On The Immorality Of Little Minds Who Catch Fire So Easily That They Can’t Debate At All. Thus Can’t Be Human.

As soon as I have something significant to say, critters of the simpleton persuasion scream in the bushes that I am inflammatory, their world is on fire, I am a pyromaniac, I have to be cancelled, they can’t take it anymore.

Wait until I introduce them again to what I call the “1609 CALAMITY“… which originated their deplorable mentalities. How can one debate with those without skin? They can’t sit anywhere, they are raw. They can’t talk, they suffer too much. All they do is whine and cry when confronted to ideas and feelings out of their established mental order. That “conservatives” do this, fine: that is what “conservatives” are supposed to do, conserve their obdurate mental blocks in little cans, while clinging to a past which is dead and rotting. But progressives? The only explanation is that these progressives are not progressing!

Many pseudo-progressives and pseudo-left cannot suffer words, concepts, logic and facts not used, ordered, oriented, and embellished exactly the way they should be used, ordered, oriented, and embellished. On the face this means they are not genuine thinkers, but that they learned by rote the ways, means, discourses, logic and conceptology they are supposed to love, admire, live by, turn into a cult complete with the notion of heresy, and the hypocrisy one must abide to.

This is nothing new: wealthy plutocrats Marx and Engels got the ball rolling. Marx was deeply hurt by the Prussian state’s opening of the wine imports from Southern Germany. That put the vineyards  he was going to inherit from his father, a wealthy lawyer,  in jeopardy. Capitalist dream sinks, Das Kapital bad. So then Marx didn’t like capital and trade that much anymore… Except when provided by the wealthy industrialist heir Engels. Engels’ mother was the aristocrat Franziska Mauritia von Haar (1797–1873). The wealthy Engels family owned large cotton-textile mills in Barmen and Salford, both at the time expanding industrial metropoles.  Yes, in Germany and England, no less.

Mikhail Bakunin (died 1876) predicted the oppressive potential of Marx and Engels’ ideas, saying: “[i]t is a fallacy that Marxism’s flaws were exposed only after it was tried out in power. […] [Marx and Engels] were centralisers. While talking about ‘free associations of producers’, they advocated discipline and hierarchy“. Bakunin wrote this 50 years before the Stalinian terror imposed in the name of international socialism by an ex-monk turned “communist” gangster in chief. In other words it could be seen from the start that Marx and Engels were fascists advocating (their own) dictatorship… while enjoying high society parties, international tourism (Engels spoke nine languages), and even… fox hunting! To get rid of Bakunin, Marxists depicted him as an “anarchist”, and the word is definitively derogatory nowadays. Anarchists have much in common with US “Libertarians“.

This mix of the dictatorial and genocidal with the hypocritical is seen in the authors of the 1609 Calamity, which festered in Jamestown… and its successors and implementers such as president Jefferson. Of course, the Nazis were just the same, boasting they existed to protect minorities while actually planning to exterminate quite a few.

Much is made by snowflakes of the “inflammatory” discourses which compromise their mental capabilities and very existence. Pathetic and telling of their lack of education, let alone logical capability.

It gets to the point one cannot talk of anything, because all things interesting start with the most far-sighted points. So they are most disturbing, being out of neural network range, and will always sound inflammatory. They catch fire as if they were methane clathrates.

Methane clathrates are made of methane, CH4, surrounded by cages of water molecules, forming a white ice. There are gigantic quantities of it in cold oceanic waters, under pressure, all over the world. When the ocean warms up, they disintegrate, releasing methane. This is happening massively off the Siberian coast. Should the oceans warm up considerably, they would then release the methane clathrates catastrophically, causing tsunamis and accelerated planetary heating. Snowflake minds are similarly on the verge of catastrophic disintegration…

Take for example the assertion that Hitler may have been a Jew. Some will scream. Actually the Nazi sympathizer French writer and Medical Doctor, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, said this exactly to the Nazi ambassador in Paris, in 1944… at dinner (he was drunk).  It’s true on the face of it… and top Nazis knew it (as Frank, governor of Poland, hanged at Nuremberg, said). But Céline did not stop there, implicitly adding that it was why Hitler the Jew launched Germany in a devastating war which it could only lose; Hitler the Jew in denial was out to destroy the Germans. Provocative? Yes. Completely false and out of any relationship with the reality of what went on inside Hitler’s mind? Certainly not! Hitler could not prove he was not a Jew (according to the Nazi definition of “Jew”) So he transformed the village of his birth into a tank training field.

