Taliban As US Deep State Tool

Except if one believes that the leadership of the USA is made of complete idiots, the collusion and conspiracy between the US Deep State and the Taliban should be blatant to unbiased observers. Brandishing one’s alleged complete incompetence goes only that far.

So there was a slick and full reversal of alliance. Now the US and the Taliban are comrades in arms, murdered and terrorized by the Islamist state together (never mind that the Taliban likes it, when qualified Afghans don’t rush to the airport anymore…) Muslim Fundamentalism is the tool which keeps on giving to US deep manipulators. The top commander of the evacuation, US general McKenzie said, on August 25, 2021: “We use the Taliban as a tool“.

That was the day after the CIA director met with the Taliban in Kabul. The Afghan army surrender was forced by the withdrawal of US logistics, air support, and even Bagram US air force base, where US intelligence was headquartered. In other words a conscious, or subconscious mindset got established to surrender Afghanistan to the Taliban, and this arguably started under Trump, when Trump negotiated with the Taliban… A UN recognized terrorist group.

In the last century US oil men and financiers were behind Muslim Fundamentalism: the deal, renewed and institutionalized with US president Roosevelt meeting for days with the founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdelaziz Ibn Saud, was to recycle petrodollars on Wall Street, using Fundamentalist Islam to block aspiration to socialism, progress, Jeffersonian democracy, populism, etc. It worked splendidly. At least for US oligarchs, plutocrats, oil men, and their Deep State employees in top US academia and think thanks, and various consultancies, in and out of the US administrations… And their co-sponsors of the military industrial complex.

Another advantage is that all this tribal fundamentalism helped push away France and Britain. Similarly support for Islamism on the part of the US Deep State enabled to play Pakistan against India: giving Afghanistan to the Taliban is another example of that, as the Taliban is a tool of the Pakistani ISI, itself a US Deep State tool.

On July 3, 1979, US president Carter directed US intelligence to make it so that Muslim Fundamentalists destabilize the (“socialist”) republic of Afghanistan. To entrap the USSR. Now who is going to be entrapped next? China? Similar Machiavellianism was used against Indians… I mean Native Americans…

Patrice Ayme

[A simplified and shorter version of the previous essay was sent to David Brooks, New York Times as a comment to “This Is How Theocracy Shrivels“, Aug. 27, 2021, 3:42 p.m. ET. Censored. Tell the truth, except if it’s inconvenient to people who may invite you to dinner…]

P/S 1: It was revealed that the Taliban killed ISIS leader Abu Omar Khorasani when they took control of Bagram prison on August 15. Khorasani, overseeing ISIS K in South Asia and the Far East, gave an interesting interview to the Wall Street Journal shortly before his demise (two days exactly): “They will let me free if they are good Muslims...” “The leadership of Daesh is independent, the goals of Daesh are independent,” Mr. Khorasani said, using the Arab name for the Islamic State. “We have a global agenda and so when people ask who can really represent Islam and the whole Islamic community, of course we’re more attractive.”” 

The Taliban also freed ‘thousands’ of ISIS-Khorasan fighters. It is likely that they let through the bomber, probably a woman with a big burka…  US can be Machiavellian, so can the Taliban. And meek censor David Brooks has neither courage nor sincerity, and his daily bread is to keep the US population brutish and stupid.


P/S 2: Biden launched an unmanned aircraft strike against ISIS K, claiming success with no civilians killed and two authors of the bombing destroyed. How he could be so sure that we would believe all that menas he takes us for imbeciles.


P/S 3: The New York Times allowed my comment more than 50 hours after it was submitted… so nobody in its fanatical, obscurantist readership could read it… Censoring by not censoring, it reminds one of Quantum computing, where things are, and are not, at the same time…


P/S 4, added two days later, from WSJ:

In Its Last Days in Kabul, U.S. Turns to Taliban as a Partner
Stretched thin, American forces rely on militants they fought for 20 years to help provide security at the airport

Twenty years ago, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban. Today, American forces, battered by one of the bloodiest attacks of the war, are relying for their own security on that same group, whose members they were trying to kill just weeks earlier.

Fighters of the Taliban’s elite Badri 313 unit, dressed in the latest tactical gear, patrol the same Kabul airport parking lot as U.S. Marines, separated by a few coils of razor wire. Farther away, Taliban foot soldiers pat down Afghans seeking to enter the facility and disperse crowds with whips and occasional gunfire in the air.

The Taliban’s key mission around the airport in the final days of the chaotic withdrawal is to hold off Islamic State, an even more radical organization, which killed 13 U.S. troops and nearly 200 Afghans in a suicide bombing on Thursday.

In this arrangement, the 5,200 American forces in Afghanistan “use the Taliban as a tool to protect us as much as possible,” Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of the U.S. Central Command, said after Thursday’s attack. The Taliban and the U.S., he added, now share a “common purpose.”

More than that: The Taliban checkpoints on the way to the airport—in coordination with the U.S.—are screening Afghans whose past work with Western forces puts them in danger of Taliban retribution. The Taliban are “providing the outer security cordon” for American forces, Gen. McKenzie said, and have closed some roads at U.S. request, extending the checkpoints’ perimeter.

To many Americans who had been involved in the 20-year war against the Taliban, one that resulted in some 2,465 American military deaths [and more than twice that in US contractor deaths, plus thousands of NATO deaths…], this new reality in Kabul is nothing short of mind-boggling.

“The U.S. mission in Afghanistan is ending in the worst possible way imaginable,” said Lisa Curtis, an Afghanistan expert who served in the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council under the Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations. The way the withdrawal is taking place “has resulted in tremendous costs to U.S. national security for a long time to come,” she said.

The Taliban have fought Islamic State since 2015, and they gunned down its senior leader, Abu Omar al Khorasani, hours after they seized Kabul, along with eight other jailed Islamic State militants. Now, the terrorist group, whose branch in Afghanistan is called Islamic State-Khorasan, or ISIS-K, is using the latest events to paint the Taliban as treasonous stooges of the infidels.

“It is to be noted that, for more than a week, the American forces, in partnership with the Taliban militia, have evacuated hundreds of foreign staff, translators and spies who worked for the U.S. military over the past years,” Islamic State said in a statement that claimed responsibility for Thursday’s bombing.

Sensitive to such accusations, the Taliban say they aren’t cooperating with American troops—and deny reports of a recent meeting between their leaders and CIA Director William J. Burns.

“Just because we have an agreement not to attack the Americans until they complete their pullout doesn’t mean that we have cooperation with them or provide security for them,” said Habibi Samangani, a member of the Taliban administration in Kabul. “In the airport, they are in one part, we are in another.”


2 Responses to “Taliban As US Deep State Tool”

  1. SDM Says:

    20 years and this is all it was, just another limitless ATM to the military-congressional-industrial complex. Fear mongering- the gift that keeps giving.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, we will see what happens next. The war is not over, this is just a reversal of alliances. 2,500 troops, less than 1% of Pentagon budget… Not much to insure progress in Afghanistan. Go tell twenty million Afghan women, now below blue tents perched on their heads, that it was the gift that keeps on giving…
      Hopefully, no impact on military budget.
      A big military budget is what keeps the peace. Just ask Hitler…

      France, helped by US, is at war across all the Sahelian band of Africa, an area as wide as the lower 48.
      Reminder: World War Two and the Holocaust happened because the US did not come to the help of France, its creator, in a timely manner…
      The reversal of alliances may well work, if the Taliban is suddenly real smart…

      More and another war is what the military industrial complex needs… Passing Afghanistan to Taliban theocratic management, should insure this…

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