Scary European Energy Cost Rise… From Fake Green Policies

The crazy energy policies of Europe are finally bringing the penury they carefully prepared… A Scary Energy Winter Is Coming. Don’t Blame the Greens… dissembles the New York Times. Indeed as I pointed out, many times, fake greenery is leading us into a very scary situation. Strategically erroneous so-called “green” policies, led by European and Californian “green” lobbyists, are leading the world into a fossil fuel abyss. India is running out of coal, its main energy source. India competes against buyers such as China, the world’s largest coal consumer, which is under pressure to ramp up coal imports amidst a severe power crunch.

Including nuclear, the world  went from 6% LOW CARBON PRIMARY ENERGY PRODUCTION, to 16%, in 50 years. And energy is only 72% of CO2 emissions. “Green” has been a joke narrated by stealthy fossil fuel advocates.  

Renewables without energy storage is a Trojan Horse for fossil fuels, including “natural gas”. Indeed what happens when the wind stops, the sun does not shine and the dams are empty? As the heating of the planet proceeds, the winds will shift north, bringing drought. No more wind, no more dams…

One has to develop storage. Electric motors and generators compete for the same rare materials: batteries are not feasible for mass storage. What’s left? Hydrogen. “Green” hydrogen generated from solar and wind. Hydrogen can use existing natural gas infrastructure. That was done in France for decades… 

Then, of course, to replace fossil fuels for base load, new technology safe nuclear reactors.

We have to go hydrogen and nuclear. 

Hard logic? The fundamental enemy of progress and understanding, let alone empathy, is simplemindedness. It doesn’t matter where it comes from.

The world is often propelled by Machiavellianism: crafty ones force some issues in such a way that the opposite effects are, in the end, obtained. 

In this light one may ponder Biden’s decision to give tons of Weapon Grade Uranium to Australia in the guise of submarines. HEU to Australia helps Iran and other would-be nuclear weapons states…

Europe, slave to Putin & coal, and US, nukes for all?

Technically the crisis is due to Europe making itself dependent upon world Liquid Natural Gas carried by ships. This LNG is disingenuously viewed as a “transition fuel”, whereas it is just a fossil fuel. And EUROPE CANNOT AFFORD IT ANYMORE, due to increased demand by Russia and especially, CHINA. So LNG addicted Europe is running out of gas. The Fossil Fuel Lobby Is Turning Fake Green Into Real Green, as in the color of the US Dollar… With the Complicity Of The Self-Described “Greens”

My comment above was published by the NYT, and brought a fierce debate… Most readers detesting what I wrote, of course, because they are electric sheep programmed by Google. Smilodon7 from Missouri came out of its prehistoric cave and snarled ignorantly that:

I have yet to hear of any nuclear technology that couldn’t have a melt down if enough things went wrong.  That and the waste problem would have to be solved first.  Nuclear waste is NOT green and ignoring it does not make it go away.

William Starr, from Nashua, New Hampshire correctly replied that: “Nuclear waste? Put. It. In. A. Hole. In. The. Ground.” My answer:

@Smilodon7: You should read more. Present nuclear tech was made to produce Plutonium, for bombs. Energy was secondary. The grotesque catastrophe at Fukushima resulted in no less than three nuclear meltdowns…. From the resultant loss of reactor core cooling brought by incredibly bad management… Yes, three nuclear meltdowns, three hydrogen explosions, and the release of radioactive contamination in Units 1, 2 and 3 between 12 and 15 March 2004. Still, no one died. Better an exploding Fukushima than a functioning refinery….

The Thorium reactor cycle solves the waste problem: its radioactive waste pollution lifespan is 1% (one percent) of the present U235 nuclear energy…. 

China is turning on the first Thorium reactor since 1959. With the aim of converting all their coal boilers to Thorium, if the tech works commercially.

