Any Power Which Can Kill Hundreds Of Millions In A Few Minutes Is Great. Out With Greed And Grab US Mentality.


There are theories about Great Powers. First of them the so-called “imperial overstretch”… taught to my eleven year daughter at school… Many seem to equate greatness and military power. 

But it is more complicated than that: the Netherlands was not a great military power in the Seventeenth Century: it had defeated Spain, yes, but that was mainly because all Spanish armies attacking the Netherlands found themselves in turn attacked by the mighty French army. Later, the Netherlands conquered England, but that had much to do with internal English politics and France refusing to intervene. Meanwhile enormous Dutch fleets spanned the world, but that was due to concentrating. 

On the way the Dutch captain Abel Tasman saw what became known as Tasmania. 

In the brazen AUKUS alliance affair, where Australia UK, and US announced a nuclear proliferation alliance, joining insult to injury, the US side insisted that France, besides not speaking English, was not a great power. Why is France not a great power, whereas Australia presumably is? Like the US, Australia massacred the Natives, and now owns a continent. Is that it? Kill the Natives, rob a continent, and then call your self great?

Tasmanian. Portrait made around 1830. Tasmanians were killed to the last, thanks to the usual plutocratic trick called “liberalism”, “free enterprise”, Billionaires and the like, ruling.

And when does the tremendous influence of, say, Israel, sit? Israel gave rise to the religions of Abraham: Judaism, Christianism, Islamism. It should count towards conferring some greatness to Israel.   

A French expedition showed up in Tasmania. Just as in Canada 250 years later, the idea was to establish friendly trade with the Natives. To show their good intentions, and that they had nothing to hide, the French sailors bathed in the nude, showing they carried no weapons: the French were following the teaching of Rousseau’s, the doctrine of the “Bon Sauvage“. At the time everybody, even the young queen, was reading master thinker Rousseau, who seemed to be attributing the Dark Side of humanity to civilization itself (whereas Christianism attributed it to the original sin, and I attribute it to an ecological protection mechanism) 

But the Natives ambushed them while bathing. Great Britain showed instead the correct way to deal with savages: Tasmanians were killed to the last. In the Tasmanian colony’s early decades, “extermination” and “extirpation” were words and concepts used by the English colonists to describe their strategy relative to the Natives whom they called “blacks”. Most of the Aboriginal people of Tasmania’s north west were methodically hunted down and killed by the Van Diemen’s Land Company VDLC, in hunting expeditions. Liberalism at its best, Locke style. Aboriginal Tasmanian languages were completely annihilated. As English colonists were in the habit of using Tasmanian women, often mass-kidnapped, there are a few thousand people of partial Tasmanian descent left today. The original population of Tasmania may have been as high as 100,000 (Tasmania, being more temperate, is more productive than mainland Australia).

To claim France is not a great power, coming from its descendants, is parricide… And a self-contradiction.



Powers are like person: they may have a descendance. A power with a great descendance is greater than one with no descendance. Descendance, in the matter of powers can involve ideology, or outright successor state status. Consider Israel again… or then Arabia, which is great, in great part because Islam is great. Rome is even greater than the Roman state, because it invented Christianism, a famous superstition, but also Roman law, and hundreds of other ways of being Roman faithfully replicated to this day, all the way to Beijing.

Successor status can be a complex matter, as when the US succeeded the 13 British colonies. 

In the case of France, the Imperium Francorum, was the one and only successor state of Rome in the West, as recognized by Constantinople. It then grew to create all of Europe… Scandinavia and Russia grew in part from Christianism, a religion the Franks used as a way to conquer minds by making them feel bad about their previous gods…

Is France great? France in the sense of the state founded by the Franks, is just as great as Europe… Because the Franks founded Europe. As simple as that. This enraging fact is carefully omitted from the Anglospheric version of history… which prefer to insinuate that Britain is a direct successor state of Rome. In truth, England was created into what became its present version by the French [1]… And much English, and then US law is actually directly derived from France, and its Lex Salica and revisions in the 13th century by Saint Louis and company…  

Why doesn’t France realize it is not great anymore? The question is all over the plutocrats-owned Anglosphere media. English speaking plutocrats know the answer: any power not in complete obedience to the great Anglosphere plutocracy is not great, and should be made smaller. To make sure of it, France has to be destroyed as a great power. France is the most prominent center of considerable military-industrial expertise in Europe, thus potentially independent. Give an inch to France, say the plutocrats, and next thing you know, we have to pay taxes i, say, Europe.

These are childish ways of thinking, from children with very bad education. But remember: a complete obsessive idiot such as Adolf Hitler could become leader of the most literate country, Germany, after it became insane. If it happened to Germany it could happen, say, to the Anglosphere.



Any power which can kill a few dozens of millions in a few minutes, using its own means, should be viewed as a great power [2]. France and the USA have this capacity in the West. Britain doesn’t, in the technical sense that its submarines, the only British deterrent, use… French electronics and sonar.

