German Fascist Racist Herd Stupidity Excoriated By Nietzsche

German racist fascism of the invasive type, in one concept, Nazism, is the most serious warning of the last few millennia: a most sophisticated people became murderously insane to the point of self-mutilation, torture and assassination on a scale never seen before… All in the name of civilization.

In 1900, the Germans were the most literate population in the world. However, as Nietzsche had pointed out stridently earlier, what they read was the problem. It was a grotesque, unreal mix of racism, superiority complex, militarism, respect for authority, and mental fascism… in an “empire” (“Zweite Reich”) which was growing very fast demographically, industrially, technologically and scientifically (the analogy with Xi’s China is not perfect, as the later is not officially racist, nor growing demographically).

Nietzsche is a much deeper and subtler thinker than, say, Kant. Nietzsche believed that Kant helped boost the nation-state and its would-be universal values, thus ushering enormous conflicts. Attempting to reconcile individual and collective autonomy can only lead to the latter absorbing the former. Nietzsche, if nothing else, was ardently anti-totalitarian.

That Nietzsche in any sense approved of what became two generations later Nazism is an enduring lie and disinformation… Which, interestingly, the crafty racist fascist militaristic German oligarchs were the first to launch: copies of Nietzsche’s book Also Sprach Zarathustra were given to German troops in WW1. 



  1. Among Germans today it is not enough to have spirit: one must arrogate it, one must have the arrogance to have spirit. Perhaps I know the Germans, perhaps I may even tell them some truths. The new Germany represents a large quantum of fitness, both inherited and acquired by training, so that for a time it may expend its accumulated store of strength, even squander it. It is not a high culture that has thus become the master, and even less a delicate taste, a noble “beauty” of the instincts; but more virile virtues than any other country in Europe can show

Much cheerfulness and self-respect, much assurance in social relations and in the reciprocity of duties, much industriousness, much perseverance–and an inherited moderation which needs the spur rather than the brake. I add that here one still obeys without feeling that obedience humiliates. And nobody despises his opponent. One will notice that I wish to be just to the Germans: I do not want to break faith with myself here. I must therefore also state my objections to them. 

One pays heavily for coming to power: power makes stupid. The Germans–once they were called the people of thinkers: do they think at all today? The Germans are now bored with the spirit, the Germans now mistrust the spirit; politics swallows up all serious concern for really spiritual matters. DEUTSCHLAND, DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES–I fear that was the end of German philosophy. 

“Are there any German philosophers? Are there German poets? Are there good German books?” they ask me abroad. I blush; but with the courage which I maintain even in desperate situations I reply: “Well, Bismarck.” Would it be permissible for me to confess what books are read today? Accursed instinct of mediocrity! 


2. What the German spirit might be–who has not had his melancholy ideas about that! But this people has deliberately made itself stupid, for nearly a millennium: nowhere have the two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity, been abused more dissolutely.


Recently even a third has been added–one that alone would be sufficient to dispatch all fine and bold flexibility of the spirit–music, our constipated, constipating German music. How much disgruntled heaviness, lameness, dampness, dressing gown–how much beer there is in the German intelligence! How is it at all possible that young men who dedicate their lives to the most spiritual goals do not feel the first instinct of spirituality, the spirit’s instinct of self-preservation–and drink beer? The alcoholism of young scholars is perhaps no question mark concerning their scholarliness–without spirit one can still be a great scholar— but in every other respect it remains a problem. Where would one not find the gentle degeneration which beer produces in the spirit? Once, in a case that has almost become famous, I put my finger on such a degeneration–the degeneration of our number-one German free spirit, the clever David Strauss, into the author of a beer-bench gospel and “new faith.” It was not for nothing that he had made his vow to the “fair brunette” [dark beer] in verse–loyalty unto death. 


