Tribalism Is Only Common Sense For The Meek. The Mask Example.

Real common sense is uncommon. What’s common is tribalism masquerading as common sense. Tribalism is only common sense, because if you don’t sense and go with the commons, it’s common sense to be scapegoated, ostracized, hated, alienated and ridiculed. If you don’t want to get stoned, go with the commons.

A striking example has been the mask masquerade, which had plenty of scientific anti-sense associated to it. (BTW I have been fully vaccinated against COVID ASAP, for many months, early on, and I have a high, not to say superb, science education, so no trying to torpedo me that way., one would risk utter mental destruction…)

COVID viral particles are the same size as cigarette smoke, 100 nanometers. If you smell cigarette smoke, you can smell COVID (and indeed dogs do that very well). Only HEPA filters can intercept COVID viruses floating in the air (by a form of quantum gluing).

Worse: Masks transform covid viruses inside 3 micrometer droplet into aerosol virus (by stopping the water droplet, and evaporating the water of said droplets). So, far from being barriers, masks transform wet, ballistic medium carrying COVID, which would have fallen quickly to the ground, into aerial aerosol too small for masks. Masks should be COVID DIFFUSERS, not COVID barriers. There, the mystery of how the pandemic got out of control in countries full of masks, has been solved.

(It gets even worse than that, when one goes into the details: masks slow down airflow five times, giving a better chance to SARS CoV2 viruses to latch onto olfactory bulb neurons which they can infect directly…)

So people, common people, think masks protect against COVID GAS, because they wear paper on their face, that’s only common sense… Then they gather in mobs, all breathing the same gas… COVID GAS if one of these persons has COVID already. What could go wrong? I am not saying that masks are worse than useless in all situations, certainly not for a surgeon, but worse than useless in common group situations involving SARS CoV2.

But most of the tribals have not caught on that common sense yet, because, well, it’s common sense science to wear paper against cigarette smoke, the great male white chief said so, and that makes us democratic to believe him religiously. It’s only common sense: right or wrong, the tribe is always right.

Humanity progresses because of heroes, not because of the commons, who are all too common to be anything but weak, scared, vulgar and irrelevant groupies.

Today’s common sense is yesterday’s infamy.

SARS CoV2 (yellow) infecting a human cell.

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9 Responses to “Tribalism Is Only Common Sense For The Meek. The Mask Example.”

  1. Christie Huntenburg Says:

    Christie Huntenburg
    Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that COVID-19 was created in the Wuhan lab and released upon the world through carelessness. The Chinese government should have immediately owned up and helped to restrict the spread of the virus to other countries. Instead, China did not restrict travel in any way and allowed the virus to spread. That is an egregious crime against humanity resulting in worldwide sickness and death and enormous economic costs. China owes the world a huge debt.

    Say, on the other hand, COVID-19 evolved naturally in Wuhan wet markets where various animals carrying the virus were put in close proximity. The virus mutated into one that eventually was transmitted to humans. The Chinese government eventually recognized that a new,extremely contagious virus was loose upon the land. But it did not restrict travel in any way and did not own up that the virus existed, until it was already spreading around the world. China made an egregious error, etc.
    If the virus was created in a lab, we can at least know that it’s not some random occurrence started in the animal kingdom. That’s a scary thought. No way to protect against that.

    We can demand that China either stop experimenting on such viruses and that all samples be destroyed. Or that strict biohazard protocols be put in place with oversight by CDC virologists. This would be a good reason to discover where the virus came from.
    But either way, the CDC and WHO should be working on pandemic protocols to deal with future outbreaks. Immediate isolation of infected individuals, travel restrictions, the sharing of information, etc.
    Once created, every country in the world should sign on to follow these protocols so that an outbreak anywhere may be quickly identified and taken seriously. This pandemic affected humankind, regardless of where people live. Leaders like Trump and that

    Brazilian idiot Bolsonaro should have to follow the protocols. Every country should have a written plan on file with the WHO on how they plan to prepare for another pandemic. Of course, that’s just me.
    But there are things to learn from this pandemic. We can prepare, stockpile supplies, figure out supply lines, and have a communication plan so that messages are clear and instructions easy to follow. We can’t be so foolish next time. It could be an even worse virus next time.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Natural occurrence of hyper deadly viruses from animal contact is a fact. See Ebola. And Ebola, an RNA virus, can stay dormant for 5 years inside a single human being (discovery 2021). However Ebola can during that time be sexually transmitted. We also had MERS (a coronavirus), from camels, and several others, in the last couple of decades. There will be much more from greenhouse heating.
      The problem with the Wuhan virus is different: Xi dictatorship is trying to train us to accept the unacceptable, namely a big power behaving in a way incompatible with science or civilization, caused by enormous lack of lying and dissembling. Nazism trained the world to accept the unacceptable in the 1930s. In a similar fashion.


