Why shouldn’t Iran be allowed to enrich Uranium from its natural .7% presence of U235 up to 20%?

A sphere of 400 kilograms of 20% U235 with 80% U238 is 34 centimeters in diameter, and gets spontaneously supercritical (extremely dangerous, sometimes fatal) studies have shown. Now, adding a few tricks to this 20% enriched core enables to lower the critical mass a lot. (Beryllium reflects neutrons back to the core, quadrupling neutron density; thick, strong tamper for example in U238, bottles down the chain reaction, while adding to it with fragments of exploding U238; core with tritium, lithium deuteride adds neutrons of appropriate energy; an exterior neutron source starts the chain reaction.) 

The Iran nuclear bomb problem is geopolitical: if Iran gets the bomb, a world war is much more likely. Indeed several Arab countries and Turkey, maybe Azerbaijan and its deadly enemy Armenia then of course large and mighty Kazakhstan, would get the bomb… So those who have the bomb already (China, Pakistan, India) would bomb up some more, meaning they would have to acquire much more capability to engage in nuclear war, thus lowering the trigger point… (India purchased Rafales from France in part because they can be used as hard-to-stop nuclear bombers.)

  • French thermonuclear explosion Canopus, 2.6 megatons, 200 times Hiroshima, 24 August 1968, Fangataufa, Tuamotus, South Pacific. The explosion was beyond the horizon, 35 kilometers away, but the shock wave (initially hypersonic) is only a mile away (look at the black clouds).

Logically Israel would have to strike Iran first (with the approval, not just of the West, but of plenty of Arabs, who should, and do detest Aryan Iran much more than Semitic Israel…)… and strike hard. Some Iranian facilities are deeply buried. Although they tend to spontaneously explode in recent years, maybe one will need to use nuclear bombs to help them with the on-going fireworks. 

A few countries agreed to stop or reverse their nuclear bomb programs (Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa which had officially seven bombs). Why? One cannot have dozens of countries with nuclear bombs… if one wants to avoid a nuclear world war. If bombs start to get used, the tendency will be to go all out and use reduced arsenals before they get taken out.

Pakistan has many of its bombs into deep caverns below its enormous mountains. hard to get to without precision bombing or nuclear bombs. The Islamist Republic of Pakistan is actively developing nuclear weapons, and long range rockets to carry them. Experts project that Pakistan may have the 5th largest nuke arsenal by 2025 with 220-250 warheads. A nuclear war between Pakistan and India would have a high probability to involve China if India “wins”. One has to realize that Islam has a serious violence problem (Islam won over the already violent, and holocaust prone, Roman catholics by being even more violent…). Nuclear war, once launched, will prove highly contagious.

Meanwhile, for the first time in more than a generation, the French military is preparing for an “Engagement Majeur” (major war)… within a few years and France has augmented its war preparation to 2% of GDP. Differently with what happened in 1870, 1914, and 1939, this time, at least under Trump, the preparation for war is involving the USA… which has now replaced Britain as France’s major military collaborator… Not that Britain is unwilling: it simply does not spend enough although it is close to the 2% of GDP, and is also augmenting its military spending, having lifted its cap on nukes by 40%… and so is Germany (greatly at France’s urging). Whereas the US, France’s rambunctious child, spends 3.4% of GDP on defense… The nuclear bomb collaboration between France, Britain and the USA dates all the way back to 1939… Should Iran develop nuclear weapons, European military spending will augment enormously.  

Some will whine disingenuously: why can Israel have nukes, and not Iran?

Well, Israel, starting way back, say with the Judean War (circa 70 CE, two millennia ago), has been submitted to persecution. First from the Romans, then from the Roman Catholics (a worse species, actually), and finally the Muslims … said Muslims were parroting their friends the Catholics: Muhammad got two high quality slaves as gifts from the Catholic bishop of Alexandria; but Muhammad’s relation with the Jews was cross after he exterminated a Jewish tribe in Yathrib; the Qur’an is full of absurd insults against Jews from all sorts of angles [1]; the Hadith is way worse). This is not to be taken lightly: after a revolt of the Samaritans, the Roman Catholics basically eradicated them… there are 2,000 left today!

Then came the Hitler madness, when Luther’s torturous dreams against the Jews were enacted into a Holocaust. By 1949, top French nuclear physicists of the CEA were collaborating with Jewish colleagues to give the just (re) created Israel, the Bomb. So the Israeli bomb is first of all a defensive weapon. At this point, Israel is basically the nuclear arm of the Semites, that is, the Arabs… Considering its tiny size relative to giants like Iran, Israel has no reason to attack, and a good reason not to (too risky).

If they build them, bombs, they will use them, bombs. Whether they want it, or not.

Patrice Ayme



[1] From the Cow (second chapter in the Qur’an):

[2.87] We made a covenant with the children of Israel: You shall not serve any but Allah and (you shall do) good to (your) parents, and to the near of kin and to the orphans and the needy, and you shall speak to men good words and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate. Then you turned back except a few of you and (now too) you turn aside.