3. I was speaking of the German spirit: it is becoming cruder, it is becoming shallower. Is that enough? At bottom, it is something quite different that alarms me: how German seriousness, German depth, German passion in spiritual matters are declining more and more. The verve has changed, not just the intellectuality. Here and there I come into contact with German universities: what an atmosphere prevails among their scholars, what desolate spirituality– and how contented and lukewarm it has become! It would be a profound misunderstanding if one wanted to adduce German science against me-it would also be proof that one has not read a word I have written. For seventeen years I have never tired of calling attention to the despiritualizing influence of our current science-industry. The hard helotism to which the tremendous range of the sciences condemns every scholar today is a main reason why those with a fuller, richer, profounder disposition no longer find a congenial education and congenial educators. There is nothing of which our culture suffers more than of the superabundance of pretentious jobbers and fragments of humanity; our universities are, against their will, the real hothouses for this kind of withering of the instincts of the spirit. And the whole of Europe already has some idea of this–power politics deceives nobody. Germany is considered more and more as Europe’s flatland. I am still looking for a German with whom I might be able to be serious in my own way–and how much more for one with whom I might be cheerful! Twilight of the Idols: who today would comprehend from what seriousness a philosopher seeks recreation here? Our cheerfulness is what is most incomprehensible about us. 


4. Even a rapid estimate shows that it is not only obvious that German culture is declining but that there is sufficient reason for that. In the end, no one can spend more than he has: that is true of an individual, it is true of a people. If one spends oneself for power, for power politics, for economics, world trade, parliamentarianism, and military interests–if one spends in the direction the quantum of understanding, seriousness, will, and self- overcoming which one represents, then it will be lacking for the other direction. Culture and the state–one should not deceive one-self about this–are antagonists: “Kultur-Staat” is merely a modern idea. One lives off the other, one thrives at the expense of the other. All great ages of culture are ages of political decline: what is great culturally has always been unpolitical, even anti-political. Goethe’s heart opened at the phenomenon of Napoleon–it closed at the “Wars of Liberation.” At the same moment when Germany comes up as a great power, France gains a new importance as a cultural power. Even today much new seriousness, much new passion of the spirit, have migrated to Paris; the question of pessimism, for example, the question of Wagner, and almost all psychological and artistic questions are there weighed incomparably more delicately and thoroughly than in Germany–the Germans are altogether incapable of this kind of seriousness. In the history of European culture the rise of the “Reich” means one thing above all: a displacement of the center of gravity. It is already known everywhere: in what matters most–and that always remains –culture–the Germans are no longer worthy of consideration. One asks: Can you point to even a single spirit who counts from a European point of view, as your Goethe, your Hegel, your Heinrich Heine, your Schopenhauer counted? That there is no longer a single German philosopher–about that there is no end of astonishment. 


5. The entire system of higher education in Germany has lost what matters most: the end as well as the means to the end. That education, that Bildung, is itself an end–and not “the Reich”–and that educators are needed to that end, and not secondary-school teachers and university scholars–that has been forgotten. Educators are needed who have themselves been educated, superior, noble spirits, proved at every moment, proved by words and silence, representing culture which has grown ripe and sweet–not the learned louts whom secondary schools and universities today offer our youth as “higher wet nurses.” Educators are lacking, not counting the most exceptional of exceptions, the very first condition of education: hence the decline of German culture. One of this rarest of exceptions is my venerable friend, Jacob Burckhardt in Basel: it is primarily to him that Basel owes its pre-eminence in humaneness. What the “higher schools” in Germany really achieve is a brutal training, designed to prepare huge numbers of young men, with as little loss of time as possible, to become usable, abusable, in government service. “Higher education” and huge numbers–that is a contradiction to start with. All higher education belongs only to the exception: one must be privileged to have a right to so high a privilege. All great, all beautiful things can never be common property: pulchrum est paucorum hominum. What contributes to the decline of German culture? That “higher education” is no longer a privilege–the democratism of Bildung, which has become “common”–too common. Let it not be forgotten that military privileges really compel an all-too-great attendance in the higher schools, and thus their downfall. In present-day Germany no one is any longer free to give his children a noble education: our “higher schools” are all set up for the most ambiguous mediocrity, with their teachers, curricula, and teaching aims. And everywhere an indecent haste prevails, as if something would be lost if the young man of twenty-three were not yet “finished,” or if he did not yet know the answer to the “main question”: which calling? A higher kind of human being, if I may say so, does not like “callings,” precisely because he knows himself to be called. He has time, he takes time, he does not even think of “finishing”: at thirty one is, in the sense of high culture, a beginner, a child. Our overcrowded secondary schools, our overworked, stupefied secondary-school teachers, are a scandal: for one to defend such conditions, as the professors at Heidelberg did recently, there may perhaps be causes–reasons there are none. 


