Saving The Animals, Thus Ourselves

Animals die in great numbers trying to cross human transportation systems. When one provides the animals with crossings, they rush to use them (so are used even before they are finished, by a Noah’s ark of species). Respecting nature is not just about the beauty and naturalness it provides us with, it is about respecting how we became who we are, at our best. We have to learn to share the planet with animals. Not just because we are smart, but also because they are smart and our smarts evolved from interacting with their smarts. So interacting with wild animals is smart all around… and it has made our species smarter! Wildlife interaction is how we evolved our smarts. Not book smarts, but the deepest smarts.

Hence by respecting animals, we respect how we became human… and it keeps on being human to do so.
Economy means managing the house, in particular, managing earth, which is our common house. As the greenhouse heating proceeds at an accelerating pace, we then have to reserve an increasing part of our economic activity to save the animals by helping them to cope with the changes we have brought.
Morality comes from the mores, the old ways, the ways which perdured, and thus, insure survival. Having a natural environment, full of animals, is the ultimate morality. If we can’t save them, how can we learn to save ourselves? So it is not just smart and economic to save the animals, but also moral. The money engaged so far is quite small. But the price of an unbalanced environment tottering towards ruin, is incomparably higher. For a nice article with nice videos of animals using their smarts crossing freeways and roads, consider:

As a badger digs, say for ground squirrels whose borrows have many exits, could not it be that the coyote would seize a fleeing squirrel, and share the meal? This is basic economics and strategy, and it turns out that coyotes and badgers have figured out that behavior, and cooperate together. The next question would be this: do the individuals concerned figure it out by themselves, as cephalopods do, or is the behavior culturally instigated, namely both badgers and coyotes learn elements of interspecific cooperation from teaching by their elders? I believe the latter.

After all, I trained the (wild) nesting birds on my balcony to benignantly ignore my weird and intrusive ways… which thus had to learn to be a bit more respectful than they usually are. But of course these ways tend to incite the red tail hawks to not land on this particular balcony on a determined culinary mission (as they have been seen doing…) And the birds know this [1].

Saving the animals is first of all about saving us… Not just our sense of beauty.

Patrice Ayme

[1] Hummingbirds set their nests below hawks’ nests, as this protects them from gays. Local hawks do attack nests of birds who are big enough (like gays, crows, etc).And I have seen them pass 10 feet from me, eyeing me suspiciously… Their feathers can be two feet long…

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3 Responses to “Saving The Animals, Thus Ourselves”

  1. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    IMO this is where Elon Mush is not quite correct. He thinks one of our biggest problems is going to be population collapse in the next twenty years. The thing is, he’s seeing the population excess only in terms of human viewpoint, and not whole ecosystem. He makes statement that dropping a cannonball from an airplane will have nearly nil chance of landing on anyone.

    But, it’s not our physical space requirement (for our bodies) that is the trouble. IMO – it’s more about how many resources we consume. The resource consumption of each of us is a multiplying factor on our body space requirement that is 1000x or 100000x or whatever large number it is. And right now, it’s reached the point where there’s no place for the critters of the world to go 😦


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I used to spite Musk… But now I recognize my error. This being said he utters a lot of self serving nonsense. Like when he was all for Bitcoin (an ecological disaster from abuse of resources), or when he is 99.999% against hydrogen (which is needed for the renewable economy…
      He switched on Bitcoin. At this point, as they are made, electric cars have no future (too polluting to make and dispose of)…

      So Elan Mush has to be taken with Elan and it’s all very mushy… But his rockets are great and surprised everybody…And will solve lots of problems…


  2. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    Elon Musk, Sorry.


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