Capital Letter Racism: “Black” Versus “white”

Many US media systematically write “Black”, in contrast to “white”. Notice the capital with “Black”, the absence thereof with “white”. Two new systemic racist categories have appeared recently in the US media: “Asian” and “brown”. Of course most US “Blacks” are actually brown (as they tend to have some European ancestry). So do they deserve a capital letter, or not? Respect, or scorn? Identity or zilch?

The very fact US “Blacks” are actually brown, leads to schizophrenic analysis of what it means to be a US citizen… Kamala Harris for example descends from a slave and her owner. That’s typical. US citizens with partial Native American ancestry often descend from mass murdering white rapists and their victims. Or maybe not. In conjunction with identity politics, and the insistence that everybody has a single identity, the spirit of the times then produce individuals with fractured identities, hating themselves and thus others. 

The US has had a common story enforced by the strange glue of the humiliations it visited on minorities, and all those who deviated from the norms in power. And there were many of those, precisely. As the humiliations are themselves humiliated, a major common glue is dissolving.

The religion of sport teams is thus gaining in importance. So has Trump hatred, especially now that the Obama cult has revealed itself reduced to brown skin and little else besides. All those not subscribing to the various fake glues of the left feel somewhat humiliated, accused of racism, conspiracy, a coup, worshipping an orange maniacal magnate, being anti-science. Those shared humiliations may become a new glue which will lead Biden’s opponents to victory. 

Good old Nietzsche has an answer to everything…

Never wound bears you have to live with. Identity politics leads to a well deserved, thus ineluctable,  apocalypse.


[The preceding comment to an article of David Brooks was censored by the New York Times.]

I am not making this capital letter racism up. A little humiliation visited on non-“Black” readers everyday, whch is supposed to fool “Black” readers too. The NYT also does it. Here is a typical article of the PC media of “Black” versus “white”: 

Studies show that white people drive anti-Asian hate. So why are the ‘solutions’ targeting brown people?

…much of white America sleeps better at night knowing the lawless Black criminal narrative is thriving.

These people don’t want you thinking about how anti-Asian and anti-Black sentiments have shaped this country, or that it was our former white nationalist in chief, Donald Trump, who reignited them for the pandemic era. And forget the research by Wong and others showing that most known perpetrators of hate crimes, including those targeting Asian Americans, are white. Just keep sharing the handful of brutal viral videos depicting Black assailants. Never mind that brown neighborhoods are more likely to be under video surveillance…

Facts and context will just screw up a perfectly good lie — that the systems that created this problem are the ones to fix it….

Here in the oh-so-progressive Bay Area, this research gets ignored while traditional power structures push “solutions” that help them thrive: more policing in brown neighborhoods, not white ones, and a return to a “tough-on-crime” ’90s mindset that will jump-start the mass incarceration of Black and brown people in the 21st century.

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