6. I put forward at once–lest I break with my style, which is affirmative and deals with contradiction and criticism only as a means, only involuntarily–the three tasks for which educators are required. One must learn to see, one must learn to think, one must learn to speak and write: the goal in all three is a noble culture. Learning to see–accustoming the eye to calmness, to patience, to letting things come up to it; postponing judgment, learning to go around and grasp each individual case from all sides. That is the first preliminary schooling for spirituality: not to react at once to a stimulus, but to gain control of all the inhibiting, excluding instincts. Learning to see, as I understand it, is almost what, unphilosophically speaking, is called a strong will: the essential feature is precisely not to “will”–to be able to suspend decision.

All unspirituality, all vulgar commonness, depend on the inability to resist a stimulus: one must react, one follows every impulse. In many cases, such a compulsion is already pathology, decline, a symptom of exhaustion–almost everything that unphilosophical crudity designates with the word “vice” is merely this physiological inability not to react.

A practical application of having learned to see: as a learner, one will have become altogether slow, mistrustful, recalcitrant. One will let strange, new things of every kind come up to oneself, inspecting them with hostile calm and withdrawing one’s hand. To have all doors standing open, to lie servilely on one’s stomach before every little fact, always to be prepared for the leap of putting oneself into the place of, or of plunging into, others and other things–in short, the famous modern “objectivity”–is bad taste, is ignoble par excellence. 


7. Learning to think: in our schools one no longer has any idea of this. Even in the universities, even among the real scholars of philosophy, logic as a theory, as a practice, as a craft, is beginning to die out. One need only read German books: there is no longer the remotest recollection that thinking requires a technique, a teaching curriculum, a will to mastery–that thinking wants to be learned like dancing, as a kind of dancing. Who among Germans still knows from experience the delicate shudder which light feet in spiritual matters send into every muscle? The stiff clumsiness of the spiritual gesture, the bungling hand at grasping–that is German to such a degree that abroad one mistakes it for the German character as such.

The German has no fingers for nuances. That the Germans have been able to stand their philosophers at all, especially that most deformed concept-cripple of all time, the great Kant, provides not a bad notion of German grace. For one cannot subtract dancing in every form from a noble education–to be able to dance with one’s feet, with concepts, with words: need I still add that one must be able to dance with the pen too–that one must learn to write? But at this point I should become completely enigmatic for German readers. 


Denying the intellectual and mental fascism which led to Nazism from a collective madness is indispensable to those who claim no such a thing is possible, so that they can best enjoy it again (and we see plutocrats, claiming to be “philanthropists”, many not even residing in the state, ever, spending enormous amounts of money so that their corrupt creature can stay governor of California). This is particularly acute with the rise of coders, the persons presently programing our existence. An example is: Godwin’s Law: Code For Holocaust Denial…. programmers love it: it fosters contempt for inquiring in what exactly happened to Germany which led to the Holocaust. More on this later…

Patrice Ayme

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19 Responses to “German Fascist Racist Herd Stupidity Excoriated By Nietzsche”

  1. benign Says:

    And what of the American spirit?

    Born in happy opportunism but with a crystalline awareness of the tyranny being thrown off & *written down* like a Torah at least for the ruling class to self-govern by, but gradually spreading downwards …

    Attracting many to the fruited plains, drawn by the idea and the opportunities of more freedom than where they came from, willing to work and to win wars they thought were for the preservation of their way of life …

    And in the final battle, the prize prisoner of Satanic global capitalist evildoers, the one most likely to resist … but with many infected by the spirit of Marxist reductionism (and TDS, of course), their minds weakened by creeping socialistic dogma and pathetic public educations …

    Will the latter-day Americans recapture the spirit of rebellion and throw off the the new Fascism, coming at the tip of a needle?

