Western Leadership Caused One Million Dead With Covid… From Racist Disregard Of Japan

Leading Western countries made a number of giant mistakes with COVID. Many Western countries actually, following the policy in Wuhan, forbade people to go outside… even now in France people are limited to 10 kilometers in 20 departments… Yes, with half a billion people vaccinated worldwide, France and Germany and other European countries are in hard lockdowns, with few people vaccinated, an abysmal failure of the European Union. In Great Britain, the pandemic has been crushed, because half of the population is already vaccinated (thanks to one shot policy and the home-made Astra-Zeneca-Oxford, Trump financed vaccine).

Mistakes of Western leadership caused the death of more than one million (by comparing with how many people would have died, had the death rate being the same as in Japan… which it would have been, if one had learned from Japan, what Japan learned, from that ship). Those mistakes were entirely avoidable, if science, observation and reason had been deployed: Japanese experts determined very early on that the virus was airborne, as their own experts caught it while visiting that cruise ship, the Diamond Princess in Yokohama.

So the Japanese people was told by its government of AVOIDING the three “Cs”:


1 Closed spaces with poor ventilation.

2. Crowded places with many people nearby.

3. Close-contacts.

There was no mask mandate in Japan. Masks are not just ineffective, they can be outright dangerous, and most mask types have now been outlawed in Europe (one can see them in profusion in the USA; they can multiply COVID transmission by five when turning big droplets in aerosol too fine for any mask to stop). Moreover, masks make people feel secure and let them loiter in situations where they will get the virus if they stay around long enough. If you can smell cigarette smoke below your ten superposed masks, you can get COVID: the virus is the same size, 100 nanometers.  

Conclusion: Japan suffered less than 10,000 dead so far, less than 1% of the deaths of the USA and Europe combined… without any lockdowns. WITHOUT ANY LOCKDOWN: lockdowns themselves bring death, decrepitude, misery, economic and social collapse.

A recent New York Times article went through the experiment of room with window open, and room with window and HEPA filter (HEPA filters glue the virus by Van der Waals force). Conclusion: masks do nada. Window open works, and with the HEPA, no problem.

One student with COVID contaminates an entire room in minutes, and the masks will be as effective at stopping COVID as they are at stopping cigarette smoke. New York Times graphics and Harvard modelization.

The rule of at best idiotic, at worst financially corrupt experts in the West has caused one million dead, and probably ten times this damaged for life by the virus, let alone their families and enormous social and economic damage… Including for millions now with advanced cancer, and other deadly diseases, because hospitals were not functioning normally. 

Inequities should be brought up for insider trading with homicidal intent. Let me be clear: I was personally invested in some companies which, rightly, profited from the pandemic. By giving money to Moderna or BioNTech, say, ten years ago, investors made those companies possible. So, instead of having half a billion dead from the virus, we will get away with only a few million dead (right now, three millions). That’s fine and moral.

Investing in biotechnology has not been easy in the last decade or more. However, by February 2020, it became obvious that advancements in biotechnology were necessary. Soon Trump invested ten billion dollars in vaccine development after the CEO of Moderna, a French guy, told him he could mass produce a very effective vaccine in three months, using brand new science, mRNA tech.

Once again, great. At the time, doctor Deborah Birx, hero of AIDS, United States global AIDS coordinator for presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump between 2014 and 2020explained that masks would not work and why. Her reasons were cogent, and duplicated what the Japanese had said. 

This is how the West got COVID: from COVID gas and ineffective masks, plus the ideology of massive protection from a few layers of paper or cloth. COVIDIOCY and Interbeciles have been rampant, they killed. But were the experts corrupt? That is one question. The conclusion is that the public health experts were only expert at making mistakes. Socrates warned us against not being led by experts. But what about those with a good reputation at expertise, completely unjustified? The Japanese were led, for decades by criminals posing as experts, who could only be stopped with atomic bombs. They apparently learned to be more circumspect, careful, and modest with expertise…

Yet a number of experts, pressed for lockdowns and a mask mandate. The combination was bound to make the pandemic way worse. Just to make sure it would get even worse , countries such as France, following the monstrosities in Wuhan, forbid citizens to get out of their homes (except with what the Nazi military occupation government called “Aussweiss”… and even then just for an hour, a temporal restriction Nazis did not have). 

