US Financed COVID Under Unsafe Conditions? Top Trump Hating Virologist Admits It Implicitly

US NIH Financed Gain Of Function on Lethal Corona Bat Viruses At The Wuhan Institute Of Virology

Senator Ron Paul, an MD, accused Dr. Fauci to have financed research in China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to make lethal bat coronaviruses even deadlier and more transmissible (Gain Of Function (GoF)). Senator Paul considered that Fauci’s answer “you don’t know what you are talking about, Senator!” was a lie, and reminded him he risked five years imprisonment for lying to Congress under oath. Reading carefully the Twitter thread from partisan virology professor Stuart Neil who ferociously attacks Senator Ron Paul, brings the fair minded to the opposite conclusion to the one intended by the eminent virologist. One just has to quote him. 

The virologist admits “The EcoHealth grant was judged by the [NIH] vetting committee to not involve GoF because the investigators were REPLACING a function in a virus that ALREADY HAD human tropism rather than giving a function to one that could not infect humans“. [Stuart’s own capital letters] In other words, Stuart Neil is splitting hair. Investigators were engineering a virus transmissible to people, they were not doing Gain Of Function (GoF) to gain transmissibility that did not exist, says virologist Neil because that transmissibility was already there. What the virologist doesn’t say is that the transmissibility was improved and that these viruses, found in a cave in 2012, were lethal to humans (they killed miners, that’s how they were found). 

The eminent virologist then adds that it was not gain of function… because the NIH said it was not gain of function, although he adds ominously, contradicting all he said: “Understandably this is a grey area. While I personally think the research was justifiable, there are legitimate concerns that such work needs to be contained in BSL3 and above, and we know some aspects (we do not know which despite innuendo) were performed at BSL2 in WIV” 

So bioengineering on ACE2 spikes for a dangerous virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology funded by the US National Institute of Health had to be done with maximum bio security, but it was not.

I am pro-science max. I feel and think science should be financed ten times more. I approve of China’s gigantic efforts in science and technology. I also approve of, and I am all for, Gain of Function research, if done not too dangerously. However it was done dangerous at WIV, and the NIH knew it (or at least part of NIH knew it). As persons such as Dr. Fauci lied and dissembled about that deplorable situation, they engaged in various distracting shows throwing blame everywhere, but in the right direction: as was already known from a previous scientific commission, some of the most dangerous research on Earth was conducted at WIV under very unsafe conditions… And NIH financed it.

Fauci lied. On 7/27. 2021, a bipartisan powerful group of Senators started action on US funding of very dangerous biological research in China [1].

Patrice Ayme


Gain Of Function research is a fundamental way forward, not just scientifically, but philosophically. It should not be the reserved province of all mighty clowns like Dr. Fauci, who did, indeed, lie.


[1] The United States must complete a thorough review of existing and prior U.S. government support or funding for research collaboration with the People Republic of China related to gain-of-function, synthetic biology, biotechnology, or other research areas that pose dual-use concerns,” the senators said. “U.S. taxpayer funding should not support any collaboration with PRC entities that pose health, economic, or security risks for the United States.

The senators said China “has demonstrated lax biosecurity standards, violated the International Health Regulations, attempted to steal intellectual property related to COVID-19 vaccines, and may be in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention,” arguing the U.S. “should not be partnering with or funding any country that exhibits these risk factors.


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