Duchess of Cambridge Propagandizes Drug Addiction, Plutocracy. Versus Chinese Policy…

Duchess of Cambridge: says Addiction is not a choice and none of us is immune… Looking at her, one can see why…

Why did she say something that stupid? Besides the obvious hint that she is not “immune” herself?

Because Cambridge Duchess knows the establishment made it so that drugs are readily available for a substantial portion of the population? Just to know the Anglosphere addiction context here, Barack Obama admitted he was using cocaine in his memoirs… Then he got elected president, presumably because it’s so incredibly “cool” to be led by a drug addict. This election of the addict in chief happened in a country where having a rock cocaine pipe in one’s pocket… without any drug in it, or on one’s person, can send a low life to prison forever (I know a personal case, as related somewhere else in my writings in ZZZZ… XXXX got the guy out, thanks to intervention by eminently YYYY… [1])   . Drugs are another dimension of the class wars. In a way, Cambridge is propagandizing for them, that’s the bait. Then, after the low lives have swallowed the bait… they can be arrested. Meanwhile Cambridge can be on meth all day long, she looks like it, and she will be OK, she may even be elected to something even more honorable…

Chris Snuggs correctly commented:

Duchess of Cambridge: Addiction is not a choice and none of us is immune.”

Sorry, but that is BS.

Unless mentally ill or forcibly coerced in some way, humans have free will. 

Everyone knows what addiction is and how to avoid it.

If people get addicted they have chosen to do so.

I avoid drug addiction by not taking drugs, including nicotine.

I avoid alcoholism by drinking in moderation. George Best did the opposite, even when he got a new liver.

Many people ARE immune because they CHOOSE not to do something that will probably lead to addiction. 

The princess is simply making excuses for people with no self-discipline. It is the pathetic modern trend to remove blame from individuals for ANYTHING. Obesity is for the vast majority not a disease, but a combination of greed, lack of self-discipline and a lack of respect for both oneself and for others. 

“I’m a drug-addict, but it’s not my fault.” As I said, BS.

She’s a lovely lass, but it serves nobody to avoid the truth. I would like her to have said: “I want to help people out of the mess they’ve got themselves info.”


Whenever one of the celebrities who aspire to govern our minds or, more exactly those of their voters, taxpayers and clients, express themselves with an apparently simple discourse, one has to go meta and find out how they really are influencing people… Indeed when people express themselves they do not just convey a digital discourse, a set of words in a few sentences, supposed to program us… More importantly, celebrities convey emotion(s). And those emotions are more important than the simple direct discourses, because emotions program us more deeply

The powers that be, the oligarchs who pay, employ, finance, and mold the politicians, want first of all make our emotions fully synchronous with their demented rule. They want to turn us into bleating sheeple, as the Roman dictator, plutocrat Augustus, and his hellish successors succeeded to….

Duchess of Cambridge: Addiction is not a choice and none of us is immune.

→ Duchess of Cambridge: the establishment is not a choice and none of us is immune.

→ Duchess of Cambridge: plutocracy is not a choice and none of us is immune.

→ Duchess of Cambridge: fate is not a choice and none of us is immune.

So what the future queen is saying is that things are what they are and our personal free will can’t change them.

Kate Middleton is a propagandist of what the British monarchy symbolizes: the established order, the established plutocratic order. Meantime, in the most progressing country, the People Republic Of China… This increasingly oligarchic situation, with decreasing People’s input, is taken into account. China does not want to be emotionally led by Kate Middleton and her ilk (Soros, Gates, Buffet, Bezos, Arnault, and the countless anonymous mid-level plutocrats who own most things…). So China, led by Xi, has been doing something about it…. It is viewed with alarm in world’s plutocratic circles, but it may well work… Next…

Patrice Ayme

As an addict myself, me the Duchess is eminently qualified to defend addicts… Just looking at her, the future queen, a walking skeleton, mother of three, one can see Kate Middleton is a drug addict. When addicts preach to addicts… “Addiction is not a choice,” said the 39-year-old, as quoted by People magazine. “No one chooses to become an addict. But it can happen to any one of us. None of us are immune. It is all too rarely discussed as a serious mental health condition and seldom do we take the time to uncover and fully understand its fundamental root causes.

[1] A lawyer requested removal (“redaction”) of some explicit references in the essay. Clemencies cannot be explicited, I was told. .

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2 Responses to “Duchess of Cambridge Propagandizes Drug Addiction, Plutocracy. Versus Chinese Policy…”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Hard to believe the chutzpah. She is obviously addicted to something so she claims everybody is.
    Loved the Sodom story, please write more like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Chris Snuggs
    Thanks. I should share your posts, too – but somehow there is never time for everything.
    Kate means well, but I think people in general should start to be clearer and worry less about being PC, cuddly and fluffy. I certainly refuse to!


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