We have a CO2 calamity and catastrophe of unparalleled proportions in 65 million years. Civilian nuclear energy in the West killed basically no one (even Fukushima’s spectacular disaster)… whereas fossil fuels kill a minimum of ten million humans a year, besides entire eco systems dying right now. In California, Giant Sequoias (Sequoia Giganticus) are threatened with immediate annihilation, more than 25% already died in the last 14 months alone… Apocalyptic fires in California show clearly that the anti-nuclear lobby works for the fossil fuels industry and its allies on Wall Street.


Alan Stanley from New South Wales Australia got completely confused: @Patrice Ayme Australian scientists found 20k sites on the east coast suitable for pumped hydro capable of supporting the entire Australian energy grid in partnership with variable green power sources. The USA probably has more capacity in the Rockies. And Europe in the French central massif and the Alps further east. So are we building cheap reservoirs with pumps and generators? Of course not, there  is more money to be made in big expensive batteries or bigger expensive nuclear plants. The governments and billionaires need to get on with building cheap stuff that works instead of promoting expensive stuff that stores up trouble for your grandchildren.

The poor Alan Stanley confused the existing small dams, 20,000 of them, with future dreamland.

An other Australian, Reuben, disagreed with Mr. Stanley:

@Alan Stanley “Australian scientists” are ideologically deluded, should it be true what you say: i.e., it is reasonable enough for some scientists to propose that it might be possible for “20k sites on the east coast” of Australia to be developed for “hydro capable of supporting the entire Australian energy grid in partnership with [other renewables]”; but any reasonable scientist should be willing to also acknowledge that is an extremely far-fetched claim, and therefore for “Australian scientists” to be truly scientific, it should be challenged by other scientists, to test the degree of plausibility. Reading between the lines of your comment, it seems unlikely that the claim has been challenged; and instead it has been accepted as dogmatic truth or gospel: that is, yes, Australia can go “green”, and primarily with hydro. Thus to be consistent with your comment, “Australian scientists” must think like a flock of sheep. The leading sheep, who presumably is the Prime Minister and/or Treasurer of Australia, has proposed spending a large amount of taxpayer money on hydro, and “Australian scientists” have followed his lead, and declared that yes, that is the way to go. Such behavior is inconsistent with scientific discipline.

@Alan Stanley: In California dams are so dry, they cannot be used as batteries as they were in the past. There is literally no more water. 

In France the 58 nuclear reactors’ operation have been often slowed down by low river flow, or even completely stopped. France is building “mico-centrales” everywhere, mini dams, with horrendous ecological consequences. Indeed, to give power, water has to be dropped, and that is done inside tubes. So nature is completely deprived of water, and all species which need water disappear. 

Moreover, as I said, the desertic belt is going towards the poles, so hydro is a myth. In equatorial regions dams created devastation, and turn into methane producing engines, as their fluctuation periodically blossom and rot CH4 producing vegetation… defeating the purpose for having them in the first place…

Hydro is fully tapped out. 20K dams in Australia? Those are small dams. They already exist. failure of small dams less than 15m high caused 88% of dam fatalities… Nuclear doesn’t kill, but dams do.


Meanwhile John D., “Out West”, discovered the distant past, when there was rain, calling it the future:

@Reuben: Alan Stanley was referring to pumped hydro storage (paired with renewables). Look it up. It’s a massive storage form of infrastructure. They’re big projects, but once in place, a game changer.

My answer:

@John D. Pumper hydro storage worked in California when there was water and several nuclear plants. Now, though, there is no more rain, no more water in the dams… And just ONE nuclear plant, Diablo Canyon… Diablo Canyon two reactors provide the state with 9% of its electricity and 23% of its low carbon energy! 

Hypocritical and secretly pro-fossil fuel Californian powers that be, plan to close the last nuclear plant. 

Meanwhile the Biden administration enabled California to go over the limits in producing electricity from fossil fuels (until November 2021). So we now have fossil fuel electric cars… The present governor, Newsom, made his fortune from the Gettys, once the world’s wealthiest family… from Getty oil, based in...

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7 Responses to “Scary European Energy Cost Rise… From Fake Green Policies”

  1. kathw Says:

    PA: Excellent, as usual. I’ve been in nuclear energy camp forever – – esp. given the benefits of Thorium reactors.,to%20air%2C%20it%20quickly%20cools%20and%20turns%20solid.

