HUMANITY IS A SINGULARITY. There Is Nobody Else. We Are The Only Masters Of Truth

Masters Of Truth Few In Milky Way.

We humans are masters of truth. 

Plutocrats are not, but then, by definition, are not truly human. 

The cult of Satan goes only that far. It lives a lie, that pain overrules all. Humanity will go much further. 

Prehistorically speaking, children need parents primordially. But, as adults, prehistoric people needed truth more than friends. This is how we humans became truth machines.

If there are masters, somewhere else in the galaxy,

They are also Masters of Truth, Wealth And Taste.

But they did not visit, so it’s only us,

And we have just one shot at it.

This is it.

So let’s not talk falsely now.


Where is everybody? … Said Enrico Fermi (Nobel for the neutron), seventy years ago, while considering the heavens and their lack of space alien civilizations. Since then the mystery, called the “Fermi Paradox” has thickened. Indeed many, if not most, single stars seem to have planets (however I think this is not clear for close binary systems, like Alpha and Beta Centauri [1]) .

    1) The same biological selection mechanism forcing the supreme species to become truth machines, would have occurred with any species which gave birth to civilizations In other words any civilization is supremely intelligent. Mussels don’t a civilization make.

Civilization will tend to expand through the galaxy, because ecological exhaustion threatens any biological system, lest expansion is hard wired into its reality. Expanding in the galaxy would make a civilization successful forever. However: 

  • 2) A civilization somewhere in the Milky Way would have spread:

Our giant galaxy is more than 10 billion years old. Let’s suppose a civilization had evolved somewhere in it. Let’s also suppose that all the technology we could deploy soon enough is all there is. Let’s not even suppose that a civilization could use antimatter propulsion… Although we could anticipate to have it some day soon (it consists into storing enough anti matter, and then slowly adding it to normal matter to obtain gigantic amount of energy).

But let’s assume that this civilization has nuclear propulsion…that can deliver a huge amount of power as the US NOVA project demonstrated… half a century ago. Nuclear propulsion should enable speed of the order of Earth to the Moon in one hour… For arbitrarily large vessels. 

So let’s say c/1000 is achievable. The galaxy is 100,000 light years across… So a civilization starting at one extremity could get to the opposite in 100 million years.

  • 3) But Life evolved on Earth:

Another fact to ponder is that life evolved on Earth in a slow and very progressive fashion: there is no indication whatsoever of outside interference. Many species which turned into blind alleys are still found here and there, demonstrating that Earth was an in-house biological experiment; there is no need for transgalactic panspermia (although Earth life may have started on Mars) [2].

      4) Thus that there was no tinkering with terrestrial life, seems to imply, in first approximation, that there was, and probably there is, no other civilization in the entire galaxy. 

Granted, some civilization could have evolved somewhere in the last fifty million years and expanded at a snail pace, and we don’t know about it. But the probability of that is .5% (half a percent; just divide!)

To evolve its own life, endogenous life, sustainably, a planet needs to be big enough to have water… However, not so big that it is only an ocean

Some may object that civilization could well self-destruct on Earth before we expand among the stars. Well, a civilization which cannot expand beyond its home world will probably self-destruct, one way or another, so is it really a civilization? Is a destroyed creature still a creature?


Some will think of the “Prime Directive” of Star Trek: do not mess up with existing civilizations. Right. But the “Prime Directive” is not about primitive life forms.  Besides, Star Trek violates the Prime Directive all the time (interfering with the Borg, “Q”, etc.). 

So my point is this: few planets are as “goldilocks”, everything great and hospitable to life as Earth. If a civilization had expanded, it would have spotted Earth, and found it irresistible. To believe it would not have sojourned, and instead respectfully just withdraw away for three billion years and the apparition of the first sponges after a few bouts of great oxidations and snowball Earth… stretches credibility. Remember the putative extrasolar civilization would be extremely intelligent and into wealth and taste. It would not have passed Earth over. 

But it did.

So it does not exist [3].


Seriously: we took only 10,000 years between the first cities and expanding beyond the home world. In other words, 


We are singular in more ways than one.

We all need to meditate on what it means.

It means we have a single chance.

