Insults Short-circuit Logic; Sometimes As Needed.

Insults do not not a reasoning make. Yet a reasoning can be insulting, and insults can be fully deserved. Not only that: insults can be indispensable. Insults can be life saving. Insults can be factual. Say one has six words and three seconds to depict Nazis. As many had, in the 1930s, from irresponsible interlocutors. What would be better than: “Nazis are idiotic insane mass murderers”? Insulting, but factual.

When “experts” plaster themselves all over the TV, and all possible media, after making millions, and killing millions, insults are the most immediate remedy. One sees politicians come over the TV, they say they are for progress, the wealthiest just gave them 100 million dollars. Everybody knows it, and, at least in California, call that “progress”. And that cannot be analyzed. A woman passes by me in a forest, ten feet away, because I went into the bushes to let her pass, and she says: “You are spreading the disease!” Because, far from the closest car, or from anybody else, I was not wearing a mask. After she insulted me, going away, it was my right, nay, my duty to tell it to her as it was, in a few words, all the time I had.

Sometimes one needs to jump on people’s abusive, deleterious, vicious, exploitative, cruel, torturous and demented reasonings. Insult comes from insilire “leap at or upon,” from in + salire “to leap” (see the adjective salient).

Why should we not jump on many of our so-called “experts”? Reality check: in some countries very few people died of COVID. Some of these countries were proximal to the source of the pandemic: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan (even China)… They had different experts giving different advice… from the wonderfully arrogant and incompetent “experts” (at self-enrichment, presumably) most of the “West” profited from (actually, they are the ones, these experts, who profited).

The USA leads in the number of people officially dead from COVID. Per capita, the leading democracies are not far behind… Does that mean, is it another indicator, that these “democracies” are not that “democratic”?

Then after the life saving insults, should come indictments.

This is the case with COVID. Many experts expertly caused the death of millions, with perverse advice (for example closing public schools for children, masks)… And people still admire them, and obey them.

Cuomo at some point apparently hid another 12,000 COVID deaths he arguably caused by refusing to use the hospital ship Mercy…. and sending COVID patients to nursing homes. In Europe, they kept planes coming from Wuhan… When the PRC had fully locked up Wuhan and Hubei…

However, a ray of hope:

I am very self-satisfied: I am an expert doctor, a health minister and thanks to my idiotic, arrogant, ill-informed decisions, hundreds of thousands will die soon, life could not be better: the power….

France’s former health minister Agnes Buzyn, depicted above, has been charged over her handling of the COVID-19 crisis after investigators at a special court in Paris concluded there were grounds to prosecute her.

Buzyn has been charged with “endangering the lives of others”, the prosecutor of the Republic’s Court of Justice said on Friday, but not for a second possible offence of “failure to stop a disaster”… Although of course, she is culprit of the second charge: the judges are blatantly corrupt, or conveniently incapable of thinking. After Trump blocked flights, and in particular tourists, from China, Buzyn did not advise, let alone order to do the same. The first COVID cases in France were all Chinese tourists… And that was known in January 2020, well before Buzyn resignation… She resigned because she already knew she belonged in prison…


One Response to “Insults Short-circuit Logic; Sometimes As Needed.”

  1. Ambiallet Says:

    She should get the failure to stop a disaster charge Judges in France have an agenda de gauche


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