Wuhan Made Pandemic Plutocracy Produced, Same As Hitler 


On the latter point here it is: The mutation of the spike protein in SARS-Cov2 had been probably human engineered from the CGG-CGG insertion: that particular cleavage site is ABSENT in CoV of SAME CLADE (but human researcher always use the CGG-CGG)! A French paper Aix-Marseilles-CNRS (very serious people); paper was accepted following day: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339153857_The_spike_glycoprotein_of_the_new_coronavirus_2019-nCoV_contains_a_furin-like_cleavage_site_absent_in_CoV_of_the_same_clade


Now let’s talk about the world plutocratic conspiracy. There is a world elite. It jets around the world, flaunting laws, taxes, jurisdiction, labor regulations, and basic human decency (US high tech companies enabling genocide should be immediately indicted). World plutocracy instigated, encouraged, financed and enabled that moron, Hitler… who was nevertheless smart enough to deduce that was the case. Hitler said so, and now there is even a book detailing the case: Hitler a Global Biobiography by historian Brendan Simms. The thesis of the book, which will be familiar to those who read me for a long time was that “Hitler’s principal preoccupation throughout his career was Anglo-America and global capitalism, rather than the Soviet Union and Bolshevism”.

Do we have a similar situation today? Fully! The US dominated plutocracy did not change, it just procreated, and Hitler is replaced by Xi (Putin’s role is another wild card!). The general manipulation is the same, and COVID has made it blatant. 

Henry Ford gave a huge and crucial support to Adolf Hitler. Not just ideas, and an aura of respect, but huge amounts of money and later technology. Bill Gates, a friend of Epstein, even after he had been convicted of child abuse, gave a somewhat similar support to Xi Jinping, probably helping his rise through the Politburo… And Bill Gates and Xi met, several times. The support for genocide has been direct, as Microsoft provided equipment and trained Xi’s goons… even on US soil…

One thing the elite does is “enhancement of function” of viruses. I am not saying it should not be done. But it is extremely dangerous, and it should be done transparently. Stupid pseudo-ecologist freak out because of a bit of radioactivity, because it could kill somone in ten years… But do not freak out when labs enhance deadly viruses… Because they never heard of that. All they know is that Godzilla was irradiated, and became monstrous, they saw it in a movie.


So of course the elite is protecting itself. As The Atlantic points out:

“Last summer, Michael Imperiale, a University of Michigan virologist and 10-year member of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, published an essay on the need to “rethink” some basic research-safety practices in light of the coronavirus pandemic. But he and his co-author—another biosecurity-board veteran—did want to make one thing clear: There was no reason to believe that sloppy or malicious science had had anything to do with the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; to suggest otherwise was “more akin to a conspiracy theory than to a scientifically credible hypothesis.”

That was plain dishonest. 

The closest wild relatives of the COVID virus are found 2,000 kilometers from the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology). One can also measure how far apart they are, evolutionary speaking, by looking how much spontaneous mutations separate one from the other; this is the genetic clock, and it works with DNA and RNA (COVID is RNA).

It turns out that there are decades of evolution between them and the original COVID 19 (which has since naturally mutated with various variants). So the first obvious conclusion is that the evolution of COVID 19 was artificial (you will not find that argument in the elite media; not yet…)

WIV had some of these bat coronavirus since 2012. After a mini pandemic in south west China killed three miners (out of nine), WIV got plenty of samples of new bat coronaviruses… of certified lethality… 

Then the Atlantic explains that suddenly there are doubts that WIV is innocent; see Note 1 below. 

But then it adds: “To say that we’ll need to know the exact origin of SARS-CoV-2 in order to set policies for staving off SARS-CoV-3 commits us to the path of hindsight bias: It’s a pledge to keep on fighting the last war against emerging pathogens, if not a blueprint for constructing the next Maginot Line.”

The Maginot Line analogy is false, it is always false, because… the Maginot Line did not fail as a concept. The Nazis were able to use their Siegfried “West Wall” to great effect in 1944, completely blocking the 5 million men Western Allies army for months … Although the Nazis had mostly dismantled the West Wall relative to what it was in 1940… to construct the “Atlantic Wall” with its big guns and mines… What went wrong in the French strategy in 1940 was something else: lack of recent battlefield experience. 

However then The Atlantic recognizes that See Note 2. 


Finding out whether the Wuhan Lab fabricated Sars-CoV2 does matter to know how low dictator Xi and his worldwide elite accomplices, sink in denying it. Can the planet go on without a massive war when, confronted to a situation as dire as COVID, a government obfuscate all and any efforts to find out what happened on its territory?

Some professional dissemblers allege that finding out if the Wuhan Virology Institute invented COVID is fighting the last war, and compare that effort to building another Maginot line. 

