US “Democrats” Destroyed Afghanistan; New York Times Part Of Plot Since 1979!

US President Carter, a so-called “Democrat”, attacked Afghanistan on July 3, 1979. The New York Times does not want its readership to know this, thus the NYT censored a comment of mine saying just that. This is a crucial piece of information: Carter did not just attack a country, Carter destroyed secularism in Afghanistan, and Carter also destroyed the Republic of Afghanistan. With that crucial piece of information: then Biden’s work, destroying Afghanistan some more, can be viewed as a continuation, a DEEP POLICY of the US “Democratic” Party. Here is the censored comment:

The US intervention in Afghanistan was launched July 3, 1979, by President Carter from advice of his National Security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Mr. Brzezinski said that the idea was to use Muslim Fundamentalists to destabilize the Afghan secular republic and force a Soviet intervention. The effect worked as anticipated, and then went further: Muslim Fundamentalists, worldwide, observed that they could get support from US strategists, and, given enough will and violence, could seize power, worldwide.

When the US intervened in 2001, it should have required just one thing: a return to the status quo ante… which was a SECULAR, decentralized republic. Instead the US established in Afghanistan an “Islamic” “Republic”, highly centralized.

“Islamic” is close to “Islamist”, conceptually, depriving the anti-Islamists from any moral ground. Centralization enabled corruption and the tyranny of Kabul, depriving the local tribal leaders of power, including military power, to resist the Taliban. Centralization also created a centralized army which depended huge mechanical power to exist. Air power left with the US army and US private contractors who made heavy US machinery function, from helicopters to armored personnel carriers.

So what is the interest of the present ignoble defeat? More war and destabilization. A war in which Russia, Iran and China will have to engage. Thus, this is very different from Vietnam. This is much worse. It was called “The Great Game”… between the UK and Russia. Now the “Great Game” will involve all of the world’s greatest nations.

The article was  “Taliban Sweep in Afghanistan Follows Years of U.S. Miscalculations
An Afghan military that did not believe in itself and a U.S. effort that Mr. Biden, and most Americans, no longer believed in brought an ignoble end to America’s longest war.

The article was by David E. Sanger and Helene Cooper. Sanger is the chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times. A 1982 graduate of Harvard College, Sanger has been writing for the Times for 30 years covering foreign policy, globalization, nuclear proliferation, and the presidency.

Sanger has been a member of two teams that won the Pulitzer Prize, and has been awarded numerous honors for national security and foreign policy coverage. He is the author of three books: Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power[1] (Crown, June 2012); The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power[2] (Harmony, 2009), which was a best-seller; and The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age (Crown, 2018).

One can see that Sanger is an established member of the war mongering, Islam manipulating clique in Washington. His greedy mind, thirsty for the White House, publications and Pulitzer Pluto prizes, sees clearly how dangerous it is if the readership of the New York Times becomes aware that it has been had for 43 years, killing a few million Afghans on the way. This sort of censorship makes the New York Times part of a holocaust which, although a bit more subtle than those conducted by the Nazis, is perhaps even more dangerous, because, not only it kills millions, but it threatens billions, as war brings wars, and also keeps under delusion of innocence most of the US population, while sneakily conducting mass murdering regressive policies in its name.

Individuals such as Sanger are respected. However, should one respect deliberate propagandists who help to kill millions? At least one such propagandist, Rosenberg, was condemned to death, and hanged (slowly) at Nuremberg. Why should not Mr. Sanger be condemned to the same fate? Oh, no tribunal yet? Why not? Because the USA never did anything wrong in Afghanistan? Just got attacked out of the blue? How come this delusion?

Because US citizens have been deluded into the lying feeling and erroneous knowledge data point that Afghanistan attacked them in 2001… whereas it is the USA which attacked Afghanistan in 1979 (and actually before that, using Pakistani secret services, and the Pakistani ISI as proxies…). Thank Mr. Sanger and his ilk, and the institution of the New York Times for that.

Biden says he loves women. It is a lie. The Taliban hates women in any role, but baby making machines… Yes, that was a link to the New York Times, supposedly the newspaper of record in the USA.

Now some will feel, and not dare to say: “Oh, Afghans are savages, let them be!” It is not that simple: the Taliban army attacking on May 1, 2021, weeks after Biden announced the US would run out of Afghanistan, like scared rabbits, no matter what, was no more than 75,000… A fraction of the 300,000 underpaid and unsupported Afghan army of 300,000. The capture of an entire civilization by a small but determined horde of gangsters has happened many times in history, the best example being the fall of the Roman State in the Fifth Century in Occident. This is generally rendered possible by an entrenched, manipulative plutocracy which sees the small army of invaders as an help to its own control. In the case of Rome, Roman plutocracy made deals with the invading Germans (or even Huns!) Biden and company made a deal with the Taliban. Explicit or not. And the interest is to renew Muslim Fundamentalist control, which has proven extremely profitable to the US plutocratic elite over the last century, and counting….