    The rest is History, yet to be determined.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      All good and excellent points, Benign….
      But if we rebel, we are called “Trumpists”.
      In my area, when I propose medium or low income solutions, I am ignored by the multi million dollar homes “democrats” in power…
      They finally authorized low income housing… squeezed along the train lines below the 18 (eighteen) lane freeway… As far as possible from public transportation… No parking of course: walk you little people…

      Notice Nietzsche was worse than ignored: he was weaponized to help those he excoriated…

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  2. benign Says:

    Read this thread for how red and blue states differ, especially in how they treat the working class


  3. benign Says:

    this one


  4. Thorsten Krüger ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ Says:

    How is it that you can think of making a valid assessment of what you consider “German Fascist Racist Herd Stupidity” contextually? Considering that the “Deutsches Kaiserreich” (2nd Reich) which you’re basically painting in black existed prior to either Political Movement (Italian Fascism & National Socialism) as well that Friedrich Nietzsche passed away in 1900 prior to both WWI & later WWII.

    Yes, Friedrich Nietzsche was an opponent of German (Democratic) Nationalism akin to that supported by the likes of Immanuel Kant but make no mistake he was a staunch supporter of the Mid-Late 19th Century Romantic German Nationalist (Pan-German Völkisch) movement. e.g. German Spirit not German Nationalism was important to him, The very same Völkisch movement emphasized by the likes of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn & Ernst Moritz Arndt.

    Hence, that is the core of where his difference of opinion lay upon.

    The quickly Rising Flames of the Prussian led Kaiserreich as a Super-Power is what worried him, not the Kaiserreich nor Prussian Authoritarianism in itself! Do not forget that the Deutsches Kaiserreich was the pre-cursor to the contemporary German Nation which stands severed & shackled to American/Western vassalage today as the B.R.D., the D.K.R. was responsible for uniting all the German states outside of Austria into a single Nation!

    Italian Fascism & the N.S.D.A.P. which are separate movements with differing views came much later a response to the decline of the great Central European Empires Post WWI (Kaiserreich und Kaisertum). To seek anew via inter-class collaboration & in-group exclusivity within deeply troubled societies. (Germany, Austria, Italy, etc.)

    Lastly you paint the article in light of the mainstream “establishment” enforced interpretation of “Nordicism” using the “Racist” angle (i.e. Blonde + Blue Eyed = Good Brunette & Otherwise = Bad) which is nonsense & also out of context, Nordicism was simply the Danish led (Scandinavian) reaction to Central European Pan-German movements.

    The Truth is not how Hollywood/MSM & rest of the populous interprets it as. Certainly hot what is taught in schools within the West & Europe.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Thorsten for this interesting, challenging and well-thought comment! Your comments will go straight trough without “moderation” from now on.

      Now your comment is going to require a thorough answer, and in my body of work (millions of words…), the answers are all there already… I am very far from Germanophobe, BTW, Germanophile would be more like it… I had an aunt who was the daughter of no less than Von Moltke, the #1 WW1 detonator… She married my uncle, a top French astronomer and dedicated communist… Their marriage was life long.

      In 1870, Nietzsche enrolled in the Prussian army, as a nurse. He was frontline and observant. One thing he could have observed is orders given to exert reprisals on civilians if Prussian troops perceived they were shot upon… The same performance was repeated in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945… The culture of atrocities observed it could get away with them… Until 1944, when a prominent Wehrmacht general was tried and executed by the Americans in Italy, for assassinating US prisoners, above his subordinates strident objections, distinctly throwing a cold shower upon the entire Wehrmacht and Nazi leadership.

      This was just an element of answer.
      The French, British and US military NEVER officially endorsed reprisals on innocent civilians (although they could fight like demons on the battlefield, and it was not easy to surrender, as even the SS officers complained during Operation Market Garden and similar actions in Italy…)


  5. Thorsten Krüger ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ Says:

    Thank you for taking time to make a reply however, you must forgive me if I suspend my belief that you’re an indirect relative of “Helmuth von Moltke”.

    I mean no disrespect; I am simply naturally skeptical. As well I don’t have Marxists among my relatives either & I am very happy to state the validity of that truth.

    As for Civilian reprisals, I do not believe under normal circumstances that such should be warranted, many men enrolled into the “Deutsches Heer” did not expect the outcome of such extreme violence, often returning home with mental scars, back then there was no such word for this syndrome, today many refer to it as PTSD. I don’t deny that mistakes were many in any past German conflict however make no mistake that I do not believe Americans, English or French were better behaved than my own people in this regard. Friedrich Nietzsche was just one of many who had to compartmentalize this experience, the times were very different both men & women were also very different.