However, the Maginot Line worked. To a great extent: the Nazis turned around it, so they should have been easy to channel and ambush. Unfortunately the French commander in chief was an hubristic complete idiot (that’s the charitable case; in the uncharitable case, he made it so that the Nazis would win; Gamelin was actually tried for treason…). He lost the war in six days (by launching the armored reserve into the Netherlands). The Nazis attacked in force May 10, and May 16, Gamelin announced to PM Paul Reynaud, that « l’armée française est battue ».

What did not work in the second week of May 1940, was that the French and the British warriors had no fighting experience with modern strategy, modern tactics and modern weapons in a modern war. The French and British learned quickly, in a week. By then, though, although Nazi losses had been great, the Battle of France of 1940 had been lost. Meanwhile the Maginot Line was impervious, functioning as intended.

The Nazis had fought a three year war in Spain, and had the important details pat down, for example reconnaissance, radio equipped tanks, tank-bomber coordination, and using amphetamines. The Nazis also knew they had a very narrow path to victory, just around the Maginot line, and focused on it. The French commander in chief, Gamelin, made a huge mistake, although his second, general Weygand, pointed out to him that if the Nazis broke through at Sedan, the French were toast. Gamelin, and the British, full of hubris, assumed that they would see the Nazis coming, if the Nazis went through the Ardennes. Well, indeed, one RAF pilot saw the entire Nazi tank army sneaking through the Ardennes. The Spitfire pilot was not believed, and relieved of duty… considering his obviously deranged mind, and need for a rest. 

So what’s the moral of this story? If the emperor is nude, we will notice it, say the elite used to sleep with the Chinese emperor. They are so used to see him naked, will they notice when emperor Xi gets dressed up? They will not see what they do not want to see. What they see is that Xi means business. What Xi sees he that his mighty friends can get away with anything. Microsoft, led by Epstein friend Bill Gates, furnishes Xi with his Uyghur genocidal machinery. Nobody seems to notice, although it’s in plain sight. OK, Melinda Gates just divorced Bill because of Epstein… But how long did that take? Twenty years of Epsteinism, while disingenuously claiming to be feminist and for world peace?

The entanglement between Italian Fascismo, Nazism, Hirohito and US plutocracy made the butchery World War Two possible. Aren’t the same exploiters, or their grandchildren, or the same abusive mood and culture playing the same game again, this time with Xi? 

Before they started World War Two in full, the Nazis had already killed around 300,000. Yes, I know they did it deliberately, and I know that technically it is the French Republic which attacked Nazism, and not vice versa… However, those 300,000 were killed by a system. That, hiding behind a system, was basically Hermann Goering’s defense at Nuremberg. Rightly, the tribunal condemned him to hang, because he had set-up that system.

The failure of the spirit of the Nuremberg trial was to not have punished the worldwide conspiracy of plutocrats which had fostered fascism worldwide, for its own profit. The Nuremberg prosecutors had only one international plutocrat in the dock: Dr. Hjalmar Schacht… And they let him go.  

So the idea that global plutocracy enabled fascism worldwide was let go in 1945-1946. Thus global plutocracy has been freed to repeat that strategy of using vicious foreign, anti-democratic potentates against the Republic. And it is nothing new. This is how the Roman Republic went down, and how the Roman empire itself went down. They used different alien powers; distant provinces for the Republic, the Huns and the Germans for the empire. But each time, powerful plutocrats allied with enemies to destroy We The People at the core…

US President Biden finally ordered a formal inquiry on the origins of COVID 19 from the Intelligence agencies. The idea of even inquiring was disparaged as a conspiracy theory by multiple plutocratic outlets last year — not just because its loudest promoter was then-President Trump, but because a revelation that Xi’s China, itself the major US (and EU) plutocratic outlet did bad would be an attack against the entire plutocratic system, by revealing how vicious that system is.. 

Thus the stakes are much higher: democracy is in question [1]. 

So let’s find out how vicious the powers behind the Wuhan Virology Institute are, and how extensive their networks. Go for it, Biden boy! We will see. It has been known (and published!) since February 2020 that the COVID virus was probably a human engineered: the CGG-CGG insertion is not found naturally in that clade, French researchers found! [2]

Patrice Ayme


[1]: Hitler himself was obsessed by Anglo-Saxon powerHitler was in excellent position to know about said power, as that power put him in power. Not only Hitler was financed, and most probably spurred, early on by Henry Ford, a US plutocrat who hated “Wall Street and its Jews”… But then the Ford support turned into a flood of help from all sorts of Anglo-Saxon plutocrats, and the “rescue plans for Germany” coming out of… Wall Street “and its Jews”…. 


