Truth Destroying Moderators On Facebook: How To Fix It

An Example Of Truth Censorship on Facebook, This morning I got this message on my Facebook page, in a bright orange panel. Yesterday at 10:27 PM Your comment goes against our community guidelines so only you and the group admins can see this post. Later they made part of my account only visible to myself for ten days… For just relating a piece of history.

Here is the offensive comment of mine which was censored by Facebook “moderators”: 

Patrice Ayme commented on Les Clark’s post: “By The Way, for the Nazis, Japanese Lives Mattered. Nazis extolled the Japanese race”.

My statement was of course entirely correct. The Nazis officially considered the Japanese to be the “Master Race of the Orient. Except for rare occasional obvious poetry and jokes, I try to only utter the truth on the Internet (jokes are too easily misunderstood). Maybe moderators at Facebook do not know enough English? “Extoll” means to praise, glorify, or honor; “extol the virtues of one’s children”; “glorify one’s spouse’s cooking” exalt, glorify, laud, proclaim. 

One must then say that the problem with this statement of mine which was censored is that it is entirely correct. The bread and butter, and the entire personalities of all too many in the Facebook moderators “group” system, is to promote lying. And the more egregious the lying, the more powerful the ‘moderators’ feel. It is a vicious exponentiating circle. This is a serious problem, as it promotes manicheism, violence, lies, and tribal behavior. In one word: racism.  The increased violent tribalism has been a drug, augmenting profits. However, it will bring the explosion of civil society (and thus increased inequality and plutocracy). Thankfully I found an obvious solution for Facebook, which is quite easy to implement (the solution is at the end of this essay).

THE CHINESE MUST GO. Push them off that cliff! US anti-Oriental racism was LEGAL and strong for generations… While it was actually ILLEGAL, in Germany, even in Nazi Germany! American racists think that this truth has to be hidden, so I get censored. Some Facebook moderators are themselves racist Americans, and they hide this by making a disingenuous show of being rabidly anti-Trump. But say something hinting at American racism not condoned by Soros (famous plutocrat financing some types of anti-racism) and his ilk, and they will censor you.

For the background to see why my censored comment on Nazism and the Japanese race was correct, here is Wikipedia in Nazi Racial Theories

East Asian races equal to Aryans or declared “Honorary Aryan”

The Han Chinese and Japanese races were both considered the “Aryans of the East”, “Honorary Aryans” and the “Herrenvolk of the Orient” (i.e. the “Master race” of the Orient) by Nazi Germany.[6][7]

In 1945, Adolf Hitler said:

Pride in one’s own race, and that does not imply contempt for other races, is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.[8]

Adolf Hitler had allowed Han Chinese soldiers to study in German military academies and serve in the Nazi German Wehrmacht as part of their combat training.

Here is some more background: 

Adolf Hitler had supported the Empire of Japan as early as 1904, when during the Russo-Japanese War it had defeated the Russians, which he considered a defeat for Austrian Slavism.[14][15] He made a number of other statements expressing his respect and admiration for the Japanese in his book Mein Kampf.[16][17]

Although they belonged to a different evolutionary race than the Germans did, the Han Chinese and the Imperial Japanese were both considered to have sufficiently superior qualities as were people with German-Nordic blood to warrant an alliance by Nazi ideologists such as Himmler. Himmler, who possessed a great interest in, and was influenced by, the anthropology, philosophies and pantheistic religions of East Asia, mentioned how his friend Hiroshi Ōshima, the Japanese Ambassador to Germany, believed that the noble castes in Japan, the Daimyō and the Samurai, were descended from gods of celestial origin, which was similar to Himmler’s own belief that “the Nordic race did not evolve, but came directly down from heaven to settle on the Atlantic continent.”[18]

Karl Haushofer, a German general, geographer, and geopolitician, whose ideas may have influenced the development of Hitler’s expansionist strategies, saw Japan as the brother nation of Germany. In 1908, he was sent to Tokyo by the German Army “to study the Japanese Army and advise it as an artillery instructor. The assignment changed the course of his life and marked the beginning of his love affair with the orient. During the next four years he traveled extensively in East Asia, adding Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin to his repertoire of Russian, French, and English languages. Karl Haushofer had been a devout student of Schopenhauer, and during his stay in the Far East he was introduced to Oriental esoteric teachings.”[19] It was based on such teachings that he came to make similar bestowals of his own upon the Japanese people, calling them the “Aryans of the East”, and even calling them the Herrenvolk of the Orient” (i.e. the “Master race of the Orient”).[6]

Nazi Foreign Minister Konstantin von Neurath and its Foreign Ministry explained to Japanese Ambassador Nagai that Germany held no prejudices against other races but merely opposed the mixing of races. This position was repeatedly used and mentioned in publications and statements made in subsequent years. In Mein Kampf, Hitler expressed the conviction that the mixing of races would result in the depreciation of racial value, since the “lower” race would devalue the “superior” race and, unlike “pure” races, weaken the offspring….