[2.88] And they say: Our hearts are covered. Nay, Allah has cursed them on account of their unbelief; so little it is that they believe.

[2.98] Whoever is the enemy of Allah and His angels and His apostles and Jibreel and Meekaeel, so surely Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers.


[4.160] Wherefore for the iniquity of those who are Jews did We disallow to them the good things which had been made lawful for them and for their hindering many (people) from Allah’s way.

[5.33] The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,

[5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

[5.64] And the Jews say: The hand of Allah is tied up! Their hands shall be shackled and they shall be cursed for what they say

[5.73] Certainly they disbelieve who say: Surely Allah is the third (person) of the three; and there is no god but the one God, and if they desist not from what they say, a painful chastisement shall befall those among them who disbelieve.

[5.78] Those who disbelieved from among the children of Israel were cursed by the tongue of Dawood and Isa, son of Marium; this was because they disobeyed and used to exceed the limit.

[6.146] And to those who were Jews We made unlawful every animal having claws, and of oxen and sheep We made unlawful to them the fat of both, except such as was on their backs or the entrails or what was mixed with bones: this was a punishment We gave them on account of their rebellion, and We are surely Truthful.

[9.30] And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!

[9:34] O you who believe! most surely many of the doctors of law [rabbis] and the monks eat away the property of men falsely, and turn (them) from Allah’s way; and (as for) those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in Allah’s way, announce to them a painful chastisement….

[16.118] And for those who were Jews We prohibited what We have related to you already, and We did them no injustice, but they were unjust to themselves.

[17.4] And We had made known to the children of Israel in the Book: Most certainly you will make mischief in the land twice, and most certainly you will behave insolently with great insolence.

[62.6] Say: O you who are Jews, if you think that you are the favorites of Allah to the exclusion of other people, then invoke death If you are truthful.

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4 Responses to “Why shouldn’t Iran be allowed to enrich Uranium from its natural .7% presence of U235 up to 20%?”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    A depressing sequence of thoughts! As for Israel being tiny, that is geographically true, but it has the backing of the US, and the US military dwarfs all the other contenders. In my opinion, Iran doesn’t actually want a bomb – it makes no logical sense, but the political consequences of Trump’s pulling out of the treaty and imposing sanctions left Iran with only two options: be subservient to whatever Trump wanted, or to enrich uranium. Maybe there were other options, but I can’t see any.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, Trump is out. Biden is in… And what did Biden do? Bomb Iranian proxies in Syria… Something Trump did not dare to do. Oh, Biden was right. I have lived in Iran (prior the Shia dictatorship).

      I may be depressing, but the strong doesn’t depress easily (as Nietzsche forgot to say). Black holes can be viewed as depressingly imploding… Or outright wonders. The Iranian regime is wonderfully demoniac. I lived in Iran under the fascist feudal dictator the Shahanshah (“King of Kings”) Pahlavi… The Mullahs succeeded to do way worse. They are completely dangerous and thoroughly insane. Their sexism is delirious.

      They are using the U235 feud as a way to unite Iran with paranoiac hubris. If the Mullahs let go of it, and the country would open up, revolution may follow. “Logical sense” in a dictatorship is to create an exterior conflict, the royal road to extreme measures of repression… Now in this case, they may find impossible to resist the demands of extremist, thus most powerful, generals to actually get a bomb… even if they think that is not smart, and Israel will strike… Something excellent for their own propaganda….


  2. ianmillerblog Says:

    I know any religious-based government leads to really bad outcomes for the people who don’t happen to be in the same strain, but that really is a different issue from bombs.

    There was a deal, and Iran undertook not to enrich beyond 5%, they undertook to permit inspectors, and as far as I know, they kept to it. Then Trump pulled out, saying it was a “bad deal” and he wanted more. Let us go back to the original deal – what did the US give Iran? It offered not to apply sanctions and unfreeze Iran’s assets it held i.e. it offered not to steal Iran’s money, and not to declare economic war on Iran. In short it offered NOT to do things that would be illegal if there were a world government, and things that are not legitimately the grounds to go to war, except everyone knows the US is too strong for Iran to go to war with. Further, teh US did not keep to its part of the deal – it did not lift all sanctions and it did not unfreeze all the assets.

    So, when Trump pulled out, what could Iran do? What other option did it have but to return to what the US really did not want?

    The one thing it could do is improve its security. Israeli agents seem to have a free run. Iran needs to catch some.

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  3. pshakkottai Says:

    Irán is an Islamic theocracy, a religious dictatorship of the Pius clergy, and against all human rights and equality of humanity. Basically does not believe in reciprocity ( don’t do what would not like if done to you). How can other nations get along with this ideology? China is the same way and all nations have recognized this. As for as Israel is concerned, can any other nation compare with Israel in the amount of good for humanity generated by Israeli science and technology? Israel has the maximum number of Nobel prizes compared to Islamic countries which have very few, actually 1/1000 of Israel’s in a per capita basis.


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