COVID Vaccination Passport Mandatory

Authorities should require a COVID vaccination passport which will give rights that non-vaccinated individuals will not have. This will not just encourage the entire population to get vaccinated. It’s a matter of life and death. Indeed, we cannot go on like this. The virus attacks not just the lungs, but also neurons directly. Its long term consequences in survivors seem more adverse than in other viral infections. 

When the pandemic started, nobody important seem to worry very much (except for Trump who blocked travel from China, and then was universally criticized as a racist, including by the Democratic Speaker Pelosi who went on the embrace San Francisco’s Chinatown… as if it had anything with Trumps’ block. I wrote an essay: 450 Million Dead Possible? Something To Take Seriously, Right Away. At this point it looks that we will get away with less than ten million dead… But that may be wrong. Vaccination, fast and soon is how to prevent this. We have a window of opportunity (I am already fully mRNA Moderna vaccinated, by the way so I am doing as I preach…)

Indeed, aside from all the dead that already occured, a further danger is that if the virus is allowed to circulate much longer, more contagious and, or, more lethal variants will probably evolve (as is happening already). People are not allowed to drive without insurance, although that is mostly a financial problem. Why should individuals be able to circulate without vaccination, when that is a life and death problem other people are then assaulted with?

The SPIKE PROTEIN harpooned human cells. But now in some variants of the coronavirus, the spike has mutated, and taken the shape of a much more effective GRAPPLE. On March 12, 2021: 99 million cases of COVID had an outcome: 96,266,000 (97%) Recovered / Discharged.
THREE PERCENT DEATHS: 2,652,000 (3%). At this rate, if four billion people got it, there would be 120 million dead….Studies in Iceland show that for one person with symptoms, another doesn’t have any… But variants change everything.

Should individuals be able to circulate without vaccination, when that is potentially a bacteriological assault onto other people? Even more so when travelling overseas: a drastic failure of the WHO, the CDC and the European Medical Authority has not to have duplicated what China (!) did, and sever international travel when that would have bought time in the pandemic. The first country to sever travel was Taiwan (Republic of China). Others duplicated this, for example the PRC, as I just said, or New Zealand. Australia mostly stayed outside of the pandemic, with drastic measures against travel. These countries can now vaccinate, and escape the mass death… Which will be above five million before soon (it is officially approaching 3 million, but there is massive undercounting, for example in Africa).  

To go from one country to another, one needs a passport nowadays. This is strange. Up to World War First, there were no passports.Indeed, 99% of travellers, at least, present no danger. So why are they controlled?

BUT, a traveller carrying a new variant of COVID is very dangerous. Manaus, the capital of the Amazon, with more than two million people, and a very youthful population, got a massive COVID pandemic in Spring 2020. A pontificating scientific study even published in Science (Science doi: 10.1126/science.abe9728), September 2020, proclaimed that Manaus had gained herd immunity…. In May 2020, the death rate in Manaus had been nearly five times the normal rate. However, things changed in November: suddenly cases of COVID shot up, to the point the city ran out of liquid oxygen. Clearly, new cases had surged again. Here is some of the tale in the New York Times, that medium which loves to censor me:

Virus Variant in Brazil Infected Many Who Had Already Recovered From Covid-19. By Carl Zimmer, March 3, 2021

The first detailed studies of the so-called P.1 variant show how it devastated a Brazilian city. Now scientists want to know what it will do elsewhere. New studies of the P.1 variant that ravaged the city show that it can reinfect people who have already had the virus, and may make vaccines weaker.

In just a matter of weeks, two variants of the coronavirus have become so familiar that you can hear their inscrutable alphanumeric names regularly uttered on television news. B.1.1.7, first identified in Britain, has demonstrated the power to spread far and fast. In South Africa, a mutant called B.1.351 can dodge human antibodies, blunting the effectiveness of some vaccines.

Scientists have also had their eye on a third concerning variant that arose in Brazil, called P.1. Research had been slower on P.1 since its discovery in late December, leaving scientists unsure of just how much to worry about it.

“I’ve been holding my breath,” said Bronwyn MacInnis, an epidemiologist at the [Harvard-MiT] Broad Institute.

Now three studies offer a sobering history of P.1’s meteoric rise in the Amazonian city of Manaus. It most likely arose there in November and then fueled a record-breaking spike of coronavirus cases. It came to dominate the city partly because of an increased contagiousness, the research found…

Worse: naturally induced immunity against the first version of SARS 2 did not work well against P.1… However tests on the mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech…) show that they still work (although the antibody count is down, there are other antiviral mechanisms activated by those vaccines…).

NYT: …“experts said it is a variant to take seriously. “It’s right to be worried about P.1, and this data gives us the reason why,” said William Hanage, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

P.1 is now spreading across the rest of Brazil and has been found in 24 other countries. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded six cases in five states: Alaska, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota and Oklahoma.

