The Islamist “Mistake” In Afghanistan, Imperium Americum, And The Civilizational Clock

America’s rhetoric has always been for progress and human rights: Jefferson, owning 200 slaves, some of them nearly as white as himself, and his own children, was an expert at this. Talk one way, act the opposite. In truth the roots of the mentality of the USA are exploitative and genocidal. That does not mean we should stay stuck in that way, and we did not. The five thousand US Navy sailors who died in the Guadalcanal campaign, in a few weeks, when two US aircraft carriers were sunk, were, indeed, fighting fascism. In one family, in that single battle, five brothers died.

However, US plutocracy had sold oil to Hirohito and his generals, enabling them to invade Korea, Manchuria, China, Vietnam, and Asia in general, for decades. Similarly, Mussolini, Hitler, and even Stalin were fed in all sorts of ways by US plutocracy. The result of this mess was US domination.

It is indeed troubling that many on the so-called left, full of rage, embrace overseas horrible versions of what they condemn at home, although the domestic versions are quasi innocuous. That is nothing new: European Communists embraced the dictator Stalin (and his ally Hitler). People get carried away by anger.

The mistake in Afghanistan was embracing an Islamist Constitution: at Islamism, the Taliban is better. Instead the civilizational clock should have been put back to 1979, to the secular republic that president Jimmy Carter attacked on July 3, 1979. But there may have been a secret US will to fail: after all, Islamism keeps the world divided.

The British, then the US, from the 1920s, weaponized Islamism to get access to oil, undisturbed by populism.

Patrice Ayme


P/S: David Brooks (NYT) published my preceding comment above, bringing the following reaction:. 

Afghan Papers, New York:

@Patrice Ayme Brilliant analysis, thank you!


October 26, 1942, Santa Cruz islands battle, US Navy aircraft carrier Hornet under the first attack of the day, already on fire, hit by several bombs. A few weeks earlier in the same area, the aircraft carrier Wasp was also sunk. Hit by many bombs, two suicide bombers, nine torpedoes, and four hundred five inch rounds at least, during three separate coordinated attacks, Hornet would sink that day. The thousands men on board believed they were fighting evil, and they were. Imperial fascist Japan suffered 2.5 million killed in World War Two, mostly underfed troops… But inflicted more than 40 million fatalities on others, mostly Chinese civilians… Thanks to California oil from Getty and company, which made possible the invasion of China… The plane diving at the Hornet in the picture above is a suicide bomber, which would hit the carrier just where it is pointed at, aft of the island.


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