So the argument that French nuclear submarine technology is not as advanced as US, or a fortiori, UK, nuclear sub tech is a blatant lie. Actually, the British attack nuclear submarines, the Astute class, with their French electronics and sonar, are view as overall equivalent to the US nuclear attack submarines, the Virginia class… Except that the  Astute is much cheaper than the expensive three billion dollar Virginia.

The US and UK subs use highly dangerous weapon grade uranium (HEU) nuclear fuel, made in the USA. France instead developed non-proliferating Low Enrichment Uranium (LEU) propulsion. As does China. Ultimately all HEU subs will have to change technology and go to LEU.

If the USA were smart and deep, not just greedy and war mongering, they would ask the French to institute the change from HEU to LEU. 

The US is trying to torpedo the French advanced indigenous military capability, its only competitor in the West, using a combination of humiliation and pressure on other countries to force them to not buy French weapons. This is not because France is not a great power, but precisely the opposite, because France is too much of a great power and the US views France as its competitor. The risk is not that France is not a great power, or obsessed by her rank.

The problem the planet is having is the exact opposite: there are too many great nuclear powers in an increasingly small world. Even fools should be able to see that.

All and any country can be all arrogant now, but one single strategic ballistic submarine as France and the US have independently built and operate, is potentially capable of killing hundreds of millions of people.

The cause of US belligerency relative to France is simple: the US has relentlessly expanded at the cost of France in the last century. And the job is not done yet: France still controls more ocean than the US, around 11 million square kilometers. By trying to grab French ocean, the US validates Xi’s power grab in the South China sea… But, as I have explained, the US Deep State knows one thing in its deep subconscious: by causing more wars, the US has always won in the end. So weakening France beckons. But the French don’t get it: France just killed Al Saharawi, the Sahel’s top terrorist, who used to drive around with captured US weapons. Al Saharawi ‘s greatest feat had been to ambush US soldiers, causing their greatest loss of life, limb and honor since Mogadishu.

What makes a power greater, ultimately, then, is often its mentality. The Anglosphere eradicated the Natives in America and Australia. Was that great? Or is founding a civilization greater? The Franks outlawed European slave trading in 657 CE, more than 13 centuries ago: that was really great. And this is why, the Anglosphere thinkers will tell you, it should not be known. Nor should it be emphasized that Europe mostly evolved as, or from, the Imperium Francorum, for a millennium, after the fall of the Roman state from an aggravated state of delirious plutocracy.



In recent “California” elections, non-resident multibillionaires claiming to be pro-democracy, spend regularly millions of dollars… And the elections go with the money, thanks to cognitive barrages of devious and biased information all over all the media… Making the population stupid and corrupt is never how to make a power great. Instead it leads to mass hypocrisy to the point of inefficiency. The Californian homeless crisis, by far the worst in the US, with the most squalid camps in the world, is caused mostly by the fact that Californian “democratic” voters stridently talk progressive, to better act in a more regressive way than Trump. Actually Berkeley, universally viewed as a center of progressivism, invented (in 1916) apartheid real estate zoning… They don’t call it that way.. In 2021, Berkeley lost in the California Supreme Court, in its attempt to keep on going with apartheid… Under the pretext of protecting Indian artefacts… More hypocritical than that would probably cause instant death.

Central to a superior mentality, at least for a civilization, is being frank. Not by accident, that was the name of the Franks. Only by being frank were they able to redress the mental failures of the Roman state. That was attempted as early at the Battle of the Frigidus, in 394 CE. Yes the Frankish general Arbogast lost that battle and his life… But his successors won, a century later. 

If nobody fights the good fight, nobody will win it. 

The mentality of greed and grab which has brought the USA into existence has been great for the US. But it has no future for the planet distinct from Armageddon. The US Deep State should not assume that it is not in deep need of a correction… and that it cannot come from the mentality of its parental figure, France. 

Patrice Ayme


[1] Normand Dux (Roman military chief of a province) and his allies the French barons, in 1066 CE. All were in theory under the authority of the French monarch, “emperor in his own kingdom”, as West Francia did not want to be bothered anymore by the rest of the “Roman empire”, as it had been unable to solve the Viking problem and led to various conflicts.  

Thus the allies of the Normandy Dux were submitted to it only during the military campaign of conquest of England (which lasted more than a year)… But after that they, and their descendants, considering themselves basically equal to the new king and his descendants, ended up asking for a strong Parliament, and later a magna carta…


[2] The French subs carry 16 M45 or M51 missiles with six to ten TN 75 150kt thermonuclear warheads. One such missile can eliminate any city on earth, by direct explosions in a special pattern and the ensuing firestorm.  How many warheads does a Trident missile carry? The British Trident IIs are reported to carry an average of three 100-kiloton warheads each, while the U.S. missiles are variously reported as carrying four, six, eight, or even more 475-kiloton warheads. There again one can see the “British” weapon is actually a US purchase…  

French strategic nuclear submarine firing of a French M51 missile. Range around 8,000 kilometers, ten thermonuclear warheads with penetration aids…

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