Masks Don’t Work As Well As Rotting Toad

Best way to avoid bad COVID (besides vaccinations and clean air)? Wear, not a mask, but a crushed rotting toad on your head: nobody will come close, you be safe. The voodoo mask people, who call toilet paper on their face, “science”, will be repelled. I am glad to repel those who confuse voodoo with science.

An INCONCLUSIVE review article on masks was published by CDC, in September 2020, 4 months before the OUTLAWING of most mask types in Europe. Uncritical masks partisans naively brandish it… but they did not read it… Because if they had, they would not talk about it as if it were a reference…

Here is its (inconclusive) conclusion of the CDC in said article. (In the meantime numerous studies have shown masks and grandly named N95 respirators, to be mostly INEFFECTIVE… While CLEAN AIR from HEPA filters and ventilation did reduce viral loads… Even the new York Times did its own study concluding HEPA and ventilation worked.)

“7. Conclusion

Researchers have speculated that both droplets and aerosols generated from non-violent and violent expirations of SARS-CoV-2-infected people may be responsible for the airborne transmission of COVID-19 disease. However, more research work should be conducted to understand the behavior of virus-laden droplets and aerosols in different environmental settings, especially confined spaces so that the transmission of COVID-19 pandemic in the built environment could be fully ascertained. The case studies found worldwide indicate that the behavior of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been unprecedentedly unique with more survival and viable rates in the air and believed to linger in the air for an extended period. The challenge before many healthcare workers in combatting the disease would be a daunting task unless proper administrative, clinical, and physical measures are taken within the healthcare settings. Inter-disciplinary research on the behavior of the SARS-CoV-2 virus needs to be conducted to prevent COVID-19 disease from spreading worldwide.”

Oh, by the way not one serious scientific paper shows that “masks” are effective with children and COVID. As usual the overriding reasoning is the same: COVID is like smoke… Same size, one hundred nanometers. Masks’ efficiency is computed in micron, not nanometer. It takes one thousand nanometers to make one micron. Actually surgical masks are made of plastic, polypropylene, typically, and are made to intercept the spherical cells of Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria, which are one (1) μm in diameter: one micron, ten times the size of the SARS CoV2 virus.

A MD objected: “Masks aren’t torture. Not everything we do generates aerosols.

Well, for the sadomasochists, torture is pleasure. I had a friend Larry Stark, a MD, PhD, and endowed with many other prestigious positions (professor of neurology, optometry and electric engineering at UC Berkeley and UCSF). He was very defiant of Medical Doctors, saying, basically, that they did not know how to think, as they confused cooking recipes, statistics and genuine mental creativity.

So some doctors told me masks could not possibly hurt, so we may as well use them. However, there are severe medical consequences to masks. One can break limbs because one could not see a defect of the ground (I know personally one case). There are allergies, especially for children. After I run, I absolutely cannot wear mask for quite a while, I suffocate. Masks introduce fibers in the lungs, etc.

Because of intense smoke in the burning Sierra Nevada, I use so called N95 “respirators” twice (they kept some of the AQI 400 smoke out). But had to remove them promptly because I nearly broke limbs within 100 feet (I run cross country, bad mountain trails).

The BS about masks has incited authorities to forsake what works: clean air. CLEAN AIR, like clean water, will one day be the norm. It is technically feasible (HEPA).

Where I am located, mask obsessed PUBLIC schools did NOT invest in clean air: they had decided that masks were the panacea, all they needed, and those who did not wear them, “spread the disease”… Let all children wear masks, and COVID will go away. That was science, according to those public schools…

Well, in Marin County, one (non-vaccinated) teacher with COVID infected 26 MASKED children (the closer to the teacher, the more infected). That’s just one example. The incompetent, rotten governor had only talked and given orders about masks, although HEPA filters are very cheap, and he has a budget surplus of 100 billion dollars… Enough to cover all of California with HEPA filters…

Finally, the San Francisco school board just decided to invest in CLEAN AIR. Too little, too late. Classes are getting full of COVID, even in my daughter public school. Conclusion: COVID, and masked children are forced to go back home.

So it is back to the real truth: in California authorities do not mind if public school close and private schools stay open. Last year the corrupt governor had his four children going to in-person private school (Newsom made two million dollars from his eleven Getty companies) . Meanwhile, “Black Lives Matter” people had children not going to school….

