Cackling Kamala, Pseudo-Progressive Posers: Accomplices Of Plutocracy

The US “left” is a pseudo-progressive establishment, mostly composed of posers. Thus its inner sanctum does not have a “cackling Kamala” [as New York Times put it!], but nothing at all: the entire thing is empty at the core, which is full of contradictory notions. This happened before: the Communists of the 1930s loved Stalin, a fascist. When Stalin made official his alliance with another fascist, Hitler, the true nature of Stalinism became clear. 

The present US pseudo-progressives are, de facto, allied with history’s biggest plutocrats, among them, the monopolists of Silicon Valley… who came to exist thanks to… the “liberal” establishment, same as the plutocratic establishment. 

Look: the “liberal” president was long Senator of the world’s one and only top tax haven, Delaware.   

Loud pseudo-progressivism is pure as the driven snow, same as polar bears’ fur, to not be seen for what it is: the distraction and diversion from ever controlling contemporary plutocracy. Hence the obsession with Parliamentary elections in tiny Hungary. 

Some parliaments refused a flood of Muslims, and other gender crazy contradictions. Removing a “liberal” private university financed by one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, a US citizen ruling over pseudo-progressivism, made Hungary a target: what if all plutocratic universities died?

This is all imperialistic: plutocracy financed pseudo-progressivism accuses We The People of populism, racism, so that we will not see that hereditary plutocracy rules us bodies and souls.

As the CLIMATE CALAMITY enfolds, California burns (see the hellish smoke in the background of the picture I took two days ago… It has not improved since. The Dixie fire is 200 kilometers away… downwind!), real thinkers study Scipio Africanus, hero of the war against Carthage, 2230 years ago…

Notice the little red sun lost in the forest fire smoke… Yes, I read, hike and run, in the smoke, Air Quality Index 400, hazardous. On positive side, most animals seem to be in hiding, and trying to breathe as little as possible…

Patrice Ayme


P/S: The preceding post was read and censored by New York Times (8/8/2021). Hopefully, as the NYT writers have been doing it extensively, it can inspire them later, and they can plagiarize me more, faking creativity! Some feed songbirds, I feed vultures… Not by choice… I made an allusion to Soros, and its “Open Society”. Well, a really open society does not contain as wealthy and powerful as he is. Any allusion to Soros is systematically censored by the New York Times, a direct proof of Soros’ influence. BTW, I did not start as a Soros hater, I bought his books. Couldn’t read them, though: way to boring. Soros himself is a student of Popper, a fully decorated member of the (British) empire, and another self-aggrandizer. There, too I bought the books… Popper is famous for “The Open Society And Its Enemies”… He just forget to tell you one thing: the initial ideas came from a woman who lived 2450 years ago. Now that’s not just seriously dishonest…. It’s grand theft. So Soros is a the student of a thief, and NYT censors any evocation of Soros attempting propaganda in Hungary for its predatory society.

Why so much hostility on my part against Soros? Soros made his fortune by conspiring against the British Pound and forcing it out of the “European Snake” of the European currencies. That was the beginning of Brexit, and the hero of the New York Times made billions (in 2021 $) with his viciousness… Now Soros, having done Brexit does BLM, Black Lives Matter (and others don’t? Or remind me they matter?), a movement launched by multimillionaires and billionaires to show they care about US citizens they force to live in the world’s worst conditions…. Oh, by the way the City of Berkeley, the capital of pseudo-progressivism, was ordered by the California Supreme court to allow the construction of low income housing it has been blocking for more than a decade…

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One Response to “Cackling Kamala, Pseudo-Progressive Posers: Accomplices Of Plutocracy”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Each time I make a SUBTLE ALLUSION to Soros, or to nefarious private US academia, the New York Times censors the comment. It is absolutely striking. The time they spend analyzing the details of what I write is astounding. The other day they published 3 of my comments on Hungary, but not the one alluding with great subtlety to Soros’ attempt to implant in Hungary a “open society” “university”.


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