Woke You: Police Violence In US, Is Systemic, Not Racist

Sitting On Suspects Until Death Is Violent, Not Racist. SYSTEMIC RACISM IS HIDDEN SOMEWHERE ELSE... And claiming that it is where it is not is part of the process hiding and protecting systemic racism.

A white officer pushed down on a suspect’s neck, while a “black” officer pushed on his back. Ebony, ivory, cuffs and asphalt, pressure and death. It was not a racist problem: during the entire trial of Chauvin, racism held no place in the courtroom. It was the violence which was on trial, not race. And that will become clearer when the “black” officer, Alexander Kueng, who sat on George Floyd’s back, is tried.

Police are extremely violent in the USA, because the population is violent, armed and dangerous. It is a chicken and egg problem: over a long time, violence evolved, and here is the US. 

Something as simple as putting one’s driver’s licence in a trunk can get you shot, as a towering white officer once told me: that’s “extremely dangerous both for you and me!” So he called for reinforcements with flashing bright red and blue lights (no, I had not done anything, except for having my baby in the back in her baby seat; I actually sent my lawyer to complain, and the officer, after harassing me some more, disappeared from the City…) 

So here we are with an officer, Chauvin, who was found guilty of murder for sitting on a handcuffed suspect, a violation of human rights widely practiced… worldwide, including in France (which has its own police sitting murder problem). 

The tragedy has been widely represented as an example of “systemic racism”, and Biden has repeated that lie, unfortunately. It is possible that racism was at play… yet two of the four arresting officers were non-”white” (moreover, Chauvin knew Floyd as fellow security guard). But the fundamental reason for this murder was not racism, at least not racism from the police.

Where is racism? This is the key question. Racism from refusing to build low income housing, yes. Racism because the average police officer hates “blacks”, no (Chauvin does not seem very racist, he was married to an Asian). In some US states, non-whites are a majority, and that’s reflected in the police. California is only 36% “white”.The Minneapolis superior of Chauvin, the police chief is “black”.

The New Police Chief of Oakland, California, LeRonne L. Armstrong, told truth to power, April 12, 2021. The City Council gave him ten million right away, to shut him up

That the USA is a racist country, institutionally speaking, there is no doubt, starting by the governmental mania of asking about and classifying people according to “race”. Up to the 21 century, laws targeted people of different races: only the white on white interactions had no interference with “race” considerations. In many states, up to recent decades, inter-”racial” marriages were unlawful. 

In truth, the average contemporary US American citizen is not racist. Only 60% are “white” (and only 36% in California, the engine of the USA, as I just said). As of 2019, here is the distribution of the U.S. population by race and ethnicity:

  • White: 60.1% (Non-Hispanic)… and many of these “whites” are actually “mixed”…
  • Hispanic: 18.5%
  • Black: 12.2% (40 millions)
  • Asian: 5.6%
  • Multiple Races: 2.8%
  • American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.7%
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: 0.2%

But the very violent police behavior of the police is a matter, and manner, of survival… for the police, let alone the population. 

In 2020, US police killed 27 apparently unarmed “blacks”(often not “black at all, there are 40 millions African-Euro-Americans in the USA, most of whom have “white” ancestors; there were even “black” slave traders, we have pictures of some, they are more black than those they hold the chains of…)

As Reuters put it in a post correcting what it called fake data:

According to the FBI’s Expanded Homicide data from 2018, the most recent report of this kind Reuters was able to find ( here ), 80.7% of the murders of white people were committed by white offenders (2,677 of a total of 3,315) while 15.5% of the murders of white people were committed by Black offenders (514).

The social media post also alleges white offenders committed 2% of the murders of Black victims. According to the FBI’s data, 8% of the reported murders of Black people were committed by white offenders (234 of a total of 2,925) and 88.9% by Black offenders (2,600).

FBI data from 2017 also follows this trend: 80.2% of white victims were killed by white offenders, 8.9% of Black victims were killed by whites, 88.5% of Black victims were killed by Blacks, and 16.1% of whites were killed by Blacks ( here ).

[Notice that Reuters uses a capital letter for “Black”, but not for “white”, thus exhibiting racial bias for all to see very simply!] These are the murders we know of. Nearly 10,000 “blacks” were killed in 2020, mostly by “blacks”. And, consecutive to defunding the police, the murder rate has tripled. The Okland new police chief complained about the “tremendous increase in violence”. I heard him, but was unable to find the long quote, at least ten lines, as it was washed from the Internet by the propaganda organizations. The chief was so clear and strident that the Oakland City Council immediately gave him another ten million dollars!