Long live the masquerade…

Patrice Ayme


CDC Early Release / August 27, 2021 / 70

Tracy Lam-Hine, MBA1,2; Stephen A. McCurdy, MD1,3; Lisa Santora, MD1; Lael Duncan, MD1; Russell Corbett-Detig, PhD4; Beatrix Kapusinszky, PhD5; Matthew Willis, MD1 (View author affiliations)View suggested citation

Summary What is already known about this topic?

The SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant is highly transmissible. Prevention guidance in schools varies by jurisdiction.

What is added by this report?

During May 23–June 12, 2021, 26 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred among Marin County, California, elementary school students and their contacts following exposure to an unvaccinated infected teacher. The attack rate in one affected classroom was 50%; risk correlated with seating proximity to the teacher.

[The CDC deduced from that that masking should be “included”… But once again CDC failed to mention HEPA filters and ventilation…]

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28 Responses to “Masks Don’t Work As Well As Rotting Toad”

  1. Don Kemerling Says:

    I can’t judge this material from a professional foundation, but the author claims to have elaborate credentials. The arguments mostly make sense to me for children, but not unvaccinated adults who are not isolated, and especially not people who are in a clinical situation.…/MasksAreHarmful-Meehan2020.html


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Interestingly, although I agree with his list, the author does not seem to know about a subtle point relative to COVID: the virus has three entry points we know of: olfactive neuronal system, lungs, intestine. That has to do with ACE2 receptor equipped cells. The most dangerous is the olfactive entry, one would guess, because the virus gets directly into neurons, and then from neuron to neuron… where the immune system cannot reach (except in dramatic cases: Alzheimer, rabies, herpes, shingles, etc.). So what do masks do? They slow the air flow inside the olfactive area, by a factor of up to 5, some studies claimed. Thus they make it more likely that the SARS CoV2 will enter through the brain…


  2. ianmillerblog Says:

    To assert that masks are useful, there should be evidence to show they are. In my opinion, a polypropylene mask is useless because if the virus is stopped by it, it does not adhere to the mask, and it will be swept through with further air. In my opinion, a thickish loose woolen mask (where the air can’t take a straight-through route) with the wool coated with something like a carrageenan (or other sulphated polysaccharide) would be better because the protein on the virus spikes, if it touches the carrageenan, it gets stuck, and then the carrageenan will kill it. Now, at least it might achieve something.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In a HEPA filter, the virus gets glued by Van Der Waals forces… To believe a slick one millimeter of polypropylene can stop an aerosolized virus much smaller than the polypropylene mesh is thoroughly idiotic, and a testimony to the will to become a sheep, trust in derelict authorities, lack of common sense and no scientific judgement.

      My daughter’s public school is fanatical about masks, it requires students to wear masks even outside. However casual observation show it does not have CLEAN AIR. So of course now they have COVID all over. There is not one scientific paper even lying about mask efficiency, claiming masks work, in a school setting. This being said, of course I want my surgeon to wear a mask.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Patrice Ayme
    The worse is the mental dependency much of the “West” has to dictator Xi and his goons. So when “China” said there was no problem, for weeks Europeans accepted direct flights from Wuhan… When Wuhan, and Hubei, were completely isolated within Hubei, and, or, China


    • Gregory Golberg Says:

      Gregory Golberg
      at this point, patrice, I believe you’re triggering people’s cognitive dissonance
      they don’t like it 🙂 ahahhaa but I am laughing my ass off


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Excellent point, Gregory! Thanks!
        What the mentally challenged get furious about is when their cognitive apparatus is shown to be grossly defective, and motivated by bias and tribal perversity.
        This is not just happening in the US, but also in Europe. When protesters in France accused authorities of being “traitors” about their administration of COVID… They got prosecuted for… Anti-Semitism, on the ground that some of the names mentioned, like Soros, are of Jewish origin! (presumably, if one of the alleged “traitors” had been “brown”, they would have been accused to be anti-Black, and prosecuted for racism…)


  4. AJ Says:

    Conveniently forgetting to mention that the teacher who infected all those kids was unmasked in spite of the school requirement (maybe a “freedumber”?)

    Conveniently forgetting to mention that the size of the virus vs masks does not matter when the main benefit of it is stopping droplets of already infected persons (in particular when speaking, see teacher case)

    Do you really believe that health authorities across the world are not aware of that simple fact? You present it like you did strike gold …

    Are you aware that for a breakthrough infection
    to occur you need a significant viral load, there are studies on the estimated number, masks are useful to reduce the probability! of this by lowering the chance of an (masked) infected persons droplets, which obviously can contain significant amounts of the virus, reaching the eyes or the respiratory systems of another human.

