Race Theory Is Racist

The mass mind manipulating New York Times wrote an article on “Ethnic Studies Follies”. I replied a shortened version of the following, which was of course blocked… don’t worry someday it will come out as a great revelation of the New York Times… People, and institutions, who are unjust become profitable, only when they turn their injustice to thievery. The NYT stole many of my ideas before and will do it some more, a good thing:

It is very simple: Race theorists are racist. It doesn’t matter if it is called “Critical Race Theory”, or if it is Nazi Race Theory, race theory is racism. Race theorists are closer in mentality with American racists of the Nineteenth Century than with the Western European tradition, started by the Romans of being “race” blind. Racism is pretty much a US invention, invented to justify slavery: white Americans were not really enslaving human beings, but a lesser sort.

In many countries, throughout history, there has been huge, very deadly tribal strife. Africa is an obvious example, and this is why slavery was so developed there… and so were mass human sacrifices, such as the Grand Customs games of Dahomey, where 10,000 were killed every year… until it was found more profitable to sell prisoners to  trans-Atlantic slave traders. I was brought up in West Africa. The first thing I was told was to never comment on the ethnicity or skin color of anybody (countries doing this sort of things end like Rwanda did).   

WHITE LIVES MATTER was the essence of Nazism, duplicating American racism: Much of Nazism as mood and solution, final, was invented in the USA… At least, so the Nazis believed. The Nazis, in their complete idiocy, thought they could do to the Slavs, Jews, Gypsies, and other races they did not esteem, what the English speaking North Americans had done to the Native Americans. Even the “Trail of Tears” extermination trick was explicitly copied in 1945… The Nazis had overlooked that the Russians, French and British are among the fiercest warring “races” humanity ever knew. Those three “races” were no Native Americans, but used to destroy the fiercest as a supreme ideal. Even more stupid, the Nazis did not realize they offered to the Americans the opportunity of they, the Nazis, playing the role of the new Natives to destroy, occupy and digest…

I joined, by choice, a “multiracial” family. I hate racism, my family has been a victim of it many times. The way out of American obsession with race is to teach American history, as it happened. 1609 was when America was settled by rapacious English investors who had purchased Indentured Servants on which they had the right of life and death. They were determined to exterminate all Natives militarily. In 1619 a handful of African slaves were accepted as payment. Slavery made tobacco profitable. 

Non Hispanic whites are only 38% of California. Their holier-than-thou Racist Theory pursues racism covertly by teaching public schools badly.

Patrice Ayme


P/S: the irony in all this is that I have been extremely critical, for decades of Race Theory. But there is a huge gap between that and sanctifying the concept of race (some race theorists will probably claim in the future that CRT does not do this)…

Let me give extensive extracts of the NYT article. Reading them, you would think they approve of what I said… But you know what? They very well may, BUT they are scared of their own fanaticized readership. This is the same problem all over: all ideas are classified in a Manichean way, white or black, no nuance, no dimensions.

California’s Ethnic Studies Follies

A proposed curriculum magnifies differences, encourages tribal loyalties and advances ideological group think. March 9, 2021

The first time California’s Department of Education published a draft of an ethnic studies “model curriculum” for high school students, in 2019, it managed the neat trick of omitting anti-Semitism while committing it. More than a million Jews live in California. They are also among the state’s leading victims of hate crimes.

Yet in a lengthy draft otherwise rich with references to various forms of bigotry, there was no mention of bigotry toward Jews. There was, however, an endorsement of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, which essentially calls for the elimination of the Jewish state…

The draft outraged many Jews. And they were joined by Armenian, Assyrian, Hellenic, Hindu and Korean civic groups in a statement urging the California Department of Education to “completely redraft the curriculum.” In its original form, they said, the document was “replete with mischaracterizations and omissions of major California ethnoreligious groups.”

… Yet as the Board of Education is set to vote on the new curriculum this month, it is likelier than before to enthrone ethnic studies, an older relative to critical race theory, into the largest public school system in the United States. This is a big deal in America’s ongoing culture wars. And it’s a bad deal for California’s students, at least for those whose school districts decide to make the curriculum their own.

What is “ethnic studies”? Contrary to first impressions, it is not multiculturalism. It is not a way of exploring, much less celebrating, America’s pluralistic society. It is an assault on it. “A multiculturalist framework that views our people through a colonialist lens is what literally led to the need for ethnic studies,” Sharif Zakout of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center told a state Education Department panel last year.

Ethnic studies is less an academic discipline than it is the recruiting arm of a radical ideological movement masquerading as mainstream pedagogy. From the opening pages of the model curriculum, students are expected not just to “challenge racist, bigoted, discriminatory, imperialist/colonial beliefs,” but to “critique empire-building in history” and “connect ourselves to past and contemporary social movements that struggle for social justice.”

It would be fine, too, if students were exposed to critical race theory the way they might be exposed to Marxist philosophy or some other ideology — as a subject to be examined, not a lens through which to do the examining. The former is education. The latter is indoctrination. The ethnic studies curriculum conceals the difference.

… Irish-Americans have faced a long history of discrimination in the U.S. … But the word “Irish” hardly appears anywhere in the model curriculum, and nowhere in its sample lessons. Russians, Italians, Poles and others rate only the briefest mentions. 

Perhaps this is because all of them, like most Jews, have a new identity, known in the jargon of ethnic studies as “conditional whiteness,” which simultaneously erases their past and racializes their present. Leave aside the ignorance this fosters regarding the long history of differences, struggles and achievements by various European ethnic groups in America. It’s also the mirror image of longstanding prejudices regarding “Asians” or “Hispanics” as ethnically undifferentiated masses of mainly identical people.

… To treat “whiteness” — conditional or otherwise — not as an accident of pigmentation but as an ethnicity unto itself is what the [notorious racists] of the world have always wanted.

It shouldn’t be like this. Public education is supposed to create a sense of common citizenship while cultivating the habits of independent thinking. This is a curriculum that magnifies differences, encourages tribal loyalties and advances ideological groupthink.

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6 Responses to “Race Theory Is Racist”

  1. De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

    Racism is a rising problem in France from American influences. It started with SOS Racidm after 1983. Demagogues said Islamophobia was racism. Downhill since, all the way to the gutter


  2. SDM Says:

    The old divide and conquer- and enslave? Tribalism is the gift that keeps giving to the 1%. Identity politics, religion, ethnicity, etc. are all there to thwart any sense of unity that might endanger their position and power.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, and it’s working so well, it’s amazing. I was just talking to a high level software engineer in Palo Alto, and got my head chewed off for not showing enough respect for the concept of “BIPOC”… Black Indigenous People of Color (he is a POC, not BIPOC). All this color makes me see red… I was so surprised, that came so out of the blue, I said nothing. The cockroaches are angry today and they talk… Remarkable…

      Strange day, Stanford was completely deserted, with just dozens of giant panels warning that only individuals with Stanford identities could proceed. Also warnings to take no pictures… It was like something out of a movie. Me, my daughter, the university, priceless sculptures, towering palms and redwoods, wonderful architecture, and the universe…


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