Colin Powell In Memoriam Of What Not To Do

Much admired top general and invasive Secretary of State Colin Powell just died of COVID at age 84…

Some of the departed evoke the need for good riddance of some behaviors. 

Integrity is a word often mentioned in connection with four star general Colin Powell. Born in New York to “colored” US immigrants, Powell rose to chief of staff of the Pentagon and Reagan national Security adviser, supervising thus the invasion of Panama and the attack on the Iraqi army occupying Koweit.

Koweit is an Emirate which occupies most of the Meopotamian waterfront (when one occupies an occupier, is one occupying?) The US, through its ambassador, did a bait and switch on Koweit, telling Saddam Hussein first that he could do whatever it wanted, and then turning around and acting all scandalized… Hussein had been used earlier as an attack dog against Iran, with US, British, French and German support… Hussein should have taken more lessons in backstabbing by studying what happened with many fascist regimes, once supported by the West….

Powell was a Black Life who mattered in the blackest way.He helped cover up the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, when a village and its inhabitants were destroyed for no reason. Only decades later Powell admitted it was a mistake. 

Powell never once spoke out against his own participation in Iran-Contra exchange of weapons for the Iranian Islamist state (illegel), using the money to pay for a civil war in Nicaragua… under order of Reagan, with the complicity of an Arkansas airstrip overviewed by Bill Clinton… the world of plutocracy is small…

Powell deserves eternal shame for presenting obviously bogus chemical and biological warfare research trucks cartoons at the United Nations, to try to justify a war of aggression against Iraq. Few believe the ridiculous cartoons, but Powell, Bush and company proceeded nevertheless, a crime against humanity. He admitted his error years later, when everybody had come to realize what he had done….. 

In February 2003 the then Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a presentation before the United Nations showing a computer generated view of what the Iraqi biological laboratories looked like. Powel claimed that Iraq had as many as 18 mobile facilities for making anthrax and botulinum toxin. “They can produce enough dry, biological agents in a single month to kill thousands upon thousands of people.” It was all sheer invention.Following the invasion of Iraq two trailers were found and initially described as the alleged mobile labs by the Bush administration and its servile media. However:

Iraqi mobile labs nothing to do with germ warfare, report finds

Powell’s ridiculous lying cartoons presented at the United Nations by Powell to try to justify invading Iraq. France threatened to veto an explicit war authorization, so the US went to war because of the drawing above… By alleging the presence of biological weapons of mass destruction. As UN inspectors on the ground knew there were no such biological research building, Powell asserted the research and production was made in 18 trucks as those above…

The Pentagon produced a secret report in 2003 entitled Final Technical Engineering Exploitation Report on Iraqi Suspected Biological Weapons-Associated Trailers that found that the trailers were impractical for biological agent production and almost certainly designed and built for the generation of hydrogen. It had become obvious to Britain earlier, and hit the media there four months after the invasion.  

Nice and otherwise great people can do dastardly things. That does not excuse them, nor should it make common folks admire them… 

Even and especially when the dastardly deed is a crime against humanity and motivated by increasing the price of oil… to make US fracking profitable… That well well have been the main motivation to invade Iraq, something not noticed by the gullible and easily railroaded… In any case, increasing the price of oil durably, to roughly double what it is now, was the durable consequence of the invasion of Iraq, and gave birth to the entire fracking industry in the US… making the US the world’s most important fossil fuel producer.  

People have to learn to raise their moral standards. Yes, Powell’s skin was brown. But that should not make him a good person, and an object of admiration… Quite the opposite. Powell’s policies were massive excrements onto the world, a brown diarrhea of greed. There is the possibility that it is not just his smart lack of probity which led to his beautiful career, but also that the very color of his skin, brown, so admired, and his origins, so modest, were actually instrumentalized, a cover-up. If it is the brown guy who orders it, the white masters behind the policy hide in heavens, above the white clouds…

Flushing the excrement of the plutocracy onto the planet to make frackers, their financiers and their ilk so wealthy they can buy the world, and thus make for good press for their servant boys, is one more example of corruption for history to laugh at…..

Patrice Ayme

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2 Responses to “Colin Powell In Memoriam Of What Not To Do”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    A UN weapons inspector informed us that it was impossible for Saddam to have such weapons that would work. Had there been previous ones that were hidden, by not being maintained they would have been past their use-by date. While anthrax spores last 50 years easily, the dispersants would have turned to a toffee-like material. Yes, Saddam might have had the odd hidden nuisance, but only to himself.

    The image above is almost laughable. A schoolboy should be able to make up something more believable


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Several UN inspectors informed Saddam had no nukes, and no biologicals indeed… So did the head UN inspector, in writing and depositions, many times, to the US and the UN. Mr. Scott Ritter is also a US citizen…
      Amusingly, Saddam had used chemicals in his war against Iran (mandated by France, US, UK, Germany, etc…)… But thanks to Western help, much of it German… Meanwhile French pilots flew missions against super gigantic hard to sink or burn tankers… Up to the largest more than half a million tons…


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