    Also, you fail to accurately depict the downsides of masks, most important of which is a false sense of security, resulting in disregarding distance rules or other common sense measures like regular or constant ventilation. Plus people tend to not replace them , constantly touch them or wear them incorrectly …

    You are obviously very bright, please stop being part of the problem.

    I’m very sorry to hear that your daughter got denied what is essentially a core human right , education. This would make me furious as well. Even more so when the schools of the rich are allowed to stay open.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ok, long comment, thanks, many things to say. No time now, got to run. Pick up masked daughter at COVID ravaged thoroughly masked public school… She is tested once a day…Details later then.

      The basic mistake in the pandemic has been to ignore the Japanese advice, from February 2020: VIRUS IS AEROSOL, masks are pretty much useless…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I answered pedantry on many of these issues. The USA has the highest official death count of COVID, in the world. Non essential travel from US to Europe is right now prohibited. Most Americans wear masks in a way, or of a type, which is scientifically known to INCREASE transmissibility. My daughter’s mandatory mask public school in California seems an example: she is officially quarantined, tested every day…

      But we are living among the insane: democrats promote “save our progress” speaking of governor Newsom, who kept public schools closed for 18 months (but not the private schools, to which his 4 children go).

      Funny that you detail the downsides of masks which alluded to, and are precisely the CORE OF THE PROBLEM.

      Here is the start of 2020 essay on masks:

      5 Votes

      Mask Masquerade A Masked Massacre. Now Unmasked:

      Abstract: Masks were mandated everywhere in countries were the pandemic got subsequently out of control: what could have gone wrong? Well what if masks, instead of reducing the pandemic, augmented it? “Anti-scientific” scream hysterical lemmings without any scientific education, nor any attempt at any reasoning whatsoever! One would indeed expect anti-scientific lemmings to read no scientific literature whatsoever. But so-called “experts”? Scientific studies have shown that masks can quintuple (multiply by five) virus transmission (and the reason is increasingly understood). Those types of masks are the most common in California, December 2020, and should be made unlawful right away.

      More broadly, the mask craze has led a naïve public to assume it was protected when it was not, and thus incited the public to engage in legal, yet very dangerous activities, where the virus gets in the air, floats around, and penetrate masks. The public would not have otherwise engaged in these activities, if the public had realized that the virus was floating around, and just used its common sense… instead of being hypnotized by masks fostered by an elite of greedy, power crazed exploiters with various biased interests that it is urgent to expose… for health, political, moral and philosophical reasons!

      The Western elite, as it is, by enacting ineffectual, counterproductive, or even iniquitous laws, such as mask laws, or closing public schools, while keeping private schools open, is responsible for the COVID massacre, and should be criminally charged: there are advanced countries with few, or basically no COVID cases or deaths. Hint: no masks in Australia.

      Philosophically speaking, the deadly mask craze is an example of intellectual fascism: an idea from authority, right or wrong, is adopted, because it is the law. A famous example of laws against civilization were racist laws of the Twentieth Century, such as forbidding “colored” persons in the front of the bus. Indeed, what if the law is criminal? Where is the possibility of conscientious objection?

      Practically, and in the most pragmatic way, I am saying that, when one goes into confined, non-HEPA filtered air with strangers, one is NOT protected from the coronavirus, mask or no mask, and whether others or oneself wear them, or not.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      On the point of the schools, most states in the world kept their schools open… All the time. Some countries such as France closed schools for a few weeks, a couple of times, but then closed ALL schools, public or private. Plutocrat governor Newsom in California chose to tell me I must wear a mask in my private residence and close my public school, while he and Pelosi do not wear masks during plutocratic events, reception, restaurant, hairdressers, etc… and send their children and grandchildren to private schools for the hyper wealthy, where tuition can be as much as the family income, while I have to contemplate the worst refugee homeless camps… in the WORLD???? And that’s progress??? Meanwhile taxpayer money went to help Newsom’s companies…

      Newsom-affiliated companies got $2.9 million in relief loans
      A sign on the corner of a city building says PlumpJack Wines, since 1992
      The Plumpjack Wine & Spirits store in San Francisco, part of Gavin Newsom’s Plumpjack Group collection of wineries, bars, restaurants, hotels and liquor stores.(Eric Risberg / Associated Press)
      DEC. 9, 2020 5:43 PM PT
      SACRAMENTO — Companies affiliated with California Gov. Gavin Newsom received nearly $3 million in federal loans created to help small businesses survive the pandemic, more than eight times the amount originally reported, according to newly released information from the U.S. government.
      Nine businesses tied to Newsom’s PlumpJack Group split the nearly $2.9 million in loans through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, according to new figures released last week. The governor put his business holdings into a blind trust before he took office last year and so would not have participated in the decision to obtain the loans.