“The findings apply to Manaus, but I don’t know if they apply to other places,” said Nuno Faria, a virologist at Imperial College London who helped lead much of the new research… To reduce the risks of P.1 outbreaks and reinfections, Dr. Faria said: “The ultimate message is that you need to step up all the vaccination efforts as soon as possible, you need to be one step ahead of the virus.”… researchers in Japan were making a similar discovery. Four tourists returning home from a trip to the Amazon on Jan. 4 tested positive for the coronavirus. Genome sequencing revealed the same set of mutations Dr. Faria and his colleagues were seeing in Brazil. Dr. Faria and his colleagues posted a description of P.1 on an online virology forum on Jan. 12. They then investigated why P.1 was so common. Its mutations may have made it more contagious, or it might have been lucky. By sheer chance, the variant might have shown up in Manaus just as the city was getting more relaxed about public health measures….

Tracking P.1 from its earliest samples in December., it was found that, by early January, P1 made up 87 percent of samples in Manaus… By February P1 had taken over completely.

NYT: “Combining the data from genomes, antibodies and medical records in Manaus, the researchers concluded that P.1 conquered the city thanks not to luck but biology: Its mutations helped it spread. Like B.1.1.7, it can infect more people, on average, than other variants can. They estimate it is somewhere between 1.4 and 2.2 times more transmissible than other lineages of coronaviruses.

. But it also gets an edge from mutations that let it escape antibodies from other coronaviruses. They estimate that in 100 people who were infected with non-P.1 lineages in Manaus last year, somewhere between 25 and 61 of them could have been reinfected if they were exposed to P.1 in Manaus.

The researchers found support for this conclusion in an experiment in which they mixed P.1 viruses with antibodies from Brazilians who had Covid-19 last year. They found that the effectiveness of their antibodies dropped sixfold against P.1 compared with other coronaviruses. That drop might mean that at least some people would be vulnerable to new infections from P.1. Dr. Faria said “an increasing body of evidence” suggests that most cases in the second wave were the result of reinfections.

It’s all very simple: do as Israel did. The green pass is authorized by Israel’s Ministry of Health. It can be a physical document or downloaded to a person’s phone. It is required for activities like going to the gym, dining inside a restaurant, attending a theater performance with up to 500 people indoors, or even a gathering in an event hall with up to 300 people…

And worry about the children too: the initial, milder COVID kills children ten times more than the flu… Not just that, but, for one death, there seems to be ten cases with longish COVID. Thus COVID may well affect children one hundred times more than the flu (which is already a serious disease, and which create immunosuppression in the lungs for months, facilitating deadly pneumonia…)

The longer SARS-CoV2 is around the greater the probability to evolve more contagious and deadly mutations. It is just a matter of time and chance: the more people have it, the more the virus can afford to kill its hosts, and still be around… Because of the variants, and the fact that the more time the virus is allowed around, the more variants, we have to exterminate that coronavirus. Just as was done for smallpox. Only universal vaccination will allow to do so… Fortunately, the mRNA vaccination technique can react even faster than virus variants spread: Moderna is already testing vaccines designed specifically to handle some of the new mutations… Science is forging ahead, law must follow…

Patrice Ayme

5 Responses to “COVID Vaccination Passport Mandatory”

  1. benign Says:

    It’s a money machine! And no liability!

    As a matter of principle, I am not going to teach my body to make antigens. I might consider the Russian vaccine, which is of the traditional attenuated virus type.

    Also, vaccinating widely in a pandemic may lead to viral escape–the monopolists’ dream!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am mRNA vaccinated (Moderna… full disclosure: in which I am an investor, hahahaha) mRNA vaccines leave the genetics alone. It is a science fiction technique. Call me TRANS… I was always trans, I am in my element… The mRNA vaccine prevent symptoms in 95% of cases, and insure 100% survival. They also prevent transmission (preliminary results).

      Vaccines such as Sputnik and AstraZeneca-Oxford use an ADENOVIRUS as carrier. The virus carries a new gene into the DNA of the would be guinea pig, call him Benign, and order his cells to make the spike protein mRNA (as in the mRNA vaccines). Now the mRNA vaccine has not made me a monster (that happened at inception, I am afraid…) but an Adenovirus vaccine will modify Benign into something never seen before…

      Just kidding… Sputnik uses two DIFFERENT Adenoviruses in the two different shots to prevent the possibility of virus destruction by antibodies, before it can transfer the spike gene…Astra Z-Oxford uses a chimp virus… I think Sputnik is the better of the two (it has 91% efficiency, The Lancet found, higher than AZ-Oxford)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Moderna’s French CEO struck Trump when he announced at the WH that he could have a vaccine within 3 months. The monopolistic pharmaceutical executives present had nothing to say. So Trump gave billions to Moderna and promised more if they could mass produce millions of doses by the end of the year (Operation WARP SPEED).

      Attenuated virus vaccines have mostly failed (as one of the Chinese one, turns out), or completely failed (the two French ones, including from the Pasteur Institute and one in collaboration with Merck)… The first five vaccines certified were all science fiction… A French startup did a sci fi vaccine, but he was financed by my (ex?) enemy Boris Johnson (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The BRITISH PM is getting 60 millions doses from a French startup he finances…

      Also Britain has been smart to just vaccinate with first shot, as I recommended in November… It’s showing up in the numbers right now… There is a race with the new variants…


  2. Gmax Says:

    Tanks for the heads up, as they say. I wonder why the vaccine is not made obligatory. Any idea?

    In any case, we have a window of opportunity now. Not next year. No?


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