Why California’s Governor Should Be Recalled, As California Burns

When talking of Governor Newsom’s viciousness the establishment media mentions the restaurant he went to, paid by a medical lobbyist, to celebrate said lobbyist’s birthday. This approach seems critical, but it is actually a psychological vaccination. Inoculate with the tiny restaurant scandal, get away with not mentioning the rest.

Yes, Newsom had his feast indoors, without masks, after imposing stridently and most violently masks on all the little people in California. Similarly, the Speaker of the US National Assembly (so-called Congress), Nancy Pelosi was caught several times in public events she organized among the wealthy, doing the same, no masks, after imposing punishment on Congress if caught not wearing masks. Pelosi, a wealthy heir and manipulator of public rage, has found it was enough to accuse her accusers to be “Trumpist“, and California loves her, and especially her lying. And the establishment media celebrates her vigor at denouncing “racist right wing extremists”. The same sing-song is rolled out, again and again, and it always work…

Newsom’s “French Laundry” wine, alone was already $12,000. The minimal dish there is $800…

Newsom’s extravagant unmasked restaurant outing is often mentioned, because, actually, it’s an alluring diversion. It looks scandalous, but extravagantly innocent. It put Newsom up there, another flamboyant celebrity, with Prince Harry and Meghan. Yes, it’s bad that restaurant episode, but in a sense typically hypocritical, yet nobody hurt. But Newsom has done way worse: preventing the education of most children, burning California, reinforcing the oligarchy. Talking about the “French Laundry” episode sounds funny, like a sitcom. It amuses people, make them feel benignly superior to Newsom. But Newsom is actually not a comic object, but a tragic figure, an end-of-civilization figure. 

My daughter was prevented to go to school by governor Newsom’s decision to close public schools, last October 2020. Meanwhile the governor kept private schools open, including the private schools where his four children went. In my county of Alameda, 32,000 wealthy kids could go to in person private schools. While 300,000 public school children were confined at home. And so on.

The squalor of the camps in California is incomparable (worst in the world, according to the UN). Entire parts of some cities are polluted by excrements from the camps. Newsom launched the camps, when he was mayor of San Francisco. That made him look Politically Correct.

Newsom did not clean the forests… which are burning, turning skies orange and polluting the air for months. Specialists such as Scott Stephens, a top professor of fire science at UC Berkeley have found the state to be completely derelict in fire prevention. In particular, the Caldor Fire progression along California route 50 into the Tahoe Basin was not a problem with the Federal Government… but with the California government.

Newsom has tried to fix some of the issues; However, he has been ineffective: democratic (in name only) cities have resisted his efforts to build housing, going to court instead (where they are losing).

Newsom made his fortune from leveraging his father’s position as lawyer for Getty oil. The Gettys have financed Newsom’s 11 (eleven) companies… Why do we keep on calling such people “democrats”? (I am a registered Democrat, and I campaigned for Obama, BTW).

On August 29, Jeff from California commented in the New York Times, trying to publicly contradict me by sounding better informed and superior:: 

@Patrice Ayme: Well as to the burning forests, the State of California has has absolutely no authority since those burning forests are own3d by the Federal Government. As to private schools, the State has no legal authority to close private schools.

The point was not to close the schools… But to keep them open, so that the children could learn. Closing schools is bad, very few countries did it for any length of time. California did it maximally.

My local superintendent of public schools, Dr. Wells, who is black like charcoal, had reallocated his school budget to redo the entire ventilation system of the schools with HEPA, rendering the schools safe.

However, California governor Newsom ordered the public schools closed, knowing full well the rich kids, including his own, would get an education in private schools while the public school kids would not. Pseudo-“democrats” like governor Newsom are wealthy and enjoy that their children learn, while the black lives of common animals, which matter, are better left ignorant. California private schools often cost a large fraction (1/3) of the median family income. For Newsom, with his multimillion dollar income from his eleven Getty companies, paying several times the median family income so that his kids go to school, this is nothing: after all, he earned last year 40 times the median family income, or so…

As far as the forests are concerned, the least Newsom could have done, is to draw attention to this dramatic problem, in a major way. He did not. It turns out really a lot can be done, especially where people are living. People do not live in National Forests, but in area and corridors next to these national forests…. And this is where fire penetration is the worse, for example, in the Caldor Fire, along California road 50… 

Also Newsom and company could force the utility company to bury its fire generating power lines, instead of forcing it to spend all its money on a new wind turbines to replace the old ones…. A case of apparent corruption.

Another way to diminish fire danger is to allow grazing… This is actually happening in many Californian national forests… But not where governor Newsom had jurisdiction, proving my point.

A drastic way to reduce cataclysmic fire it to make prescribed fires in winter. Those have been typically blocked by “democrat” cities, and the governor could have condemned them, explaining why those ideas were bad. Instead in the past year, California spent more than $1 billion on emergency fire suppression efforts but, under Newsom’s leadership slashed its prevention budget. And only prevention will work. Also some prescribed fires have been blocked by specifically Californian “ecological” laws, passed by “democrats”… starting multi-year reviews… Where money is wasted in a corruption maze, while the fate of a bird, or snake, is contemplated (when the cataclysmic fire finally happens, both are burned).

This is why for example prescribed fires were blocked in Marin County, which is ready to explode in flames, up to a few months ago.

Newsom had no problem taking unconstitutional actions using “emergency powers” to close the schools, force masks, or directing business towards his immensely wealthy sponsors…

Newsom looks more interested by his multimillion dollar annual income… And his ultra wealthy sponsors are now spending dozen of millions to keep their gravy train in place. Newsom ordered small stores closed, big ones, open: he is an oligarch.

Burning along highway 50, as seen below at Echo Summit, with private properties for thousand of feet on both sides was the governor of California’s responsibility, not the forest service. 

This looks like Mars, but it is actually Sibley Regional Park, in Oakland, California, looking east, enjoying the smoke of the burning state, as the land goes from thickly forested to parched desert…


In a bit more detail, answering a reader: I have written about cleaning the forests, many years ago… Even taking pictures of the dying forests in the Tahoe Basin (which I know thoroughly all around, including the parts presently burning)… and I then predicted giant fires. Newsom did preciously nothing, but for purchasing night vision helicopters (which have just started in action; I was present at a fire stopped by helicopters, three weeks ago).

At this point the situation is so terrible, it is hard to believe. I have some pictures on my site. One can take two hours to go one mile on a trail, so many trees having collapsed. Some methods are readily available: salvaging wood from dead trees, prescribed fires around winter, grazing with cows and goats, and planting anti-fire trees: redwoods and Monterey cypresses, which make rain out of fog, and are nearly impossible to burn. Newsom did nothing. On housing he means well, but he has been ineffective against NIMBYs…


P/S: New York Times allowed a few careful, polite and measured comments of mine about this, telling the truth, and nothing but the truth… They censored others. Some were recommended by many readers: ooopppsss! Superior censors saw this… So then the following appeared everywhere: The comment you are looking for is currently unavailable.

It is proposed, by wise people, and I was the first to do this, to my knowledge, that any act of censorship by any KNOWLEDGE UTILITY (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, all and any newspaper) should be justifiable in a court of law. And a law should be passed enabling any citizen victim of censorship, to sue.

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