  2. Don Kemerling Says:

    Don Kemerling
    Their supply of dangerous drugs, and precursors to make the drugs, to Mexican drug cartels makes it pretty clear that China has malign intent to America, or at least to America’s power. More Americans have died of drug use than of COVID-19, over the years. They have a simple remedy for drug traffickers in their own country–a bullet to the back of the head. They have no inclination to stop the export of drugs. Australia has much the same problem. Methamphetamine, it appears to me, is probably partly to blame for many people’s erratic behavior in the last several years. It used to not be the case that a passenger would knock the teeth out of a flight attendant who was instructing passengers on normal requirements.

    IMO, this is an indication that the virus was intentionally set upon us. China is intent on taking Taiwan, claiming the South China Sea right up to the shoreline of countries adjacent to it, and taking some various islands that are claimed by the Philippines and Japan. The weakening of US and Australian military power is key to that. They also intend to dominate the world militarily and economically. As a strategy, their weapons of mass destruction are working well. They also have a lot of influence over American news media and the film industry. Propaganda is important to their strategy.


  3. Tim Eason Says:

    Tim Eason
    you can’t cite people disagreeing with you as a lack of common sense unless you are an expert in the field. Common sense during a pandemic would be a deferment to expert advice. If the consensus of epidemiologists and virologists is that mask use is beneficial, then that should win out over internet searches. After all, I can find websites that say the exact opposite of what you’re saying. Could experts be wrong? Sure, but we’re more likely to get the wrong information from the internet than from the experts. That’s just common sense.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Tim: Thanks for the revealing answer. You talk about “experts”. Who define “experts”? Other experts? Doesn’t that sound circular to you? Can I talk about God, even if I am not an “expert”? I think so, because I have my own experience, which is about experts. Expertscience?
      The argument you make is the Authority Argument. One could call it the FuhrerPrinzip (that’s how the Nazis called it), the fascist principle that everyone has an expert to refer to.
      I made a very precise, cogent argument… That is a scientific argument: it was full of basic knowledge (science, from sciere, to know). But apparently your scientific and philosophical culture is so low you say I just made an “Internet search”. So you confuse a BS search and a scientific reasoning. If someone demonstrates to you aa + bb = cc in a rectangular triangle, do you call that an “Internet search? I call it the Pythagorean theorem.
      Here is my scientific argument, at its most basic: the virus is nanometric, the masks are micrometric. Can’t stop nano with micro. Actually, there was a photograph in my essay: you can see how small the virus is relative to a human cell: it is outright tiny relative to a human cell, which can have literally hundreds of tiny viruses attached to it.
      But that’s a reasoning, logic, the logos, which is God according to the Bible (first paragraph is “John”), and it is informed with fact. So you follow YOUR “experts”. Well, Many countries, including Japan, suffered very few deaths. Europe and the USA, who were full of experts, suffered around two million deaths.
      In an older essay, written November 2020, which extensively quotes 2020 scientific publications, I showed why the masks and combination with the scientifically unsupported claim that they warded off the virus in confined airspace, caused the lethality of the pandemic.
      What real experts should have said is that air had to be ventilated, HEPA filters had to be used, people had to avoid confined spaces. It is plausible that a mask would help when confronted to COVID GAS… But it is unproven, and there are good arguments against it (airflow slows down, allowing SARS CoV2 to latch on ACE 2 receptors in the olfactory bulb.
      None of this interests you. You write:
      Common sense during a pandemic would be a deferment to expert advice. If the consensus of epidemiologists and virologists is that mask use is beneficial, then that should win out over internet searches.
      It is not a question of “winning”. The consensus of a million imbeciles is still idiotic. Two million dead, remember?
      And ultimately your argument is nationalistic: my experts, right or wrong. Experts in Europe and America idiotically recommended the deadly mix of crowding and masks. Other experts did not. So your common sense is to follow the local experts. Excellent Nazis followed their local experts too. Disregarding Japan expert advice and following the apparently idiotic and corrupt Fauci like “experts” (at filling up their own pockets) was a form of racism:…/western-leadership…/


  4. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why we never ramped up N95 mask production at a wartime effort level. Obviously, the N95s work in hospitals, because the doctors stopped getting sick when they made use of them. I have a supply of N95, and wear nothing else. I know they didn’t want to say “N95s work, and the others are placebo” – in order to prevent rush to purchase and hoarding and the resultant inability to reserve those effective masks for medical personnel.

    But, the solution was not to keep taking placebo.

    So far as non-N95 masks, you may be correct (i.e. worse than nothing). However; as one previous poster acknowledged, neither he (nor I) qualify as expert in the mask/medical field). I am guilty of being less-than-expert within my own QM related postings (latest is new Pilot wave theory I’ve concocted). But, I do place a disclaimer at the bottom of my posts, indicating my hobbyist status.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well Ronald, expert means out of experience. Facebook banned me because I said two (TRUE) things about Nazism (and not flattering!) What makes them experts?

      The virus is tiny relative to a human cell. N95 means 95% of 300 nanometers stopped. The virus is 100 nanometers.
      Europeans (France, Germany) have banned all masks except surgical and N95. CDc recognizes nobody knows how many viruses are needed for infection. Flu it’s around 1,000…


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