Hot Dog God

God As A Dog In The Sky
Only god could know that god does not exist. But if god knows this, there is no god, and if she does not know that, she is no god either…

Perhaps the most important fact shown by the history of science is that people can believe in the most foolish things for the longest time, for no good reason whatsoever, except mental inertia or otherwise falling victim to the idle boredom minds cannot tolerate. We are most deluded creatures, deliberately so. But that’s OK, imagination should come first, and it makes our minds expand beyond anything: transhumanism, always going beyond humanism, is the definition of the genus Homo, the genius of the genus.

Error is most fruitful, and everywhere, and is more than recommended, as long as it is accompanied by error correction… Overall and ultimately.

That, too, the history of science shows abundantly.

Modern science shows that immense complexity can give astounding answers: little somethings somewhere can give tremendous effects of a completely different nature, somewhere else. We don’t necessarily have the god(s) causing spectacular miracles: science and complexities can enact miracles.

We simply do not need superstition to believe in miracles anymore…We can literally have effects at a distance we can’t even know about until a potentially very distant future… (Nonlocal effects in Quantum Mechanics.)

The science of anthropology shows the weirdest, most injurious beliefs have existed forever. In all societies, at all times. This is too systemic to be accidental.

A closer examination of history shows that this is no accident. Superstitious religions are follies that bind, precisely because they enabled to mass-kill, mass-injure, or mass-terrorize multitudes. Most of the known 400+ superstitious religions have gravely injured multitudes at one point or another, they are generally how oligarchies rule… through the minds.
But, some will object, is not there any virtue in organized religions? Of course there is, like there is virtue in the whiteness in the Arctic Bear’s coat, Ursus Martitimus.

Superstitious religions are watchdogs keeping souls in line… to better serve the masters as politely as needed to optimize their earthly repose.

Now, of course, all too secular religions such as nationalism, tribalism, gangsterism achieve the same sort of ganging up effects, and are also united by crime, if no other rituals…

All of these are example of mental, or intellectual, when not outright political fascism, which all appeal to the same satisfying feeling of doing much with a restricted instruction set… So, instead of attacking directly the faith into follies that bind, one should rather attack the meta-logy behind them. For example the fact so may people make a virtue of not been “distracted” by the tangential, where the details, and thus the devil, are to be found.

Wisdom lays in the tangential, off the thoroughly beaten common paths…

Patrice Ayme

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16 Responses to “Hot Dog God”

  1. Jasen Christensen Says:

    Every organized religion in the world can be wrong, and there would still be a possibility of a creator being. Creation is a phenomenon that exists. Humans and other animals can manipulate the materials in their environment to give form and function that did not exist before. To say there cannot be a creator is just relying on blind faith 😁


  2. Phil Horn Says:

    Atheism isn’t peaceful. Look at communism and fascism. Both atheist at their core.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Whereas the Inquisition was peaceful? And Jihad a guaranteed slumber? Not all atheism is fascist. Nor is atheism agnosticism, and cretinophobia aggressive… Just one case: the Inquisition killed all Cathars, 5 millions of them…


  3. Joseph Lech Says:

    I am a Christian. I am also tolerant of people of other religions as well as irreligous people. Why belittle people because you disagree with their religious or irreligous beliefs?


  4. Erik Says:

    atheists and religionists are like adolescents who know nothing, but think they know everything


  5. Mark Monroe Says:

    Mark Monroe
    Agree 💯


  6. Vani Michaels Df Says:

    Atheism itself is a religion. But somehow atheists the world over have convinced themselves that they are “religionless”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Atheism, like theism, is a superstition. However, it is less ridiculous a superstition than believing that a masochistic god nailed Himself on a cross, to make a whining show, and then making us believe that He was saving us, by being unable to save Itself.


  7. Ian Miller Says:

    If there is a god, god knows god does exist. Come come, Patrice, logic!


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Christianism was created by Roman fascism to justify its plutocracy with a devil in heavens, playing god, ordering people to kill their children, promising torture to death as redemption


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