As it is, the singularity in consumption of various basic elements and features is a complete explosion at the geological time scale. We are peaking in our usage of fossil fuels, phosphates, countless metals, even… Uranium. We are also causing a mass extinction. I, yours truly, even claim the oxygen density is compromised (from combusting permafrost… while killing the seas with carbonic acid…).

We can do this, and we are doing it.

But we have to do it well.

That means we have to use the occasion, the occasion of the present singularity, to develop enough advanced science to become a multi-planet species.

This is why I am not criticizing the world’s wealthiest engineer, Elon Musk (I used to criticize him, more than a decade ago, when I thought he aimed too low technologically… He obviously changed that, by developing several advanced technologies that nearly nobody thought could be done…) 

More well financed technological adventuring is the solution… Torpedoing promising technologies is not. 

That real ecologists ask for perfect nuclear power is perfect. So am I, a real ecologist, so I ask for ecological perfection in nuclear matters. And it can be done.

Paradoxically, because it was not asked, it was not done. 

The fake ecologists, by shooting down nuclear, instead of calling to improve it, have made the Anthropocene’s ecological crisis much worse.

That ill-educated individuals earn respect by speaking about physics they can’t even imagine is contemptible,

But when, like Greta Thurnberg, powerful celebrities friendly with the most powerful, strike moral poses, while helping kill millions, with the fossil fuels they implicitly foster, they disrupt our singularity nefariously. We have to call nasty monkeys as they are, and so we do.   

We have had a singularity. With the help of the emerging science of the Quantum Computer, everything, and foremost our understanding of everything, is going to change much faster imminently. 

The singularity is upon us ever more.

We have to adapt to this singular ambiance.

Thus what, personally? It is high time for us to personally become more singular. 

Question Authority. Start with Identity and Identification.

You are what you are. Remember they cannot tell you who you are.

And that means how to debate. People like to debate, because people are, genetically, truth machines. Debate is how one can progress in understanding… Even if the debate is only with oneself… Real censorship kills the will to debate first. De-bate, beating thoroughly, is what we do with the universe… But out of beating the egg white comes a completely different geometrical and chemical structure, the meringue. So it is as we beat the universe completely: we create new structures… We better understand that, to create better structures… Some (nuns, Buddhists, despondent ecologists and their ilk) will suggest to do nothing. But doing nothing is still doing something… as long as one is not just feeding the worms…

Patrice Ayme


[1] 11 astronomical units, that is eleven times the Earth-Sun distance separate at their closest the two sun like stars Alpha and Beta Centauri (at their furthest, they are 33 AUs away, the closest distance of Pluto.). 11 AUs is the distance from the Sun to Saturn. But Beta Centauri is 10,000 times (very roughly) the mass of Saturn. Thus its disturbance would be 10,000 times greater, and it is imaginable that the putative planetary orbits would be 10,000 times less stable…. In other words the orbits would have to be, at the very least, in resonance. The existence of planets in close binaries needs investigation… Proxima Centauri, which is much further out, has at least two planets… 


[2] In “2001, A Space Odyssey” an extrasolar civilization messes up with primate evolution, creating humans. We know enough to know that this did not happen. However, intelligence did accelerate human evolution. Terrestrial intelligence: humanity’s own human intelligence self-selected for ever more human intelligence… No need for little green men… And yes, waging war successfully requires greater smarts…


[3] Mathematicians love this sort of reasoning, “ad absurdum“.

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4 Responses to “HUMANITY IS A SINGULARITY. There Is Nobody Else. We Are The Only Masters Of Truth”

  1. Warren Whitlock Says:

    Warren Whitlock
    Oct 14 2021
    Replying to Tyranosopher
    When I read “singularity is upon us”, I think or the book by Ray Kurzweil.

    Personally, I’d like to work with a machine that is smarter than me.

    I don’t want them to tell who I am. I got it.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Intelligence is very multi-dimensional. It is often smart to be… stupid… because we learn through errors. Right we could program AI that way. But we also will need to program for… wrong emotions (to be corrected later).
      I would also like machines more clever than me in some ways. In a sense already got them…


  2. Don Kemerling Says:

    Don Kemerling
    Refusing to debate is cowardice.


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