    Also, I do not mean to come across heavy handed, but it was the Americans along with the English who Firebombed German cities in particular Hamburg, where my family are originally from. There have been passed to me many tales which still chill my blood, I am aware the current generations cannot be held accountable for the actions of their forefathers, as we also retaliated against their cities (it was war, war engages not on terms of civil peace time) but a part of my soul will never forgive the Americans & English for that.

    Everyone talks about what we Germans did to everyone else no one talks about what the Americans, English & Russians did to us, many of which was unspeakable, which is important that people do not shy away from shedding light upon it.

    When Germany surrendered in 1945, many soldiers thought they were finally going home, when the Americans detained the lot of them, they were promptly stripped of their rank & medals, disarmed then lined against a wall & mowed down via gunfire unceremoniously, many of these soldiers were young men (18-25 years old), who were terrified in their last horrible moments of life.

    Meanwhile American/Western Mainstream Media depicts German soldiers as” cold, heartless, ruthless, instruments of evil” in reality many of the worst actions made in that war would make the hardest German soldier look back & weep for his befallen brothers.

    As for the Soviets, my wife’s Grandmother was a very young woman when she fled her home Königsberg (Present day Kalinin Oblast, RU) on foot as did many other Germans, in the middle of winter with little preparations made for survival, she like many other Prussians in particular to German women (of any age group) even young girls had to flee for their lives for fear of being brutally raped & murdered in their sleep as that is what the Red Army was very much guilty of on a massive scale yet seldom held accountable for.

    Yes, whilst the Wehrmacht & SS Administration made critical mistakes in that war make no mistake, they are still heroes who fought for the Fatherland! My own family fought for their homeland & the belief of a unified German dominion as did my wife’s family even more strongly so, after the war our families fled because they no longer recognized the Fatherland (it broke their hearts but not their constitution) & our way of seeing love for it was defined as “Evil”.

    As well note that the Allies are far from the saints & “liberators” they are depicted as, Preussen no longer exists nor does Schlesien let alone any former heritage corridor of the Fatherland which was since ethnically cleansed of Germans & partitioned to other groups (Slavic), no thanks to the Allies.

    Similar Anti-German purges (enacted by Slavic Communist Partisans) followed suit in Austria, Northern Italy & France, Ethnic Germans outside of Germany (Volksdeutsche) were purged & women regardless of their Nationality who had relationships with German soldiers were hunted down, raped, beaten to death, defecated & urinated upon only to be hung from trees in their defiled state with signs reading “Nazi Bitch” hanging from them.

    Many German men who fought on the front-lines who then returned looking for their betrothed found this gut wrenching & heartbreaking sight.

    Both World Wars were deliberately engineered to result in the defeat of the German Spirit, something Friedrich Nietzsche in his own words expressed “Der Krieg ist ein Winterschlaf der Kultur “, that very much so would have very much set against either war had he been alive.

    In closing the Fatherland was officially severed by the Americans & Russians which formed two halves between a jagged scar, whilst those halves are now physically rejoined the spiritual mindset of East & West (Ossies & Wessies) still plays a dynamic within present day Germany, a division which never needed to happen at all.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am right now in Palo Alto (are you going to suspend belief about that too?). The relationship was through marriage, I am not claiming to be genetically related. It’s a bit tiring to confess something personal and people come around, expressing their disbelief. I actually had a pretty interesting life, and I am sharing some of its elements. Why do I do this? Because us philosophers do not just learn in books, but in looking inside ourselves.

      I understand than in these times, lying is supposed to be second nature all over the Internet and institutions… But really I am not interested not just in engaging in its, but in engaging people who think I am lying… 😉

      My uncle, Daniel Challonge, founded several major astronomical research institution, one of them, the Observatoire de Haute Provence, discovered the first exo-planet… He was PF… But I would certainly not call him a “Marxist”… He was a supreme mind, and not at all rigid. I totally despise rigid Marxists, but he was not one of them, of course. Not too many PCF intellectuals were… Especially when scientists…


      • Thorsten Krüger ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ Says:

        Skepticism does not infer one is accusing another of lying, it simply means one does not take everything at face value.

