Facebook Suspension For Informing Of Nazism. Facebook Calls True Facts About Nazism “Hate”

Two truthful (and not flattering) historical facts about Nazism, one of them in a private group, got me suspended from Facebook (one of the suspension was for 30 days). It is as if Facebook did not want its two billion participants to know about Nazism as it really was (that is even worse than people think… and all too familiar…). There are Holocaust Memorials, like there is matter. Now we have apparently anti-Holocaust anti-Memorials, like there is antimatter.

I am in no way a Nazi sympathizer: my family resisted to Nazism, some in uniform and in combat (an uncle, an officer was in uniform for 6 years, combating the Nazis in anti-tank units; he told me about successful “hedgehog defense” by using villages as fortresses in June 1940). The Gestapo hunted my family on my mother’s side through the woods for saving Jews and others. My father fought the Nazis in Italy and France and was bombed twice by Me 262 jets (he was in a flak unit).

On March 13 I said the Nazis praised the Japanese (as a master race, Herrenrasse). This is a historical fact. On June 1 I quoted the main Nazi slogan in 1933: “Deutschland erwache” (Germany awake). Facebook considered this “multiple violations”. Got history? We see violations!

Facebook suspended me for quoting the Nazi slogan of 1933-35: “Deutschland erwache”.. As if just quoting it made me approve of it! The rape victim is now identified to the rapist, after all, she mentioned rape! Violation! Facebook seems to be unaware that the main force behind Nazism, on the psychological level was sheer stupidity, like confusing reports and advocacy. 

Interestingly, Facebook uses the same exact colors, red, white and black… Of the Nazi flag. On the face of that book, it looks like Facebook will ban those who say bad things about Nazism…

If someone mentions Trump’s slogan MAGA, that doesn’t mean they are for Trump. I do not approve of Nazism, just the opposite: I have written hundreds of pages very very strongly AGAINST Nazism. I absolutely excoriate Nazism, and want to explain to other people why exactly. Facebook told me that mentioning a despicable Nazi “racial” policy constituted “hate” and that I “violated community standards”. So, if one explains what the Nazis did, that constitutes “hate”… even if one disagrees vehemently with what the Nazis did! 

My family resisted the Nazis, and suffered immensely as a result. Am I to understand that Nazism is a subject to be absolutely avoided at Facebook? Are we supposed to ignore what the Nazis said, felt and thought? Are we supposed to ignore the part of history impacted by the Nazis? As Santanya said, that would invite repetition. 

Facebook could check “Deutschland erwache”, and the other fact which Facebook defined as “hate” on my part, that the “Nazis extolled the Japanese”. Indeed, the Nazis claimed that the Japanese were a “master race” (Herrenrasse”). That claim enabled the Nazis to constitute with the Japanese what they called the “Axis”. I would have no problem publishing those well-known historical facts in, say, Israel. Saying what the Nazis did is not “hate”. If one describes the thousands of extermination camps the Nazis had (and to which part of my family was sent), that does not mean that this is hate speech (just the opposite). But now I am afraid that Facebook may decide that mentioning death camps is “hate”… On MY part. The end result of being unable to ever say what the Nazis did and held is going to be the exact opposite of what all Holocaust Memorials have been build to do, inform everybody of what happened under Nazism. 

Describing, and condemning, infamy should not be described as “hate” (as my descriptions were). This confuses facts and the one who reports them. I urge Facebook to reconsider and not describe descriptions of Nazism as “hate” on the part of those who report them. Otherwise, next we will be unable to describe what the Holy Inquisition did, and so on. 

If someone describes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, that doesn’t mean that one approves of it, and a mention of the crucifixion should not be described as “hate” and earn a violation of community standards. I urge Facebook to remove both of my alleged violations, which were just descriptions of what should be well-known historical facts.  

My guess is that I am on a secret banishment list at Facebook, and it is just trying to ban me by claiming I am full of “hate” (and Nazism!)

