Fundaments Of US Deep State, Fundaments Of Violent Jihadism. 911 Not What It Looked Like.

Fundamentally the 9/11 tragedy was caused by the US Deep State support for violent Fundamentalist Jihadists who were instructed to fight history by the ISI, CIA and SIA, the secret services of Pakistan, US and Saudi Arabia. One can see this in two ways which support each other: who profited from the crime, and the historical facts. Historically, the US Deep State encouraged (at the very least) the ISI to attack the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in the 1970s. On July 3, 1979, Carter signed an order to go on full attack, using “riled up Muslims”… in the words of Brezinsky, Carter’s National Security adviser. In an interview to a French magazine, Brezinsky later claimed that this was done to force the Soviets to intervene in Afghanistan. However, a much sinister explanation is possible… The same explanation for the deepest reason of the invasion of Iraq: that was done, fundamentally, because it took Iraq out of the world oil market, oil is fungible, and thus the price of oil shot up to make fracking inside the USA wildly profitable to Wall Street investors.

Afghanistan is very rich in various rare minerals; France and the USSR arranged to exploit those, with the green light of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The war launched by Carter cynically targeted schools for girls with bombs, and prevented the integration of Afghanistan in the European co-prosperity sphere. One cannot get more vicious than that. Forgetting, or not knowing what the US Deep State did to Afghanistan before 9/11, which was way worse in many ways, is to become an accomplice of it


The US Deep State psycho-engineered the wars the USA got involved with, and this, even before 1914. What is the Deep State? It is the collusion between wealth, think tanks, academe, Big Law, high finance, the military-government complex, deep administration, corporations, media and government.

These pecuniary interests steer the elections and then the official government policies. Extremely wealthy “Philanthropists”, who love mostly themselves, intervene in the electoral system. 

But the facts are forgotten, and often never got to be known. Who knows that the top adviser of (racist) US president Wilson was in the Kaiser’s office, offering an alliance, on June 1, 1914, weeks before German mobilization? It made WW1 possible. Indeed the US business could break through the Netherlands the Franco-British blockade of Germany, bringing in materials which Germany could pursue the war without. 

Who knows what president Carter signed on July 3, 1979 (order of secret intervention in Afghanistan). 

The unexamined life is dangerous, especially for those who are considered canon fodder and are submitted to exploitation by oligarchs. It was obvious that the invasion of Iraq, as explained, was a lie and made no sense. Many people understand this now, finally. However to just say Iraq was attacked because of machismo is itself a cover-up. The truth can be approached by thinking to whom the war profited. The military-industrials, of course, but that, itself, is another coverup. The truth is far more sinister: once Iraq was taken out of the oil equation, fracking became profitable in the USA, making Wall Street and the likes of Halliburton very wealthy… 

Patrice Ayme

Never mind. Unintended consequence of Carter’s 1979 order? The US has been supporting Muslim Fundamentalism of the violent kind for generations before that… It’s an old trick the US Deep State knows well, and that it used to make a pact with the devil. Getting oil and money, and power, and division of the enemies and competitors, in the bargain….

P/S: The allusion to Carter’s launch of the Afghan war was CENSORED by the New York Times, once again, 20 years to the day after 911. A comment I sent that way was dutifully censored by this propaganda paper I subscribe to. NYT wants you to think Trump caused 911.

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