      It was a surprisingly large loan, said Project On Government Oversight senior policy analyst Sean Moulton. The nonpartisan independent watchdog is tracking $1.6 trillion in overall pandemic relief spending, with the Paycheck Protection Program the largest single program.

      “It seems to be a small business, but it got a lot of money. I’m not sure how the company justifies taking that much money when there were a lot of companies looking to get assistance,” Moulton said. “You hope they’re using it wisely because there’s an opportunity cost there — that money didn’t get used for another small business that may be out of business now.”

      He said Newsom “certainly runs the risk of encountering some public perception problems” over the loans.

      The governor already faces criticism for sending his children to private schools for classroom learning as most public schools remain closed and for dining in violation of his own rules with 10 lobbyists and others at the pricey French Laundry restaurant in Napa in early November.

      FILE – In this Thursday, May 14, 2020 file photo California Gov. Gavin Newsom discusses his revised 2020-2021 state budget during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif. Newsom has agreed not to cut funding for child care programs and health insurance for low-income older adults to cover the state’s budget deficit. The news was confirmed Monday, June 15, by a senior administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss budget negotiations publicly. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, Pool, File)

      ACTUALLY, California has a huge surplus of nearly 100 (one hundred) BILLION dollars. 100 billion… and Newsom toyed with the idea of cutting social programs… He “agreed not to cut”…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Public schools in California got closed 18 (EIGHTEEN) months under Newsom…


  5. pendantry Says:

    I’m no expert. But as I understand it, the point of masks is not to protect you, but to protect others. And by offering an argument that the ‘freedumbers’ can run with, you are, as AJ suggests, part of the problem. I had thought you were smarter than that.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Pedantry!
      Thanks for the comment, it pleasantly remind me of old times…
      By wearing a COVID swamp on their faces, COVID laden individuals do not protect others. Just the opposite. Many masks types AUGMENT INFECTIVITY BY A FACTOR OF FIVE. That’s why they are unlawful in Europe!!!!!!

      The problem is that most people are too dumb, too scared, and too much like sheep to read the scientific literature.
      I wrote maybe 10,000 words on the scientific literature on masks.
      Stupid doctors wrote to me telling me the CDC contradicted me. They had not even read the CDC papers…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sent them back the conclusion of the CDc review on masks of September 2020. Those presumably dishonest idiots had nothing to say. They got so small in their minds, they did not even unfriend me…
      The CDC is one of my main sources. Also direct articles in top journals (which I personally subscribe to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even get FREE subscription, due to my service to… Science…)

      Even idiots should be able to understand that “experts” in the West (Japan excepted) understood not enough. Millions of deaths should be enough of a proof. Some countries had very few deaths. Without even a mandatory mask law…

      Most of these people died because they were told masks protected them… WHEN THEY DID NOT!
      You say: why are you against masks, just as they said in the Middle Ages, why are you against god, and they gathered in churches… In 1348-1350… No nobles died from the Plague, because they enjoyed clean air. The air below a mask is so little clean, some patients are getting deadly asthma (an MD told me yesterday).

      How stupid can one be that one would believe a one millimeter polypropylene mesh on the micron scale would stop a 100 nanometer virus? Which can infect neurons in the olfactive bulb directly? Dogs smell COVID at a distance! Differently from the manipulated imbeciles I have a physics PhD and my spouse has a biophysics PhD, worked at NASA for years, and we both taught or had research positions at some of the top research universities. Actually we have been scientists our entire lives….