Facebook functions as the world debate forum. Unfortunately it is also a private company with one man at the helm, who did not do more than a few months of formal college studies. How Facebook connects to the US Deep State is a matter of debate, but some believe that Facebook is an outgrowth of the US Deep State spy and dagger agencies. Having the whole world expressing ideas in one forum is ideal for spring, cataloging threats… And neutralizing them (some of my posts were discreetly removed; my public probably restrained). If one can never quote the Nazis, one cannot make analogies between the present situation and Nazism.

Over the years, I have been banned by many publications which claim to be guarantors of democracy and debate (say The Guardian in the UK, which got enormous sums of money from… Bill Gates; I was told one condition was to ban me from comments). In some cases powerful individuals intervened… Some of them bankers, or tech titans, to get me specifically banned. The list is long, the effects drastic, as I disappeared from much of the Internet…

I believe that I was not blocked from Facebook for these two quotes, but because I am on some sort of black list, and other statements. The account was blocked after I posted this:

Finnish homelessness solution can’t be duplicated here, too many influential “Democrats” being way right of Trump even at city council level (that’s why they claim to hate Trump so much). My local (“democrat”) city is finally building the cheapest housing ever below my eyes, and some of my neighbors think it’s just to bug me personally…

Like I saved the forested hill from developers of hyper wealthy homes, by organizing grassroot protests, and now the hill has been entirely poisoned…  Hundreds of trees are dead in one of the last western monarch butterfly refuges. Gee, I wonder how that happened… The city has hired a consultant to inquire…


Or then:

Actually the worse there was not revealed; the judge who was offered 5 million dollars by FB (and more!) the very day of his last judgment hurtful to small tech companies… That judge is the friend of a friend…

And then of course:

Are Many “Liberals” Hiding Their Segregationism With Loud Vociferations?

I believe that it is essays, analyses and comments of mine like the preceding ones which truly triggered the ban… Because they have appeared on Facebook. Although Facebook cannot admit that it my domestic observations they are after. Because it will show itself for what it is: sheer political censorship, and steering of Democratic Party opinion towards simplifications compatible with plutocracy and tech monopolies…. and only them….

The Facebook review board is headed by Nick Clegg, the artisan, with David Cameron, of the Brexit referendum… Small world of violence and oversimplification, where, when one says what the Nazis did, one is a Nazi.

Intellectual fascism, pure and simple, arguably even worse than under Mccarthyism.

Patrice Ayme 


P/S: The next day and after many pages of protest letters in various places in Facebook:

Support Message
Today at 10:12 PM
Your post is back on Facebook
We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards.
We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.

[It was not just a post: some of the suspension were for entire capabilities, for 30 days… The fright that suddenly one cannot tell the truth about the Nazis: nothing like it…]


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5 Responses to “Facebook Suspension For Informing Of Nazism. Facebook Calls True Facts About Nazism “Hate””

  1. SDM Says:

    facebook is a trash heap- it lets lies persist and censors truth. it should be subject to legal standards that prohibit unwarranted censorship. at the same time, how to prevent rampant falsehoods that many will believe and repeat? journalism has been corrupted by the mainstream outlets who serve their establishment masters- so much for free press as a watchdog!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Some of my comments which referred to the Nazi regime of WW2 were classified as “hate” by FB, and my account was suspended. However the facts I mentioned were historically factual …and I have always been anti-Nazi: my family was personally victim of Nazism. So my objective was always to teach about Nazism as a form of Holocaust memorial. I wish I could get a satisfying outcome on this, as it makes me afraid to publish anything having to do with history.

      I observe that, over the years I end up blocked in many parts of the Internet. Yet I am pretty innocuous… 😉 My biggest blocks come from Microsoft and media that Bill G finances… Considering what he helps to do to the Uyghurs… This is genocide category….
      Ah, and my fatwa from the Pakistani government’s Dep of Justice, no less…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Facebook re-established the account, just now:

      Support Message
      Today at 10:12 PM
      Your post is back on Facebook
      We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards.
      We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.


  2. Gmax Says:

    No wonder that Facebook fosters hate if one cannot speak the truth about nazism


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