[2] Viral Warfare? It was known since February 2020 that the mutation of the spike protein in SARS-Cov2 had been probably human engineered from the CGG-CGG insertion: that particular cleavage site is ABSENT in CoV of SAME CLADE (but human researcher always use the CGG-CGG)! A French paper Aix-Marseilles-CNRS (very serious people); paper was accepted following day: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339153857_The_spike_glycoprotein_of_the_new_coronavirus_2019-nCoV_contains_a_furin-like_cleavage_site_absent_in_CoV_of_the_same_clade


Note 1: The Atlantic: “Nine months later, Imperiale has a somewhat different view. “In my mind, the preponderance of the evidence still points toward a natural origin,” he told me earlier this week. “But that delta between the nature evidence and the lab-escape evidence appears to be shrinking.”

Indeed, the slow sedimentation of doubts about COVID-19’s origin—whether the virus that causes it jumped directly from bats or other wild animals, or made a pit stop on a lab bench in Wuhan, China—has lately turned into a flood. In just the past two weeks, deltas have been in flux not just among the nation’s leading biosafety experts but also among public-health officials, pundits, and journalists at major dailies. The assertion by World Health Organization investigators in February that a lab-leak origin for the pandemic was “extremely unlikely” has since been challenged by the WHO director general, Tedros Ghebreyesus; a May 14 letter to Science magazine, signed by 18 scientists, called for “a proper investigation” and “dispassionate science-based discourse on this difficult but important issue”; David Frum suggested last week in The Atlantic that the Biden administration should “take possession of the truth about the virus”; and the election forecaster Nate Silver declared on Sunday that his estimated likelihood of a laboratory origin had increased by half, to 60 percent. Today, President Joe Biden said that the United States intelligence community still hasn’t decided which hypothesis is likelier, and that he wants to get “closer to a definitive conclusion” by the end of August.


Note 2: The Atlantic: “we might be due for a far more substantial inquiry into the risks of scientific research. If we’re ready to acknowledge that a lab-induced pandemic is possible, and that we may be seeing the result, then “we’ll need to understand that the next major threat to public health could come from something else in biology—something that destroys crops, or changes the ocean, or changes the atmosphere,” Sam Weiss Evans, a biosecurity-governance scholar, told me. “This could be a moment of reckoning for the much wider biological community.””

…. Stanford University microbiologist David Relman… a former colleague of Michael Imperiale’s on the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity—[said] that the research community already accepts that natural spillovers occur, and that they can cause dangerous outbreaks, so it doesn’t need any further proof. Scientists are bound to push ahead with efforts to prevent and anticipate human encounters with animals that harbor potentially dangerous viruses, he said. “That will happen almost regardless of what we learn now.”

Relman isn’t expecting a similar approach to laboratory safety. The idea that a lab accident might cause a pandemic “is a very difficult, uncomfortable scenario for many scientists to accept,” he said. Without more specific evidence in favor of the lab-leak hypothesis, “people will wring their hands and talk about it, just as they have since 2012, but I don’t think a lot will change to reduce the risk.”

So the elitist Stanford professor believes it’s not a problem that dozens of millions died of COVID 19, and hundreds of million damaged (because this is how this is going to end up; in the republic of India alone the New York Times estimates already a potential of as much as five million dead…)

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15 Responses to “Wuhan Made Pandemic Plutocracy Produced, Same As Hitler ”

  1. Gregory Golberg Says:



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      What does Asian hate have to do with calling a biologically armed COVID producing dictatorship for what it is?

      My 11 year old daughter is part Asian and reads and speaks Chinese. I want safe China for her. For us too.

      If we were in the 1930s, and I said something against the Nazis, I would not appreciate to get a #stopgermanhate and I would feel that misses the point.

      Actually I am a specialist of Nazism, writes a lot about it, and sometimes I get messages from Germans telling me how much I hate Germany… which is absolutely not the case; I speak German, and a very respected aunt was German; also my car is German. My family was in the resistance and Germans should say thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gregory Golberg Says:

        “What does Asian hate have to do with calling a biologically armed dictatorship for what it is”
        That’s a damn good question, isn’t it?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Lots of people qualifying as “Chinese” resent Xi extremely (as they should). As a Chinese close to the politburo for two generations, told me:”Not my president!” Besides as my essay shows, this COVID pandemic and attending lying is a WORLD problem, not just Chinese… in its origin. Fauci financed WIV, if I remember well…


  2. Gmax Says:

    Funny that guy who doesn’t seem to have read your essay and accuses you of hatred. Typical of those times we live in.Hate first they do and then they leave it at that. Amplifies hatred that way.
    You seem to have forgotten Fauci’s financing the Chinese lab for that coronavirus function enhancement. Or is that not true?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christie Huntenburg Says:

    Christie Huntenburg
    Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that COVID-19 was created in the Wuhan lab and released upon the world through carelessness. The Chinese government should have immediately owned up and helped to restrict the spread of the virus to other countries. Instead, China did not restrict travel in any way and allowed the virus to spread. That is an egregious crime against humanity resulting in worldwide sickness and death and enormous economic costs. China owes the world a huge debt.

