Burning The Natives Tied In Mentality With Burning The Planet

There are a planetary crises with too much CO2, too much oxides of nitrogen, too many fluor based greenhouses gases, too many phosphates, too much devastating insecticides, too much plastics, too many heavy metals extracted, too much deforestation, etc. Emblematic species such as the Western Monarch, a migratory butterfly, of which there were millions a few years ago, are getting exterminated before our eyes.

The leading crisis is the carbon dioxide crisis which heats up the atmosphere and acidifies the oceans. The US has led in the wrong way: per capita the USA emits twice the CO2 that Europe emits, and 3 times what France emits. No excuse for this: the USA is the wealthiest country…

But US citizens have been unwilling to reduce their creature comforts, even a little [1]. It is even more striking to realize that, per capita, Canada and Australia, also giant and extremely wealthy countries, pollute even more than the USA. The obvious explanation is that, in these three places, the Natives were de facto basically exterminated. It is this exploitative mentality of burning everything and those we don’t like, to gain personal advantage, which those three giant countries have in common.

The US, Australia and Canada are also highly successful countries and thus give a bad example to the rest of the planet: if you want to be most successful, exploit your environment, covering up the destruction you impose, behind lip service and homilies to the opposite. That message is heard by other giant countries, in particular China, India, Brazil. US politicians reject a carbon tax, so the fossil fuel supremacy is allowed to go on unchecked. (Pseudo) Ecologists do not help by refusing some clean energy alternatives: nuclear and hydrogen.

Patrice Ayme

Half Dome should be right and lower than the sun, but the smoke obscures it. Interestingly, I am planning to go to the Sierra Nevada next week, and where I planned to run, there are fires, one of them I could see the pyrocumulus yesterday from 200 miles away as it crossed into the next state over (Nevada). That particular fire, the Tamarack fire, has been burning since July 4, 18 days ago. The other two wilderness runs I contemplated, in the same area also have their own fires… The Pacific Crest Trail is blocked by fires. To the north California suffers two enormous fires, and the one in Oregon has already burned an area larger than London, sending smoke around the planet… Some of the fire fighting has become silly: California used FIRE TRAINS (!), carrying thousands of tons of water, to fight fire from railroad bridges… Burn, planet, burn…


[1] Instead, US citizens have opted for ever bigger houses (2,500 square feet, average; 250 square meters) and ever bigger trucks and SUVs. Biden gives them more subsidies for batteries made in China, for their giant, tank-like electric cars and trucks… Biden calls that being an ecologist (his friends fill their pockets with electric cars investments)… while switching cars to electric does not solve the CO2 free energy production problem.


The preceding essay was a comment sent to the New York Times to an essay bemoaning the state of Yosemite (National Park)… A park I have literally run all over. I approved of the essay, and my comment was immediately published. My, my, my… Times have changed (perturbed by my critique of the Iraq invasion, and the pseudo-progressive, truly de facto fascist, in Mussolini’s Professor Gentile sense, Obama administration. the NYT had cancelled me for a decade…

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4 Responses to “Burning The Natives Tied In Mentality With Burning The Planet”

  1. Clyde Warner Says:

    France uses mostly nuclear power followed by hydro.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Correct, and that shows the mistake (pseudo-)ecologists are making by rejecting nuke power. France, like the rest of Europe, uses huge carbon taxes, and carbon pricing, plus an arsenal of anti-carbon regulations, such as special taxes on large vehicles…

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  2. Mark Cleaver Says:

    Mark Cleaver
    USA burning in hell hellfire and damnation coal gas and petroleum

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