Why The “Greens” Have Been Fake, So Far. In One Graph

The youngest member of the German Parliament is 23. A “Green”. She is studying in college to become the under-assistant of some theater for children (Jungen Schauspielhaus Hamburg Haus-Regieassistentin). Could she understand the graph below? Probably not. This is the most important graph, it shows our “green” policies in the last 50 years have been erroneous, a fraud and… masquerade. Yes, masquerade. What do the plutocrats who own our world intend to achieve by giving powers to the ignorant? Just the same as they would giving nominal powers to babies.

Yes, we went from 6% LOW CARBON PRIMARY ENERGY PRODUCTION, to 16%, WORLDWIDE, in 50 years..

Strange world… The first rise is attributable to the ramp-up in nuclear and major dams. Now, it turns out that major dams present serious ecological problems, even when used as batteries (filling them up at night with base energy, that is, nuclear energy). In any case, dams are limited… Although one could build elevated artificial lagoons next to off shore wind farms.

So we are going to be led by someone who is just a young comedian. Who else could be better qualified for kabuki style politics we presently enjoy? Maybe my dog should be candidate to leadership. The very idea of having a few leading others without us being able to show to them how stupid and ill-informed they are, is corrupt. But that corruption is precisely their motivation. One may as well reproach vultures to be into decaying corpses. Before I dig further into the corruption of the world leadership and its little aspirant dictators, let me roll out the graph: I had been incapable of finding it in a timely manner for the major essay, ANTI-NUCLEAR ECOLOGY IS FAKE Ecology.

Reason why I could not find that graph, although I knew it existed? Such a graph is deliberately buried under a morass of irrelevant and misleading graphs… A plot, or simply a public so conditioned to ask the wrong and insignificant questions, that what is most significant gets most buried? Probably both… There are companies the business of which is to move around the ranking of search results, in either directions…

Today I saw an idiotic young woman running in 90 degree heat, with a gator on her face, a sort of scarf demonstrated to transmit COVID five times more than no mask… Miles from roads, and there was nobody around, aside from me, also for miles. I will not point out that she was a blonde, probably with “Black Lives Matter” on her multi-million dollars lawn… That blonde is probably studying nothing… That qualifies her for Congress. But even medical doctors are affected by the nonsense: the US has by far the highest COVID death toll, propelled by so-called “experts”, some of whom likely financed the “Gain Of Function” at the Wuhan lab, because Obama had decreed they could not do in the good old USA… And still they pontificate, more mighty than ever [1]. 

This is not the first time that a so-called and self-described “left” or “progressives” go maniacally insane: contemplate Mussolini’s “socialists”, Hitler’s “national-socialists”, Stalin’s “Communists”… Or closer to us McCarthyism… which did not pretend to be left, right, but pretended to save the US way of life, when, actually, it was doing the opposite…

Fleeing from reality, common sense, but fighting COVID 24/7, miles from the closest human… With a gigantic scarf/mask hanging all over her face and chest…

No humans around? Let’s wear a mask!

Speaking of kabuki, the relatively new Japanese Premier observed that he had not been as competent as it should have been fighting COVID, in the last few months. Admitting his failure, he resigned. It would be nice to see the same in the rest of the West… And the so-called “experts” in command of various institutions should be the first, and other government than France should criminally prosecute their health ministers for completely erroneous orders, causing mass deaths…

Patrice Ayme


[1] It is amazing that the country with the worst COVID was the same which financed, and mostly elaborated the vaccines… However, on second look, the very fact that NIH financed GOF at Wuhan Virology Institute fits in that scheme: risk taking (plus a zest of greed). Trump, who financed no less than 20 vaccines worldwide (while France or Germany or Italy or Spain, or Japan, financed none, strictly NO vaccine, at least none coming in a timely manner…) is a notorious risk taker. And BioNTech (a couple of Germans of Turkish origin), Astra Zeneca led by a Frenchman, financed by Johnson and Trump, leveraged research at Oxford from women biologists… And Moderna, led by another Frenchman... Looks like the French have to flee…

Of course Russia and China also produced effective vaccines in a timely manner… Indicating they know also how to take smart risks… Trump used to ask whether Biden was sleeping… Don’t know about Biden, but clearly, Europe is sleeping.

Meanwhile China has started the construction of a small nuclear reactor, a type that passively stop if anything goes wrong: Europe threatened to develop these, more than 30 years ago already, but never did: too many fake ecologists crawling around. The new small nuclear reactor will power more than half a million homes on the island of Hainan. Maybe Europe could buy some? Also the Italian space agency, confronted with the failure of the Italian-European Arianespace launcher Vega C, has scrambled and the always helpful SpaceX offered them an immediate launch for their latest bus sized satellite: falling asleep has consequences…

The second COSMO SkyMed Second Generation satellite (CSG-2) was planned to be launched with VEGA-C within 2021, but the launcher development has been impacted by the VV15 and VV17 failures and, above all, by the COVID pandemic. … it was not possible to have a European backup solution compliant with the CSG-2 schedule, thus an alternative solution with the US provider SPACE X has been adopted allowing to keep the CSG-2 launch within the current year.”

Italian Space Agency (ASI) – September 2021

And for those who wonder what this has to do with the initial subject: the strategy of developing “renewables” instead of nuclear, or both… Is a European strategy, and it is sleeping at the wheel while the biosphere is crashing…. Biden seems determined to adopt it… which makes sense as the US is the number one fossil fuel producer in the world, and that anti-nuclear, pro-renewable strategy is a fake-out. When renewables will have triumphed at not having that much of an impact, the US will be delighted to roll out their nuclear arsenal for the European nightmare…

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