Mayan Electric Fallacy

Making transportation electric doesn’t solve the CO2 crisis per se. Maya shows that wrong tech choices when facing ecological disaster, can bring an even greater disaster.

We need clean transportation. We could use hydrogen, producing water. In the present and foreseeable state of technology, using batteries requires huge mineral extraction, itself very polluting. The same fundamental elements used in batteries are used in windmills [1]… causing a penury effect if pretending to use batteries and wind as a mass solution. What needs to be made CO2 free is energy production. Discreetly governor Newsom, a democrat, signed an order so that California goes through heat waves much better, producing electricity thanks to fossil fuels, as windmills, solar panels, and desiccated dams can’t produce enough “clean” energy (solar panels are made in China, using coal as energy source). Ironically, when the winds peak up, so do the fires: California, hoisted on its own petard of outrageous energy consumption, is burning ever better, every year…

Batteries are heavy and it is not clear that the full life cycle of an electric car uses less energy than an ICE car (ICE = Internal Combustion Engine). And the point is to some extent moot, as there are not enough lithium mines to electrify the entire planet… By a factor of ten… or much more.

Confronted to a drought they themselves caused, the Maya responded by doubling over on the technology they had which caused the crisis. That caused a megadrought. Instead Europe and Japan in the fourteenth century, took strong ecological measures: they saved the forests by restricting activity… The Maya did the opposite, cutting sacred old growth forests, replacing them by orchards and corn fields. Disappearing the tropical rain forests fully, far from augmenting agricultural activity, had the opposite effect: temperatures shot up, desiccation occurred, as humidity went down.

Europe, as it is, thanks to carbon taxes, produces half the CO2 per person than the USA does. In particular from massive investments in public transportation in adapted cities. Electric cars are a luxury solution for crafty investors, not a solution for the planet at this point. We need a carbon tax which will incite to produce energy in a cleaner way.

Instead of a carbon tax, which would be unpopular, Biden is proposing on 8/5/2021 to spend 174 billion dollars on electric car charging stations… There is little doubt that spending 174 billion dollars on thermonuclear would enable a to make a thermonuclear reactor connected to the grid (the bigger the reactor, the easier the fusion).

174 billion dollars on charging electric cars… So that people can spend hours waiting in the middle of nowhere doing what they do now in minutes, while enriching the Chinese dictatorship and making Biden’s sponsors wealthier. This is an exhibition of a mix of dramatic ignorance, corruption and stupidification. And also contempt for those who go long distance without using aircraft. Of course, the entire enterprise is just smoke and mirrors, a “shared aspiration” as the auto executives plotting with Biden put it… So much smoke and mirrors that nothing will happen… An aspiration of smoke and mirrors… The latter lack of logical substance being exactly what the Biden puppet masters are after… Learn to become stupid, little, deplorable people, by respecting your great masters’ professed madness…

Nobody said Machiavellianism was straightforward…

So poor people of the USA, rejoice! Your great “democratic” leader Biden wants your tax dollars so that the wealthy can drive electric in silence and comfort between their private airports and their mansions! Who needs thermonuclear, when one can have caviar?

Patrice Ayme

When Maya civilization collapsed, Yucatan was covered with orchards and fields, causing a megadrought. The tropical rainforest came back, centuries later, after the few surviving Maya had fled to the coasts. Uxmal temple.

[1] In some cases, electrification can be very useful, the archetype being electric trains. Hybridization can also help, especially for cars (it’s used massively for trains already).

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