    Say, on the other hand, COVID-19 evolved naturally in Wuhan wet markets where various animals carrying the virus were put in close proximity. The virus mutated into one that eventually was transmitted to humans. The Chinese government eventually recognized that a new,extremely contagious virus was loose upon the land. But it did not restrict travel in any way and did not own up that the virus existed, until it was already spreading around the world. China made an egregious error, etc.

    If the virus was created in a lab, we can at least know that it’s not some random occurrence started in the animal kingdom. That’s a scary thought. No way to protect against that.
    We can demand that China either stop experimenting on such viruses and that all samples be destroyed. Or that strict biohazard protocols be put in place with oversight by CDC virologists. This would be a good reason to discover where the virus came from.
    But either way, the CDC and WHO should be working on pandemic protocols to deal with future outbreaks. Immediate isolation of infected individuals, travel restrictions, the sharing of information, etc.

    Once created, every country in the world should sign on to follow these protocols so that an outbreak anywhere may be quickly identified and taken seriously. This pandemic affected humankind, regardless of where people live. Leaders like Trump and that Brazilian idiot Bolsonero should have to follow the protocols. Every country should have a written plan on file with the WHO on how they plan to prepare for another pandemic. Of course, that’s just me.
    But there are things to learn from this pandemic. We can prepare, stockpile supplies, figure out supply lines, and have a communication plan so that messages are clear and instructions easy to follow. We can’t be so foolish next time. It could be an even worse virus next time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Natural occurrence of hyper deadly viruses from animal contact is a fact. See Ebola. And Ebola, an RNA virus, can stay dormant for 5 years inside a single human being (discovery 2021). However Ebola can during that time be sexually transmitted. We also had MERS (a coronavirus), from camels, and several others, in the last couple of decades. There will be much more from greenhouse heating.

      The problem with the Wuhan virus is different: Xi dictatorship is trying to train us to accept the unacceptable, namely a big power behaving in a way incompatible with science or civilization, caused by enormous lack of lying and dissembling. Nazism trained the world to accept the unacceptable in the 1930s. In a similar fashion.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Gmax Says:

    We are living in the age of click bait and stupidity. Hopefully in the future people can understand what you say. I find all this very true and deep. Hitler and Xi… Same problem with US capitalists.
    Do you think Chinese are as dumb as turn of the 19th century Germans? Fall in same trap?


  5. Gregory Golberg Says:

    this is kinda funny https://time.com/6051039/indian-variant-social-media/


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    It was known since February 2020 that the mutation of the spike protein had been probably human engineered from the CGG-CGG insertion: cleavage site ABSENT in CoV of SAME CLADE! A French paper Aix-Marseilles,CNRS (very serious people); paper was accepted following day https://www.researchgate.net/…/339153857_The_spike…


    • Katharine LeBaron Phipps Says:

      Katharine LeBaron Phipps
      Patrice Ayme No it is not KNOWN. I have no idea why people think that cutting and pasting BS is “evidence” or “analysis”. It’s just not.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        As the saying goes, those whose salary depends upon not understanding basic decency, do not.

        The paper I linked to was the FIRST one showing the mutation of the spike protein in COVID is NOT found in nature (in the clade it belongs to). The reason you have “no idea” and the gross vocabulary referring to excrement you use show no respect for peer reviewed research (which has been confirmed since in many publications) may have to do with a lack of information. How else to explain it? Antiviral Research
        A journal for research on the prevention and treatment of viral diseases
        Editor-in-Chief: Mike Bray
        View Editorial Board
        CiteScore: 10.6 ℹ Impact Factor: 4.101 ℹ Time to first decision: 2.1 weeks ℹ
        5-Year Impact Factor: 3.895 ℹ
        Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP): 1.956 ℹ
        SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 2.052 ℹ
        An Official Publication of the International Society for Antiviral Research. The paper was published the day after being received.


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    There is a difference between breathing together (conspiring) and explicitly PLOTTING together. It is very hard to conspire and still to avoid explicit plotting. Notice that Xi was publicly promoted by US plutocrats, including Gates and Buffet, before he got to ultimate power, and that it is highly probably that his popularity with US plutos facilitated his rise… With the understanding that MFST would do all in its power to oppress Chinese dissidents and mitigate the backlash against the CCP’s dictatorship. https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2021/05/28/wuhan-made-pandemic-plutocracy-produced-same-as-hitler/


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Fauci emails just released in July 2021 show that they (NIH) knew they funded the virus as early as January 2020. A few weeks later a French paper (basically) showed the virus was man-made. https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2021/05/28/wuhan-made-pandemic-plutocracy-produced-same-as-hitler/


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