Ministry of Truth, Should Be TOPS

People Power, Demos Kratia, Democracy, should endow truth with power:

The ministry of truth already exists, we cannot avoid it…. but it is used by plutocracy stealthily to advance its own propaganda. This violates the spirit of the US Constitution and the French Charter of Human and Citizen Rights (both from 1789; the latter is the basis of the UN Charter).

It was not anticipated in 1789, on either side of the Atlantic, how powerful and concentrated in a few hands immense propaganda molding minds, souls, data and the most basic feelings and methods, could become. Now one person, instrumental in the highly controversial, arguably divisive Brexit, is in charge of mental correctness at the world’s largest community, with 2.9 billion members.  

I advocate to make the ministry of truth Transparent, Official, People Supervised (TOPS). With just a pure consultative constitutional role, a kind of Supreme Court of Truth,  fully Open in all ways, and classifying independently truth, truthiness, probability, pertinence, potentiality, imagination, nefariousness, in distinct star systems. On all propositions (I use that term in the logical sense).

The multidimensional approach to veracity and significance of TOPS will prevent MOT to be abused to intimidate human imagination (something unproven and seemingly never demonstrable, could nevertheless score very high in imagination and potentiality, etc.)

Patrice Ayme

Truth Is Beautiful: Mystery High Sierra Fall Flower


P/S: On 26 August 1789, the French National Constituent Assembly issued the Déclaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen (Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen) which defined individual and collective rights. The US Constitution was enacted in March 1789.


To turn around some US interdictions,  US Pluto Propagandists in part use reverberation, the main philosophical obsession of George Soros, he wrote books about it. To use his semantics, Soros formulated the General Theory of Reflexivity… So basically controlling foreign sources enables control in the USA. To give a silly, but telling example, I am outright banned in several important European media widely quoted in the USA. This mind control, some say, is how Soros made his fortune, in particular with the “European Snake” (financiers will understand the allusion).

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4 Responses to “Ministry of Truth, Should Be TOPS”

  1. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ Says:

    Dear Patrice,

    It seems that we both have a lot to say about the Ministry of Truth. The following is culled from my expansive post entitled “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity“:

    In the context of 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠 caused by 💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic, whether or not such deplorable manoeuvres, malevolent fabrications and detrimental interferences originate from social, economic or political reasons, the ultimate cost or final jeopardy to society at large is that if or when even bona fide news media, upright officials and genuine experts who have been operating in relative autonomy with due diligence are forced into compromised situations in which their works and findings are arbitrarily politicized, misrepresented, suppressed or subject to Orwellian scrutiny and meddling by the “Ministry of Truth” in pursuit of power, profit, status or wealth through propaganda, chicanery and dominance, then the general public may not only lose trust and confidence in most or all content, but may also be much more likely to settle on whatever content that is espoused by their despots, promulgated by their demagogues, peddled by their politicians, proclaimed by their officials, promoted by their influencers, championed by their idols, endorsed by their social networks, reinforced by social media algorithms, recommended by filter bubbles, intensified by echo chambers, and fermented by Hype, Bias and Affect.

    Happy August to you!

    Yours sincerely,


  2. johnscorner Says:

    Considering how easy it is for those with malevolent purposes to take control of any narrative, your TOPS proposal gives me no more comfort than does your alleged plutocratically-dominated “ministry of truth.” Do the relatively low-paid “fact checkers” who censor skeptics of the plutocratic narrative really think they are being controlled by plutocrats? I seriously doubt it. No! They are engaged in selfless do-goodism.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You make good points. As it is my proposition is half baked, and I will boost the essay, in answer to what you are saying.

      The overall guiding idea for establishing a most advanced, most progressive, most civilized, and most truthful ministry of truth is INFORMATION, NOT COERCION.
      So first the Ministry of Truth shall have a purely CONSULTATIVE role (OK, that was the official role of the Roman Senate… and we know what happened, in the LONG RUN…)
      A given proposition is not just true or false. It can be indeterminate. 20C logic established this aplenty.
      Now if one switches to the more practical FUZZY LOGIC, a proposition can be probably true, probably false, or probably indeterminate.

      Now any proposition is relative to the universe U from which its symbols can be found. This means it can be more or less valuable, depending if the universe describes gold and diamonds, or mud and clay… say. That means propositions can be more or less valuable (and by extension, sets and categories of propositions).

      So we see we are dealing here with FOUR dimensions pertaining to truth.
      To which one could add a FANTASTIC (as in fantasy) dimension, etc… And also an emotional set of dimensions, depending if the proposition has to do with compassion, love, hatred, fear, rage, etc…

      Thus one could assign to a proposition easily 20 dimensions, each with its own five star graduation system…
      The persons doing the evaluation could be of two types, each grading on its own: 1) common people working in open assemblies, a bit like Wikipedia…
      2) experts and peer reviewed types…
      What one wants to avoid is bias-motivated “experts” a la Fauci, Collins, NIH…. Telling is they did not financed Gain Of Function in Wuhan, because it was already lethal contagious, so it was “Replacement Of Function… ROF, not GOF… That’s experts for you.
      Plato and Aristotle were, or more exactly should be, the most famous examples of BIAS-MOTIVATED reasoners.
      One could object that this sounds like a whole new industry…
      But we are the truth species, and we have an increasingly truth dependent society…
      Truth ought to be the major industry…


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