      I am also an original MODERNA investor, from when it was a startup, so I need no lesson about what science could work. I am not just MODERNA vaccinated… and I cannot wait for my booster shot. I also use virus removing HEPA filters, and call imbeciles, imbeciles, out of moral duty, in this futuristic morality that I embrace, having created it, it’s my child. Others can follow bin Biden down the oblivious abyss of mental degeneracy… Help women by giving them to the Talibiden…

      Oh, by the way, a most cynical point of view of using DELTA as a form of mandatory, and ineluctable vaccination is perfectly imaginable. So what’s the big stress about? Intelligent people get their natural booster shot, and idiots perish… A moral tale…


      • pendantry Says:

        I fear that you did not take on board what I wrote:

        the point of masks is not to protect you, but to protect others

        You say: “How stupid can one be that one would believe a one millimeter polypropylene mesh on the micron scale would stop a 100 nanometer virus?”

        That’s missing the point entirely. The purpose of masks is to prevent expulsion of spittle, which might contain the virus, into the surrounding environment. To protect you. Not to protect me.

        There’s a reason that surgeons wear masks when operating on their patients’ innards.

        But I fear that this is falling upon deaf ears. You seem to have convinced yourself of your position, and knee-jerk respond to any suggestion that maybe you need to rethink. There’s a name for this cognitive bias, but it escapes me at the moment.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I want my surgeon to wear a mask. Masks are effective with stopping bacteria, and surgeons wear special masks, in a special way, for a special time.
          You keep on missing the point: SARS CoV2 is not transmitted by spitting on people. But by AEROSOL. This was already the case with SARS1.
          A E R O S O L. That means the virus is floating in the air. A Tulane University study for CDC November 2020, which I linked to, said the virus was floating indefinitively in the air…
          Masks don’t stop aerosols.
          DNA can float in the air, BTW, and the presence of animals of rare species can be detected that way.
          Flu is best transmitted in the average with 1,000 viral particles. That optimal transmissibility number in unknown for COVID.
          You obviously read nothing I wrote, confuse microns and nanometers, bacteria and viruses, etc… And then accuse me of cognitive bias!

          In California there are stupid masks mandates all over. Including in school. Very strict. Guess what? Several classes we know of, including my daughter, are “quarantined”, with active COVID… and they mandated (the school) that she be tested everyday (masked children have COVID in classrooms, in spite of masks and HEPA filters they supposedly have).

          Your usage of the cliché: “Masks protects YOU”, is interesting: it is an End of Debate Cliché (DBC). DBC is a method, like “God Is Great! You fail to read what I said: most masks types were OUTLAWED in Europe (say in France). Why? Because they aerosolize the virus, from spittle to gas, augmenting transmission at least 5 (FIVE) times. Many scientific papers have shown this.

          The USA, thanks to Fauci and his lying CDC, and NIH (headed by loud Christian Nobel Collins), is the country with the MOST official COVID deaths. They obviously did a poor job, and reverted 100% several of their orders. Taking guidance from stupid, ineffective liars: not recommended for wisdom…


          • pendantry Says:

            Are you an epdemiologist, Patrice? If not: sorry, but Dr Fauci is an internationally recognised expert in the field. There is already far too much disinformation and misinformation being spread by science denialists without you adding to the confusion.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            You appeal to authority, not wisdom. And to authority who is paid (handsomely!) to pontificate the way they did. You should re-read Socrates/Plato. Fauci himself in leaked emails admitted masks did not work, for (part of) the reasons I gave: virus too small for masks. Then you tell me I am for my surgeon spitting bacteria on me. Silly five year old stuff.
            SS Doctor Mengele was a doctor too.
            Austrian Nazi doctor Asperger was a doctor too, and a famous one. Actually most experts in the field still believe in his work (which was contrived to exterminate people).

            You did not read my several essays on the subject, you just tell me the establishment has not established me. Show me a civilization class philosopher established by the establishment. Establishments prefer to kill them.

            Whatever. I helped finance MODERNA, more than a decade ago. Did Fauci finance MODERNA? By contrast your world renown Fauci and the NIH, financed the creation of SARS CoV2, at WIV, to turn around Obama’s interdiction (which may have been related to my influence).

            The apologists of Fauci, Collins and the NIH, say it themselves:

            Funny I am presently writing a mis-dis-information essay, complete with DEC, Debate Ending Cliché. DEC is my notion, BTW. They make debate hit the deck. Example of DEC: “You think virus too small for masks, so you are for your surgeon to spit bacteria on you?” Silly stuff. After 2 deaths, research in France on prions has been suspended in the 9 centers which did it.