This is the best I found:

OAKLAND — Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong on Monday decried the city’s recent spike in violent crimes — including six homicides in six days in East Oakland — before urging city staff to cover what he called necessary costs for enforcement details. In remarks Monday afternoon at police headquarters, Armstrong addressed the recent fatal shootings and sideshow activity, describing it as “completely unacceptable.”

“It’s tragic for the community to have to deal with this level of trauma and pain,” Armstrong said. “My heart goes out to all of the families that have lost loved ones as a result of this violence.”According to this news organization’s count, Oakland police have investigated 41 homicides this year, including one early Saturday and two Saturday night, compared to only 14 investigated homicides at this time last year. The city logged 109 homicides in all of 2020. After tallying other current counts related to the year’s grim toll in violence — 159 shootings vs. 2020’s 79; 149 car-jackings vs. 2020’s 57; 340 robberies vs. 2020’s 226 — Armstrong laid bare recent department budget cuts’ impacts and practical effects.

“[T]hose millions of dollars were resources, they were officers,” he said. “They were officers in our ceasefire team, our crime reduction teams, community resource officer teams, traffic officers. We lost all of these resources, and we see the tremendous impact that that loss is having on our community.” He then called on Oakland city councilmembers “taking votes for CARES Act funds, hopefully reallocating resources to the department.” “This is a tall task in the city of Oakland to address this violence, but you can’t do it without resources. This city has to value the lives of our community members,” Armstrong said.

OAKLAND, CA – APRIL 12: Oakland Police Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong is photographed during a press conference on Monday, April 12, 2021, in Oakland, Calif. Armstrong discussed the rise in violent crime. 

In response to a question about tactical staffing over weekend shifts in response to current sideshow enforcement, Armstrong called specific details necessary. “When you have three homicides in a 24-hour period, that is taxing on your police officers,” he said. “It forces us to use those resources that should be dedicated to reducing violent crime and trying to apprehend the people responsible for these shootings to addressing sideshows. But there’s still not enough resources to do both.”

“Sideshows” are completely illegal dangerous car driving, at maximal speed, in circles, making a great amount of noise and smoke, masking gunfire, making sideshows convenient to shoot people. In 2020, Oakland California, had 109 investigations for homicide. In the first three months of 2021, that was up to 41 homicide investigations. There was one murder every other day. In Chicago there were 51 known homicides in January 2020 alone (Chicago, population three million, is six times Oakland, so Oakland has proportionally more murders).  

Reforms, in depth, have to be accomplished, to restructure society. However, right now the “reforming” movement is led by “woke” plutocratic corporations, many of which employ slave labor in China… And own all the media, tweaking it in detail, news item by news item. The Supreme Court just sided with Google, which had stolen Oracle Intellectual Property (“fair use”)… Google which uses dirty tricks to exact ever more income (when one reaches a private website, Google runs its own ads…) 

The basic trick of a plutocracy is to divide We The People, until so much control is achieved that We The People can be rendered completely stupid and supine (the latter stage was clearly achieved in Rome under Justinian, and this resulted in the Nikka insurrection which was stamped out with an enormous bloodbath). Claiming that We The People is racist divides (especially when We The People is not). So for example, allegations of hatred against “Blacks” led to attacks against “Asians” from pretty basic psycho mechanisms. Similarly, too many allegations against “Whites” will certainly lead to a “White” backlash. Some of these “Whites” are actually “Blacks” by other standards, for example the leader of the “Proud Boys” (who is partly hispanic and “black”).  

So this was a murder trial about police violence, itself a consequence of societal violence thriving on lies, as when politicians claimed the murder was all about “systemic racism”.  Judge Peter Cahill, the (Democrat!) Minnesota judge presiding over Mr. Chauvin’s trial, said he wished politicians would avoid talking about the case after Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) urged people to get more confrontational if Mr. Chauvin weren’t convicted for murder, and that it was first degree murder in her opinion. The judge said Ms. Waters’s comments may have given the defense grounds for an appeal.

The paradox is that the accusation of “systemic racism” is itself part of societal violence, by dividing We The People confronted to plutocracy and its enablers, against itself. A great part of the violence is from zoning laws, which prevent the construction of low income housing where the jobs are. Also tying up health care to jobs, subsidies for the wealthy, the Biden law of 1994, which broke up black families, etc

Patrice Ayme 

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  1. Gmax Says:

    What about the incredibly racist declarations of Obama and Valery Jarrete, his ex-chief of staff? They should read you


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