So I told the truth and I was censored for it. Why is this? The censors were US citizens, they want to feel good about US racism.  They don’t want US readers to read the USA was more racist than Nazi Germany, in some ways. That’s even worse than realizing most Nazi theories originated by observing what was “successfully” done in the USA.

But the USA is a racist country, all too many of the Facebook censors are themselves racist, so they are natural born cancelling of the truth propagandists. They are “America First and Above” racists. They want to hide all this nuance and data.

There was notorious LEGAL racism against the Chinese in the USA in general, and California in particular: Chinese workers were mistreated, despised and forbidden to bring families in. The United States Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, signed into law by president Arthur, forbade Chinese males to come to the USA (except if wealthy, of course). It followed the US Federal Law called the Page Act of 1875 which banned Chinese women from immigrating to the United States.

The case of the Japanese is well-known: the “Democratic” administration of Roosevelt deprived them of their liberty and incarcerated them in concentration camps, without any rationale whatsoever, except US for delirious racism.


So now to suggest something to Facebook. Facebook uses volunteer “moderators” to adjudicate truth within Facebook. The problem is that some of these moderators are only moderators in name. I was unjustly censored and cancelled for telling the truth. I should be able to appeal to the central command at Facebook for action against these lying moderators…. Who are not moderators, but the exact opposite: those who fight the truth are encouraging violence, abuse, oppression, tribalism, strife and racism. Such violators should be warned, and, if they persisted in blocking the truth, forcefully removed from their moderator positions. 

Punishing moderators who censor truth deliberately would make Facebook more truth friendly. The same principle should apply all over the media. Instead, in the present system, common Facebook participants who may err are punished, instead of being taught the truth.

This is a problem with all media. Countless times, I sent comments to the New York Times (among others) to correct egregious errors. They did not publish a single one while generally encouraging the lies by publishing often hundreds of comments pertaining to the same article, fostering their initial lie. This is not a matter to be taken lightly. It should be illegal. Just an example: some of the lies of the New York Times had to do with the invasion of Iraq promoted in 2002, effected in 2003 (I have been a NYT subscriber for decades).  

Truth shall set you free, whereas those who enforce lies shall subjugate you.

Patrice Ayme

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4 Responses to “Truth Destroying Moderators On Facebook: How To Fix It”

  1. brodix Says:

    I don’t know that the problem is with the details of history, so much as their complexity. Complexity confuses narrative. Which is about keeping the herd going smoothly in one direction and not get distracted by the complexities.
    The herd has to function as one hive mind. Religion, nationalism, etc, need cohesion above any concern for context and objectivity. Especially when the herd is running, rather than grazing. Then they can spread out and explore a little more, but not get too far away from the herd.
    That this current belief system and narrative is breaking down only makes it more stringent, not less. Too many people have too much invested, to stop now.
    So while it might be entertaining to point out the incongruities, laughing at them is more effective, than taking offense, since it is ultimately respect that holds the system together and laughing shows a lack of respect, while offense only makes you an obstacle.
    The system is self destructing quite efficiently, all by itself.


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Good job. Disgusting American racism imported by critical race theory, identity politics and black lives matter… i think this is all going to cause a violent reaction. Here in Europe and also in America.
    As you day they don’t want to study history. So they invent a new history especially for the Nazis.


  3. Gmax Says:

    If one thinks about it, it’s a pretty amazing story. People get blocked for the simplest things even if completely true. They really trying to make us all stupid.

    It’s like try to find the Obama Netflix deal on the Internet how much it’s worth. You won’t find it. It should be unlawful to monetize the presidency


  4. Gmax Says:

    Thinking about this case again what happened is that the moderators saw the allusion to BLACK LIVES MATTER. So you violated their religion by showing them it was racist bcs Nazis did exactly the same 100 years ago.

    And they would hate others to see that too. That the BLM crowd is like the Nazi crowd. It is the question of conformism. They are more into group think, and their group is BLM.


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