The worse the pandemic was going to get, the better for the companies trying to find treatments and develop vaccines. The question is this: how many of these experts were invested in biotechnology, pharmaceutical stocks? 

Was the petulant Dr. Fauci invested in such stocks? Or playing the smart idiot on TV, not afraid to contradict himself 100% within months, for all to see? It’s great to see an 80 years old act so juvenile… But not when millions die as a result.

Sometimes idiocy is a coverup for unfathomable nefariousness. Let’s not be naive, and ask for criminal inquiries. Were our experts simple idiots, or were they invested? Invested in making a bad situation way worse? As they did?

Patrice Ayme

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7 Responses to “Western Leadership Caused One Million Dead With Covid… From Racist Disregard Of Japan”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    I am currently living in a built-up area of Yokohama, Japan. EVERYONE wears a mask EVERYWHERE outside the house..

    It seems moronic to me to suggest that masks are useless.


  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    “most mask types have now been outlawed in Europe”

    Europe is SWAMPED in cases of COVID, so its ban on masks is supposed to be a convincing anti-mask argument? Seriously!??


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [To NYT]

    Obviously airborne contaminant detection is an area of research which needs to be pursued. The fact that the COVID virus was airborne and prone to evade masks and equipment became obvious as soon as some Japanese epidemiology experts going on board the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”, with maximal protection equipment, caught COVID. So the Japanese government recommended to avoid the “Three Cs”:
    1 Closed spaces with poor ventilation.

    2. Crowded places with many people nearby.

    3. Close-contacts.
    There was no mask mandate, no lock downs in Japan. And less than 9,000 deaths, so far. Against a virus which is airborne, 100 nanometer across, the size of cigarette smoke, masks will not work in confined, poor ventilation spaces: worse, many types of masks transform ballistic droplets, which fall on the ground into smaller airborne particle (so many mask types have just been made unlawful in European countries such as France. They are still common in the US).

    Ventilation and HEPA filters eliminate COVID air, as a New York Times articles detailed a few weeks ago. HEPA filters capture viruses with Van Der Waals forces.

    Dogs can detect cigarette smoke. Several recent scientific report claim they can detect the COVID virus in the air, if trained. If that is true, why not use trained dogs? The alert would be given in seconds, not days… safety is a bark away.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [To Jacques Attali]

    Excellent article. Merci. Souvent, sur les grandes questions, la rage est la sagesse supreme. Aux USA, l'”Operation Warp Speed” (allusion a Star Trek) a financé de nombreux vaccins avec des technologies de science fiction (mRNA: Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech; ou DNA Adenovirus: Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson)…

    Nous sommes dans un monde qui demande de la passion pour avancer. Et un monde de science fiction. Et si on avance pas, on va mourir. L’Europe est en train de dépérir…

    Alors que la Chine, l’Inde et les USA avancent à fond. En particulier Biden a discrètement adopté la plupart des méthodes et objectifs de Trump, y compris l’alunissage d’une femme sur la lune en 2024… et la confrontation avec la Chine.

    Differemment d’Obama, qui manquait de passion, d’expérience et d’envergure, Biden est armé de la colere de Trump.

    Il est en particulier frappant que l’Union Européenne croit a la sagesse du capitalisme sauvage, alors que les US, sous Trump, ou sous Biden, s’arment de financements d’etat massifs réminiscents du meilleur Stalinisme pur et dur… Un des stimulus, sous Trump faisait la taille du PNB de la France. Si Biden réussit a passer son prochain stimulus, le total sera au niveau du PNB japonais…


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