Fighting The Climate Calamity Requires Nuclear, Hydrogen

Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in a few weeks. The entire biosphere is falling into a climate calamity in a few years, as we watch, now. This is completely obvious if one goes in the right places, say, California’s Sierra Nevada, where literally ecosystems, trees and species, some dozen of million years old, are in the process of being wiped out. 

The solutions long term exist already, or nearly so. But fundamental research efforts are needed, either on how to deploy hydrogen technology massively and everywhere, and, or new, safer and much less polluting nuclear technologies… Proposed tech such as Carbon Capture and climate engineering are lies. Carbon Capture is a lure, and trying to interfere with the climate, while increasing CO2, is another lure, and very dangerous, in several ways.

All of these trees are dead or dying from the CLIMATE CALAMITY. Not a speck of brown was visible in the same trees last year.

Climate Crash



[August 17, 2021.] The climate calamity cannot be fought just with existing renewables. Indeed storage based on existing batteries uses the same resources in rare materials as electric cars and windmills: there is not enough to go around, by orders of magnitudes, and the overall CO2 budget of, say, electric cars is not clearly positive. It may even be negative. Making half the solar PV panels in China is economically efficient at first sight, until one realizes their fabrication is energized by coal.

So the fundamental problem is base load. When Germany decided to give up on CO2 clean nuclear energy, it fostered usage of the dirtiest coal in the world, lignite.

In the past, dams enabled to store energy by pumping them up with water. Nuclear power plants in California could do this. But the plants were closed, and the dams are dry. So governor Newsom discreetly…

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7 Responses to “Fighting The Climate Calamity Requires Nuclear, Hydrogen”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    As I post elsewhere, I disagree with your “lures”. I agree we need to reduce emissions as much as possible, but if we completely stopped now, (and China’s coal emissions will increase and plateau in 10 years) so stopping is out of the question, we would continue warming at our current rate for a while until we finally reach equilibrium, and nobody knows where that is. I favour trying to protect the ice sheet by raising the albedo over them (and prolong the storm seasons) and try to absorb CO2 with more forest planting and by using lots of appropriate crushed basalt as a soil conditioner. It is not without its problems, but we are deeper in this than most realise. The IPCC totally underestimated the effects to date, and I think they will continue to do so. Going to nuclear with molten salt reactors is a no brainer, but then how many politicians have any scientific background? We are asking complicated technical solutions from people for whom technology has always been something to avoid.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Cutting trees should become unlawful… Indeed.
      Protecting the albedo is already done on a few tiny Alpine glaciers. It’s not scalable.
      Merkel has a Physics PhD and she killed German nuclear singlehandedly… It’s more a question of expressing one’s hatred for something…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have been screaming about the IPCC neglecting the most important aspects forever… Like ice shelves, permafrost, etc….


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    This is a climate calamity. All the Sierra will burn… And very soon. The extent of devastation, even relative to last year, is astounding. Very soon all tall trees will have been killed. And it was entirely predictable, and the California or Federal governments did nothing much about it. Aside from forbidding any one to enter the forests of California north of CA road 4… (Basically north of Yosemite).


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    That the granite did not hold the fire is not surprising: between granite domes, there is always thick dying forests along drainages.
    The state of the forests has long been abysmal, and getting way worse in the last few months. Probably a combination of drought and adventurous beetles.

    Even without fires, the situation is cataclysmic. In many parts, most trees are already dead.

    The climate calamity is relentless. One is going to have to think on a much bigger scale, with much bigger and drastic solutions than the silliness of an electric car charger at every corner (which solves nothing).

    Fighting The Climate Calamity Requires Nuclear, Hydrogen


  4. Chris Bloch Says:

    Chris Bloch
    Patrice Ayme awesome write-up! Thanks for sharing


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Chris. Hope you recover well from this. Firefighters like you did an amazing job, using all these new techniques and strategies. It’s astounding you could save Strawberry, Christmas Valley, Meyers, etc….


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