Are Many “Liberals” Hiding Their Segregationism With Loud Vociferations?

Anti-apartheid laws in housing, education, health, security and schooling have repeatedly failed to be passed, although extremely loud pseudo-liberals control California. It would seem that the extreme pseudo-liberals are too busy raging against “Conservatives” to have time to elaborate progressive laws!

It is not just that leaders such as Pelosi and Newsom became filthy wealthy while engaged in politics, the filthy wealth of segregationist type is also a mass phenomenon among the millions of pseudo-left “liberals” of places such as California. It’s so blatant, the New York Times just had to notice it. Most Californian pseudo-liberals are very loud, but when one listens carefully, one realizes that their discourses leave untouched any pretense at compromising the apartheid in California they profit so much from. Same with illegal aliens: they are so happy to have them around, serving wealthy liberals, that they forgot to pass laws effectively getting rid of them.

New York Times is starting to recognize this, perhaps thanks to my thousands of censored comments; so they wrote an “opinion”, going my way (for a considerable change! But then of course they censored my own comment. Here is most of it, immediately following:

They put “Black Lives Matter” on the lawns of their multimillion dollars homes, hiding behind a sign the fact they live in segregated areas of extremely wealthy single family homes. Many so-called “liberals” are just hiding practical reforms under outraged discourses on issues of no relevance (if “Black Lives Matter” why don’t you live with “Blacks”?) Many, all too many of these loud “liberals” are class segregationists, through and through.

A practical proposal to reduce segregationism would be to do away with zoning laws: the latter prevent to build reasonably priced housing anywhere next to the loud BLM “liberals”. Zoning laws are sheer used to be called “Red Lining”. Nowadays, nobody calls it anything, lest people notice that it exists.

One should build low income housing right in the middle of the wealthy zones: let the servants live with the masters! Imagine Atherton (next to Palo Alto) FORCED to build low income housing for the poor! Median house price in Atherton is around seven million dollars.

Instead what happened is that in 1983, the low income part of Palo Alto was cut off, so that low income servants could be segregated there. That part was called “East Palo Alto”.

Forcing low income houses among the wealthy would force the wealthy to look everyday at the segregation they exploit. It would also make the excellent schools for the wealthy accessible to the children of the poor. Real liberals should be for such a law. But, in reality, the loud anti-”Republican” “Democrats”of California howl against “conservatives” all day long… so they have no energy to pass any really progressive laws with really effective progressive effects. It is all a conspiracy, whether conscious, or not  

All censored, of course. Reminder: con-spirare means “breathing together”… Which is exactly what the wealthy do: together they breathe. They can call themselves “democrats”, as Bill Gates long did… while associating with industrial child rapist Epstein. But what matters is what they do, not what they say they care about.

On such issues fascists have expertly turned the obvious racism around, calling common sense racism, and racism common sense, the way Nazis used to do it (Nazis used to accuse “Black” French soldiers of racism, and also accuse the Jews of racism, and all who tried to oppose them, etc…). For example the accusation was made that those who wanted public schools to reopen were “white supremacists”. Consider Sacramento Latin high school teacher Damian Harmony a massive white male with blue eyes and red beard accusing all and sundry of white supremacist racism because they want California public schools to reopen. All the more striking as all teachers have long been vaccinated…

When madness and hypocrisy become pandemic, civilization collapses…

Patrice Ayme

East Palo Alto was created and separated from Palo Alto in 1983. At the time the crime rate was very high. However the general gentrification of the area lowered it. The low life area moved further away from the white and wealthy.


The preceding was a comment sent to the New York Times’ NICHOLAS KRISTOF in his “If Only There Were a Viral Video of Our Jim Crow Education System” (May 21, 2021). That Kristof essay seems to have influenced heavily by preceding essays of mine, complete with Palo Alto, and that’s a good thing. A proof is that Kristof did not publish the comment above: it cut too close to the bone, the bone of segregation and apartheid. Hey, speaking of ethical, Nicholas, don’t you think that’s unethical? Anyway, here is some of Kristof:

We in the commentariat have leapt at covering police violence against Black citizens since George Floyd’s murder a year ago, but I don’t think we’ve been as good at responding to other inequities that cost a far greater number of lives…

One of the challenges for those of us in journalism is to do a better job highlighting these inequities that don’t come with a viral video.

Since Floyd’s death, we’ve focused on racial inequities in the criminal justice system, and it has been easy for liberal white Americans — my tribe — to feel indignant and righteous while blaming others. But in some areas, such as an unjust education system, we are part of the problem.


I have mentioned that the Closing of US public schools while private schools were kept open was sheer racism, of an intensity and violence even not seen in apartheid South Africa at its peak. And that’s the truth that US pseudo-liberals keep on denying, because they are not just racists, but liars. Governor Newsom of California a corrupt who made nearly 2 million dollars last fiscal year (2019), sent his 4 children to the privates while keeping the colored public out of schools. Without having thoughts as clear, and incisive, Kristof dares to utter the obvious:

At the very time that America was having a racial reckoning about criminal justice, Democratic states were closing in-person schooling in ways that particularly harmed nonwhite students. Race gaps increased, according to research by McKinsey & Company, and a Federal Reserve study suggests that higher dropout rates for marginalized students will have long-term consequences.

More broadly, we in the United States embrace a public education system based on local financing that ensures that poor kids go to poor schools and rich kids to rich schools.

Yes, it’s a “public” school system with “free” education. So anyone who can afford a typical home in Palo Alto, Calif., costing $3.2 million, can then send children to superb schools. And less than 2 percent of Palo Alto’s population is Black.

Rucker Johnson, a professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that since 1988, American public schools have become more racially segregated. Roughly 15 percent of Black and Hispanic students attend so-called apartheid schools with fewer than 1 percent white students.

Educated white Americans are now repulsed at the thought of systems of separate and unequal drinking fountains for Black Americans but seem comfortable with a Jim Crow financing system resulting in unequal schools for Black children — even though schools are far more consequential than water fountains.

Perhaps that’s because we and our children have a stake in this unequal system. Similarly, we accept that elite universities offer legacy preferences that amount to affirmative action for highly privileged children, with bonus consideration for big donors. This is one reason some universities have more students from the richest 1 percent than from the poorest 60 percent.

Likewise, wealthy white Americans benefit from single-family zoning laws in the suburbs around those fine “public” schools. The effect of this zoning is to freeze out low-income families and keep neighborhoods more segregated.


What do you think? Please join the debate! The simplest questions are often the deepest!

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