What is the Scientific Method? First, Debate. And Consider Obama’s Corruption

The New York Times glorifies the “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd” at the Obama narcissistic birthday multimillionaire bash it gushed about… and then bemoans the lack of scientific education of the US population… obvious in the case of COVID, supposedly. However, it contributes to it. It not so mysteriously delayed my comment below by 12 hours, while letting several hundreds anti-Trump and anti-Republican comments getting published instead. 

What is the essence of the scientific method? The essence of the scientific method is to debate experiments and the logic of their interpretation. Debate is the first order of things, with the “Scientific Method”. No debate, no science. If one wants to teach the scientific method, one will have to teach debating, and the love of debate, first. So science education starts well outside of science… In the domain of applied philosophy, rejoining what Steven Weinberg was saying.

Here is my lethally delayed comment:

What is the scientific method? Some say: double blinds, statistics? In truth, it’s not completely elucidated. The mRNA vaccine science was generally dismissed only a few years prior. Synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) engineered by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna use pseudouridine and 5-methyl cytidine as substitutions for uridine and cytidine to avoid the immune response and cytotoxicity induced by introducing mRNA into cells. MRNA not using these substitutions is less effective. However, the influence of base modifications on RNA is poorly understood. And so on.

The scientific method is common sense, applied to experiments (or thought experiments) it advances through debate. So debates, and the desire-to-debate should be promoted. The mRNA vaccines are working, it’s likely that they will have little negative health impact… Differently from vaccines which modify the genetics

There is plenty of scientific evidence that masks are counterproductive… The virus is the same size as smoke (100 nanometers); dogs smell COVID at a distance: feeling protected by a thin material, people gather, and breathe the smoke/COVID. HEPA filtration and ventilation certainly absolutely work, and should be enforced!

Some authorities in the West were derelict: death rates vary enormously, worldwide. Europe received flights from Wuhan, while the city was isolated, inside China. It has transpired that NIH was financing the Wuhan Institute of Virology to turn around an interdiction of Gain of Function from Obama

This gigantic spread, the Obama narcissistic birthday bash, with Obama’s mansion to the left, is a testimony to the corruption of a “democratic” US president. Differently from Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, or Trump… Clinton and Obama made all their money from presidential trafficking… The island where this is located, Martha’s Vineyard, is full of professional “democrats”, and the corruption so intense the median home value is 4.2 million dollars. The spread above had been listed for 15 millions… Just one of many Obama’s properties…

Small world: Going around GoF interdiction by Obama (rightly so, I may have played a role…)… made NIH finance WIV. It reminds one of the CIA financing Mujahidins.

Obama’s birthday bash, with its huge 475 persons party, was a considerable reduction of what had been planned and had to be reduced because of the Delta Variant pandemic (the optics were bad). Obama danced all night, nobody wore masks. A president, flaunting the wealth he made from his presidential office. How does one call that? Afghanistan? President Truman, a democrat, had made a point to live from his retirement. And Truman explained why: to honor the office of the presidency. But Obama presided over the corruption he installed in Afghanistan… The buck stopped with him…

And why don’t you talk about Trump, lesser wits will bemoan. Well Trump did not pretend to be what he is not. Now that Biden is in power, it is very clear that Women Lives Don’t Matter (“US has no national interest in Afghanistan”), and that the Machiavellian treachery, mercurial and unpredictable inversion of alliances that was used to defeat the American Natives, is still in command, from the institutional subconscious. Ah, yes, once they were sure nobody would read my comment, 12 hours after getting it, and after publishing hundreds of partisan comments about the hatred of “Republicans” for science, the NYT published my ideas. So, the NYT cannot be accused of censorship and violating its “newspaper of record” mission.

Patrice Ayme

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2 Responses to “What is the Scientific Method? First, Debate. And Consider Obama’s Corruption”

  1. Ian Miller Says:

    I think of the scientific method as the application of logic to what we observe, but then again I shall be in a minority.

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