Censorship Is Inhuman

Debate is human, shutting it off, inhuman. Wisdom arises from debate… So does truth. Debate is central to the so-called “scientific method”. Even after the genius in her/his remote cave, has reached Enlightenment about a particular subject, said Enlightenment needs to be debated… To become a generally accepted truth. The wise can even learn by debating fools: such is the essence of the Socratic Method… And a lesson from that method is that fools who never debate will never learn anything.

Knowledge companies, mediating data, were launched with government help, and now have become public utilities, the largest companies ever, in the number of clients. And they have grown some more since: to accomplish many operations in the modern world, it is often most convenient, and expected, to have registered with Google, Facebook, etc… With the public utility status come public duties… Meanwhile the Biden government does not bother to hide that the giant tech monopolies are part of its propaganda machine.

All the more as what is conveyed, by these giant public utilities, is supposed to be, in many cases, the truth. An ex-British vice Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is the censorship Czar at Facebook. He helped enact this absurdity, Brexit… and incarnates the power of the Global Deep Plutocracy…

Let me give a personal example. I mentioned on FB facts about the fascist parties in World War Two. Such as the Nazis’ master race theory. I am no Nazi and my entire family fought the Nazis, suffered deaths from it, and was hunted by the Gestapo. (I was personally once bombed by racist right wing extremists, who did not like to be subjected to my argumentative power…) However some “moderators” on Facebook, who apparently knew not know enough WW2 history, or who were themselves permeated by hatred, signaled me for “hate”, and asked for my cancellation. 

Then the de facto public utility company informed me that I was banned for 30 days, for “hate”. I asked for a description of the incidents, got it, and then I wrote back around six pages showing Facebook higher ups in detail that I was just relating historical facts everybody should know, and no messenger should be punished for reminding us of these unfortunate events. FB, the public utility company, then told me that, indeed, they had made a mistake, everybody makes mistakes, they added, they were sorry, and FB rescinded the ban… However, how many have the time and fortitude to write Facebook administrators very strong letters with lots of pertinent details? I know some chaps who were banned from FB for saying things about Islam which are found in officially approved Saudi government translation of the Qur’an… They communicated their anguish to me…

Big Tech companies have been protected by the government: for example, one cannot sue them. They are government tools. So when they censor, it’s the government, their sponsor, censoring. Now the government has two poles, and an extended definition: recently elected officials, and the Deep State which includes galaxies of individuals commuting between the government and the private sector, sometimes in the space of a day… One of them the money job, in private, the other the power job, in public

It would be better if a multidimensional evaluation system was expressed, going all the way to warnings. Even as far as saying that “this is stupid”, “this has been demonstrated to be false”, “this is egregious and dangerous”, etc…. With the appropriate links. I mean the advisories could be very explicit, and should be, the greater the potential danger. 

But no censorship or cancellation. Censorship and cancellation should be avoided, because they cut off the debate, they are the equivalent of shooting to kill. Yes, that has to be done sometimes… But not all the time. 

Instead, debates should be encouraged: various independent agencies created for this purpose, could, and should give absolute truthfulness, potential veracity and potential significance stars to posts… instead of just using censorship. That people in more advanced countries are the most opposed to vaccination is indicative of a lack of debate and the information they lead to. So is the entire “cancellation” culture, which emanates from an entire population of debate assassins…

It is always hard to unmask new truths: the history of science is full of theories which were viewed as crazy at inception, or even subject to the death penalty. However, in due time, sometimes more than two millennia later (as the case of non- and pre- Euclidean geometry), they came to rule minds.

Debating, the specifically human behavior, has to be protected, as the essence of humanity. Censoring and cancellation have to be cancelled.

Patrice Ayme.


Amusingly the essence of what I said above was censored by the New York Times in an article complaining about Brazilian censorship

Jack Nicas on Sept. 9, 2021

Brazil’s President Bans Social Networks From Removing Some Posts
The new rules in Brazil appear to be the first national policy that restricts how tech companies can control their sites, analysts say

President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is temporarily banning social media companies from removing certain content… — one of the most significant steps by a democratically elected leader to control what can be said on the internet.

The new social media rules, issued this week and effective immediately, appear to be the first time a national government has stopped internet companies from taking down content that violates their rules, according to internet law experts and officials at tech companies. And they come at a precarious moment for Brazil.


I have written plenty of articles on Internet Censorship… I became aware of it, two decades ago…


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10 Responses to “Censorship Is Inhuman”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Agree that private-public-media entity is effectively a Utility. Perhaps this could be first step toward creating the “U.S. Dept. of Knowledge” – – the agency you proposed earlier?

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  2. muunyayo Says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


  3. ajeanneinthekitchen Says:

    YES! Very well written. I agree with you. I too have been in FB jail, because like you, I know my history as well. My dad also fought in WWII, at the age of 14, in the Australian Army in North Africa, against Rommel, the desert fox. We need more people like you to stand up and fight, or all will be lost. Good for you! Believe me, I fight and I am very vocal. We need to be.


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