        Better safe than sorry.

        Not intending to chaff you but whether it is true or not is pretty irrelevant to me, nor where your physical body is at this precise moment. I did not ask you to regale your personal familial escapades in the Astronomy sector nor loose Communist Party affiliations.

        Especially considering the topic of your blog-post & nature of my comment(s) it is yet another tangent. As well I don’t consider myself a philosopher the title is not something I am worthy at assigning upon myself.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You talk about YOUR on “people”, and then again you put in doubt something very simple:EXPLICIT, E X P L I C I T ORDERS were given to KILL CIVILINANS IN REPRISALS… And that was something specifically Prussian and the second and third “Reich”…

      I am not saying the Franco-Anglo-US were always nice. Far from it. But SPECIFIC ORDERS were not given. EVER.
      After French General JUIN broke through the Hitler Line across Italy, his army of veteran French and African soldiers pierced by 50 kilometers… Juin’s soldiery took some liberties with some Italian civilians… The Americans were upset and approached LUIN, whom they called “Hannibal”… Juin replied that next time the Italians would think twice before going fascist and attacking the French Republic. A bit of roughing up was as deserved, after his men risked lives and limbs so much (the AH line had held all too many months…)


      • Thorsten Krüger ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ Says:

        My people correct, & relatives, I am not Prussian by blood myself, but I do have relatives via marriage who are the last dwindling remnant of that particular group, I also recognize that Prussians lost their homeland & never received closure for the atrocities committed upon them by the Allied forces.

        You seem pretty adamant to frame Prussians as if they’re an existential threat “Racist Bogeymen” when in reality they’re are technically non-existent, one would be hard pressed to bump into one on the street considering that Prussia does not exist anymore, outside of Prussians who fled only to have interbred with other Europeans or the very Elderly ones today who long for a home they cannot ever return to.

        “After French General JUIN broke through the Hitler Line across Italy, his army of veteran French and African soldiers pierced by 50 kilometers…”

        You don’t say? Your example was entirely tangential to my comment above, I was not aware French Africans constituted as an indigenous Patriotic European fighting force…

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        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The Franco-Africans pierced the Adolf Hitler line (which was renamed before it got pierced). Some committed what the US generals saw as all too relaxed intercourse with the Natives… as punishment.
          Juin wanted to rush into Austria, which he could have done, but the US command withdrew some divisons form his command, refused fuel, ammunitions… That would have finished the war a year early… But Roosevelt wanted to give half of Europe to STALIN… Roosevelt wanted also to occupy France so the French getting into Austria first was not the plan (the French did get in Austria first, but a year later…)

          Ah, my father, an Algerian, was in that army, and was in combat more than once… Not to say we were not more or less expelled later…


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Prussia is a long story, starting with the Teutonic Knights… and it’s not finished, because the mentality which made Prussia all it could be in the 18C was at least half coming from plutocratic circles in England… As I said, had England and its bank not financed Frederik II, he would have lost his war and the history of the world would have been very different… with France keeping control, under a different civilizational model, of half of North America…

          So yes there is no Prussia in Europe now, or Prussians… But they are alive and well in the USA… And it is deeper than something having to do with Germany… Actually, famously the Warburgs, US-Germans to plutocrats, bankers.. and Jews… supported AH… That thesis already made a scandal in the 1930s… And was, and is, ferociously repressed…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My thesis, elaborated in many extensive essays, is that the US manipulated Germany into WW1 and WW2… But that was the old Germans’ idiocy to fall into that trap and play the role of Indians… Killing other Indians, other Europeans…
      Nietzsche saw much of it coming… But he missed the US angle…

      However, the UK was the financing engine of Prussia, against Austria and France… Absent that support, 18C Prussian racism would not have been able to grow and multiply as it did… So there is a long history of the Anglosphere financing racism and fascism in the Germanosphere. Nietzsche used to insist he was a Pole… He would have loved to say he was a Jewish Pole…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You say:
      “Yes, whilst the Wehrmacht & SS Administration made critical mistakes in that war make no mistake, they are still heroes who fought for the Fatherland! My own family fought for their homeland & the belief of a unified German dominion as did my wife’s family even more strongly so, after the war our families fled because they no longer recognized the Fatherland (it broke their hearts but not their constitution) & our way of seeing love for it was defined as “Evil”.”