          • pendantry Says:

            It didn’t escape my notice that you failed to answer my direct question. I’m interested in finding out how you address, in your ‘mis-dis-information essay’, the issue of the influence of uncredited, opinionated individuals on the beliefs of the general populace.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Gee Pedantry, I have been extremely busy today with unforeseen things, like totally.
            Coming, yet, not now. I am just going to publish something NYT let me published today…. Which is related… Rome


          • pendantry Says:

            Here’s an article I think you could benefit from reading before finalising your ‘mis-dis-information article’.
            … and here’s an image you might consider using:


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Thanks Pedantry, will try to, but I am so busy these days… I had no time to look at my mail, and then to go to Twitter or Facebook… However I wrote two pieces on Rome, extended comments to the NYT… One was published, the other mysteriously not…

            On information, in-formation, be it dis, mis, or deformation, DEBATE is always the way out. Between Debate and Authority, debate is always to be preferred… Good authority can always win debates… COVID generously provide with examples…The com on vaccines was not done well, not at all, in some countries… but now DELTA should be milked into vaccination…. When I say not done well, one can compare between countries. For example Spain and Portugal have 100% vaccination above age 80… France has only 86%…. Amazingly some “advanced” countries are more anti-vaxx than some supposedly little developed countries… This probably came from the fascist, and useless measures taken… Say when people were confined at home…. In many countries they couldn’t even get to nature… By law (like right now in California)….


          • pendantry Says:

            Whoops, I said ‘uncredited’. I meant ‘unaccredited’.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Some seem to believe masks create CLEAN AIR. They do not anymore than using the same coffee filter for hours cleans drinkable water. Just the opposite.


  6. John Holzmann Says:

    Patrice: Are you aware of Steve Kirsch’s damning indictment of the pharmaco-industrial complex in the US with the COVID vaccinations?

    Please find his amply referenced paper at

    Two other papers that he references (and I found significant):

    Click to access us-covid19-vaccines-proven-to-cause-more-harm-than-good-based-on-pivotal-clinical-trial-data-analyzed-using-the-proper-scientific–1811.pdf


    I would be grateful to see your analysis. . . . (Or have I been asleep and missed your comments? –Forgive me if I have. I have been massively preoccupied elsewhere.)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi John, nice to hear from you… Steve Kirsch is strange… Some of his suggestions are interesting, say regarding autopsies… However he claims that the “3 vaccines used in the US are gene based”. That is not the case for the two mRNA vaccines, which are… mRNA based, not gene based. Lwoff, Jacob and Monod, 3 French biologists, got the Nobel for discovering RNA… That’s not DNA, where the genes are…


  7. John Holzmann Says:

    I hear you about the “gene-based” or “genetic engineering” language. And I don’t know why vaccine skeptics often use that language. I understand the argument AGAINST that language.

    OTOH, I don’t see Kirsch making any arguments based on the misunderstanding that one might think may be implied in the language. His arguments are wholly “other.”


    Just for the sake of argument about language, however, I’m wondering: Is it truly invalid to speak the US approved vaccines (which INCLUDE the Janssen/J&J VIRAL-vector vaccines) as NON-genetic? After all, whether inserted via mRNA or an adenovirus, what these vaccines do is modify the CODING of the DNA, don’t they . . . so that our cells produce spike proteins? So isn’t that a form of genetic manipulation?

    (I haven’t gotten into the cellular biology of the vaccines to find out whether my understanding is accurate. But if I remember my old high school-level biology, I thought that the RNA/mRNA helps the body code DNA . . . and it is the DNA that controls the production of proteins. . . . [????])


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine modifies DNA, and makes it produce spike protein.
      The mRNA vaccines short-circuit DNA altogether, sending instead instructions to ribosomes to make spike protein directly. There is no DNA involvement. After production the mRNA disappear. Moreover, this is synthetic mRNA, with some base replaced, not found in nature…
      The present Internet is such that, the more absurd the idea, the higher the probability to create a following.
      This is why I have proposed of creating a Department Of Truth, which would assign a star system to various dimensions on each notion…

      I advocate to make the ministry of truth Transparent, Official, People Supervised (TOPS). With just a pure consultative constitutional role, a kind of Supreme Court of Truth,  fully Open in all ways, and classifying independently truth, truthiness, probability, pertinence, potentiality, imagination, nefariousness, in distinct star systems. On all propositions (I use that term in the logical sense).


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