Or take the fact that Hirohito was Japan’s greatest war criminal. Even others than me are now saying this: Should the United States Be Blamed for Japan’s Historical Revisionism? In hindsight, exonerating Japan’s Emperor was a grave mistake. Well, it required very little insight. US warriors, during World War Two knew that Hirohito was culprit, and would have readily killed him, had they the opportunity.

Now we have the revered Dr. Fauci, who funded the research in gain of function of the spike protein in extremely dangerous bat coronaviruses, in Wuhan, China. Those viruses were discovered in 2012, because they had killed miners.

Or then look at the truth about the masks. Masks arguably make a bad situation worse in several ways (slow airflow over olfactory bulb neurons, plus failure to stop the virus, which is the same size as cigarette smoke…) Masks are also worse for children than no mask, healthwise. Still the US government is trying to impose masks on schoolchildren. Point that out, and the snowflakes will scream as they melt.

Real novelty is always outrageous. This happens in science, even now. A beautiful example if the mathematician Alexandre Grothendieck, often viewed as greatest in the 20th century. After he displeased authorities around 1970, with inflammatory discourses adverse to nuclear energy, he was fired, and got very few subsidies from CNRS, the French national science foundation. He retired in total seclusion, disappointed by many of his ex-colleagues and ex-students, refusing prizes because he had enough money for his needs, he said, having his food delivered, only going out to the post office. In 1984 he discovered, all by himself, something completely new, though, and very important, the “dessins d’enfant“.

If one utters a striking statement, it should be viewed, by civilized people, as the challenging start of a conversation. Because civilized people view debate as a moral imperative.

Real logic resists inflammation. That’s actually one of its defining properties. Especially as inflammation is generally in the eye of the beholder. Snowflakes made of methane which catch fire at the slightest spark contribute to global, planetary heating. Not just figuratively, but also literally. 


 “Let’s not confuse the progressives and the posers. We real progressives intrinsically provoke those who sleep in yesterday’s dreams.”

As Bakunin said, speaking of Marx and Engels, intolerance to any inflammatory discourse and liberty, is not going to end well.

This was true in the Nineteenth Century, as it was under the dying Roman Republic, and it is true now. Searching for truth requires provocation. There is no seriously new thinking without provocation, and putting the torch to some of yesteryear’s truths, as simple as that. And indeed, new thinking is always vague, initially, as dreaming is, and for the same reasons: we don’t know where to go, and what to feel, so we poke and put out feelers.

The world is on fire, literally, and all what little minds can think of, is that they should not overheat from overexertion. We hate inflammatory provocateurs, they bleat. Blindly repeating what our great and wealthy leaders want them to repeat. It’s the only correct behavior, they bleat, and they shuffle, all together, the way sheep do.
That is not the new morality the planet needs

Little minds’ ways and means is not the new morality the planet needs. It is the mentality that fascism needs. And why the planet is burning, as pseudo-ecologists refused the solutions at hand [1].

Patrice Ayme


[1] Burning entire ecological systems is how climate will change, as everybody watching the news can now guess . The blind opposition of pseudo-ecologists to nuclear power has much to do with that enfolding disaster, and much worse is coming soon. Civilian nuclear power has killed a minimal numbers of victims… as long as one excludes the Soviet plant of Chernobyl, which was completely illegal and insane in several ways. Whereas fossil fuels kill at least ten million persons a year through direct pollution.

Connoisseurs may detect a contradiction here, because, after proclaiming the greatness of Grothendieck, who was stridently anti-nuclear, I celebrate nuclear. But I also opposed some forms of nuclear energy at the time. For very good reasons. And Grothendieck would have changed his mind… And he did.


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