      Well, I don’t agree. Technically I am a US and European citizen… HOWEVER… When the Vaterland goes crazy, or simply wrong, I am certainly going to fight AGAINST it. Such is my duty. This is what Kanzler Willy Brand did in Norway. He was no traitor. The traitors to civilization are those who fought for Hitler. As Marshall Model, long a total Hitler fanatic, committed suicide in the Ruhr pocket, which he commanded, in April 1945, he explained to his subordinates his suicide: “I have fought for a criminal!” However belated in Model, that was the correct attitude…

      The forceful expansion and unification of Germany under Prussian fascist racism started when Karl Marx (which hated it) was a youth in the Rheinland… It was not necessarily a good thing.
      I think that whatever befell Germany in WW2 it deserved, at the time and in the mentality it had achieved… Not like Austria-Hungary which may have been wrongly demised in 1919… The latter was a multinational state.

      I have been highly critical of the Chinese dictatorship… HOWEVER some extremely recent development, including yesterday, revealed to me that the US is going off the deep end there…

      The US commerce secretary, a woman named Gina, declared the US, with the help of Europe, has to “slow down the Chinese innovation rate”… In other words: let’s have another world war, can’t go wrong…


      • Thorsten Krüger ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ Says:

        “I think that whatever befell Germany in WW2 it deserved, at the time and in the mentality it had achieved…”

        That is all I needed to hear, so by your very blatantly expressed rhetoric I am a traitor. I have my own critique of A.H, but it is not for those desperate to add more insult to injury, the German Reich has been demonized enough.

        Austria-Hungary would have only worked if the duality was strictly German & Magyar, whereas it was not, the lesser Balkan Slavs were/are problematic ultimately, would always stir conflict.

        You don’t have to agree, nor do I, I make no redactions to my previous statements, & no apologies for my stance.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          It seems to me that Hitler brought the death of at least ten million Germans (13% of the population). More than 5 millions in the armed forces alone. In 1937, as I documented somewhere else, the OKW planned the execution of the Nazi leadership. Later Halder, after chief of staff Beck was short circuited, would meet with Hitler, carrying a loaded gun to shoot the dictator in the face (Hitler carried body armor). However, the time was never quite right, because they needed the coup to go smoothly.

          However, the main, little known problem, is that the US was mostly siding with Hitler. The US Deep State informed Hitler his generals were plotting against him. So then the OKW was in a bind: which side were the US on? It never came to their mind that the US was into divide and conquer…

          Some will make an analogy with Rome and Greece, around 200-150 BCE, but it doesn’t float for two reasons:
          1) The US is a descendant regime of France and England, the latter itself created by France (1066, etc.). Rome was NOT created by Greece, only influenced.
          2) At the time of Roman intervention, Greece was harassed, attacked, besieged terrorized by Philippe V of Macedonia… who had been at it since before his alliance with Hannibal.

          The US encouraged German fasco-racism in the hope of getting the Philippe they needed… The US arose from the barbarous centuries, when horrors which would have made most Nazis cringe, happened…

          Surely the mutilation and devastation of Germany and much of Europe was an act of treason. It’s not klar what a mongrel Adolf was, who was not even capable of demonstrating that he was not a Jew hating Jew, by his own perverse subhuman standards (his maternal grandfather was probably Jewish)… Many top Nazi (for example Frank) said this. It used to be a joke among top Nazis that, if one looked like Himmler or Goebbels, one should not despise those apparently not belonging to the superior race…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That there atrocities against Germans (in the general sense), countless of them 100% innocent during WW2 and thereafter, is undeniable. But that’s no surprise: “Qui seme le vent recolte la tempete” as the French say (who sow the wind reaps the storm). I personally knew a couple of them some gigantic East Prussians, friends of mine… Their son, also a giant blonde, and friend of mine, Joerg, does high tech, lives in Palo Alto and married a very bright dark skinned Indian woman…


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