US censorship is not all about the New York Times, of course. Just today the monopoly Google made it hard to find in searches my own 1979 US ATTACK AGAINST AFGHANISTAN Secretly Ordered

When one runs a dictatorship, nothing is worse than the truth… Reality itself becomes the enemy…

Patrice Ayme

US Embassy

Kabul US Forces

Repeat the Exit of Saigon,

The Ignominious Flight by Helicopter,

Thanks to Biden Giving

Afghanistan to the Taliban,

August 15, 2021,

To Foster Divisive Muslim Fundamentalist Rule

P/S: to quote the Wall Street Journal: “The scenes of triumphant Taliban fighters conquering city after city, parading their Humvees, artillery pieces and U.S.-made drones, have unnerved many of America’s allies. In an unusual criticism of America’s rush out of Afghanistan., U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace described the Doha agreement in a Sky News interview as “a rotten deal” that “effectively told a Taliban that wasn’t winning that they were winning.”

Once Biden told the Taliban it was winning, and acted as if it was won, the Afghan army and population were submitted to the will of the US, and the will of the Taliban. So they surrendered, trying to save their lives.

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9 Responses to “US “Democrats” Destroyed Afghanistan; New York Times Part Of Plot Since 1979!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    we are dealing with a whole new level of international Evil now

    the pathetic Democrats are walking right into the maw of the Devil and trying to drag the rest of us with them


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Because last few times that tactic was used, it worked. It was not just luck, as I will (or have?) explain(ed)… But this time is different, the world is a village… And we are all Indians…


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    This is worse than a betrayal, it’s a Deep State strategy, empower extremists. Depuis un siècle, les yankees aux commandes ont instrumentalises l’Islam Fondamentaliste. D’abord pour le petrole, maintenant pour divide et impera…


  3. Chris Snuggs Says:

    STUPENDOUS INFORMATION – THANKS. What idiots we have running the major Western countries.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, the real fools are those who vote for them, and respect them… And I have been among them, campaigning powerfully behind the scenes, with reporters, for Obama… just to get completely screwed by this childhood friend of my spouse…

      The policies which Biden implemented are highly Machiavellian, same old same old. Propping up Muslim Fundamentalism has fostered division in the West, and, more importantly caused distraction: instead of having a debate about modern plutocracy and its monopolistic control of “truth” and data, we have had a debate on a religion invented in the desert to cause the fall of the Roman state, way back.
      Propping Muslim Fundamentalism has brought oil, and recycled its profits on Wall Street.
      So Biden looks like he bungled by giving Afghanistan to the Taliban, but it is actually a very crafty plutocratic policy.


      • Chris Snuggs Says:

        If the free world were honest and sensible it would end all trade and diplomatic relations with dictatorships and Muslin-run countries, leave the UN and set up the UDN (United Democratic Nations). Dictatorships are a Crime Against Humanity, as is ISLAM.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          In truth the free world is not free, but a plutocracy run by the entangled networks the wealthiest families have created, sometimes, for some of them, over the last five centuries (consider the Mafia in Sicily and its institutional ancestors, or some of the banking families, who originated in the Middle Ages… not just a company like Beretta, or the Bank of England…)
          Biden, operating as the Deep State told him, following a path already traced under Trump, deliberately gave Afghanistan to the Taliban. All this Muslim Fundamentalism will concentrate minds on something else than the world plutocratic governance…


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    Afghanistan fell because the army elected to join the Taliban. While the US splashed billions of dollars into Afghanistan, the top Afghans totally refused to follow the advice of Septimus Severus: “Whatever else, pay the army.” Most of the soldiers had received no pay for at eloast six months while the corrupt at the top were siphoning off what they wanted. Now all that military hardware left behind belongs to the Taliban. Thank you, US taxpayer. Oh, don’t expect too many thanks. I saw a photo of some of the new Taliban leaders and one of them had spent extensive time in Guantanomo, under the delicate interrogation tactics endorsed by a certain Bush.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Several Taliban leaders spent years in prison.
      True about not paying the army… But as I said the Afghan army could only be operated the US way… And that was not possible WITHOUT US contractors, US intelligence and US air support gone. Trump had left only 2,500 soldiers… Nothing.
      But truth is my explanation is correct, subconsciously at the level of the Deep State, M Fundamentalism is a friend.


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