers have suggested to stop using the adjective “black”.
In Senegal, where part of the population is black like charcoal, black paintings are ubiquitous, and extremely beautiful.

Now when one “sees red” with anger, “turn white” with fear, “green” with envy, “blue” from choking, “blush pink” with embarrassment, are we going to call all these dark thoughts, and proscribe their expressions? Puritanism not dead yet?

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2 Responses to “Black Lies Matter.”

  1. Gmax Says:

    A shot across the bow of racism.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

    US and Anglo Saxon vision is all about race. They let the dogs of discord run. Read the book Anarchy, how they conquered India. At some point Indian Company had twice more soldiers than The British army. They create a mess then call it a civilization. Then lots of people die


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