    Excerpt: “…This is because instead of solid fuel rods, thorium is dissolved in molten salt that is flowed through the reactor at high temperature. In this form the liquid salt acts as a coolant and there is no need for high-pressure water cooling systems, and if there is an accident and the fuel is exposed to air, it quickly cools and turns solid. Compared to a conventional nuclear reactor that can quickly cloud vast areas in radioactive material, this significantly limits the potential contamination of the surrounding environment.”

    Given the cooling issues magnified by drought, U.S. should be building Thorium plants as part of infrastructure budget. China sees the light, but U.S. continues its deepening atavism when it comes to nuclear power.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Kathleen!
      And thanks for the excerpt!
      Yes the high temperature molten salts, in case of trouble, everything else having failed, will rise in temperature, melt a plug, and flow to an empty cavity below where they solidify…

      China intends to become an expert at these salts using the sort of methods SpaceX also uses. It is easy to make a tiny Th-U233 reactor… To make biggish ones, commercially competitive, is something else…
      The result is that Europe And America will end up seeing the world conquered by Chinese small reactors (they are building one in Hainan), and Thorium reactors…

      In these areas, thanks China….


  2. Gmax Says:

    Very interesting indeed. The greens should be running out of fumes. Earth needs nuclear. The mask craze has a lot in common with the antinuclear madness. Greta Thunberg opposes nuclear. She calls it xtremely dangerous… Stupid child


  3. Gmax Says:

    Very interesting indeed. The greens should be running out of fumes. Earth needs nuclear. The mask craze has a lot in common with the antinuclear madness. Greta Thunberg opposes nuclear. She calls it xtremely dangerous… Stupid child


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    Pumped storage seems bizarre to me. Either you have hydro dams already. If you do, and you have a surplus of energy from somewhere else, turn off the hydro dam. That is the cheapest form of storage. If you don’t have enough water to warrant a working hydro dam you don’t have enough for pumped storage.

    My vote for base loading is molten salt reactors because you burn most of your waste and get the most energy out of your uranium or thorium. The standard reactor was designed NOT to get the most energy, but to get the most bomb-making material, and a large amount of the uranium is not burned.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Pumped storage was used very successfully by California, following France, for decades in the past. But then two things happened: California closed its nuclear plants… One has to understand the Getty family is an oil family, and its pawn, Newsom, a very wealthy pawn financed by Getty, is the present “democratic” governor of California…. Newsom is so intense, I nearly stayed at one of his giant hotels by accident last weekend, in Squaw Valley…(now renamed “Palisades”, because all squaws have been killed, presumably…)

      So no more nuclear… Nuclear produced power at 2am, full blast, and the water could be pumped up. Now stupid solar dies down when demands peaks, drawing the dams down… But, silly of me, the sub-tropical belt is going north, so the winds are dying, and are not what they used to be… And the westerlies having gone north, the rains did the same, so the dams are dry…

      France is more north, and has more seas and mountains, so the dams there still work, and in spite of the efforts of the mental retard eco-criminals, only one French nuclear plant has been closed (58 are still on line). So dam storage is still operating there. Mostly it shows up as a slight tide, no big deal… [to be continued/…]


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The G4IF, known as the GIF, formed in 2004 is a global research nuclear program… It had 13 founding countries, including US and EU… The heavy weights are France, Japan, US, with 80% of the budget…
      They have been developing the conceptology of 4 promising types of nuclear power…
      An idea is to go smaller, and with 100% safety from completely passive systems… Another idea is to rise the temperatures from the present 330C in PWR up to 1000C to augment the efficiency…
      And then of course there is Thorium… Thorium is not fissile, but fertile… And Thorium can be mixed with the present fuels (U238-235, Pu 239…)

      Both you and me know that the “Second Generation” reactors were designed, like the first generation, to make bombs… But Greta the Mentally Challenged does not know this, and does her best to kill millions, with the help of her friendly plutocrats….


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