European Authorities Promote A Deviant Form Of Islam

By deviant form of Islam, I mean Wahhabism… Salafism, now pretty much identified with Sunni Islam, de facto. That means literalist Islam, which was outlawed by Saladin himself, around 1200 CE. By the way, literalist Islam was new at the time, in 1200 CE. There are more than 100 variants of Islam. The oldest, which I am very familiar with, starting as a toddler, was created even before the Qur’an we have was written, just after the death of Muhammad, when Aisha pretended to an infuriated Omar, that a goat had eaten some sexist verses Omar was looking for… That oldest version of Islam is very compatible with the progress of civilization. Historically, it’s a lethal enemy of today’s dominant forms of Islam…

The crackdown against fundamentalist Islam was successful until Wahab started to preach in the Eighteenth Century, and reintroduced savage literalism. Wahab succeeded because he made an alliance with the Saudi family, which brought military power to bear.

A problem with literalism is that all what was written about Islam was written after Muhammad untimely death… Even the Qur’an itself, and many wars were fought about that. Later the Hadith were written, and most of the Shariah in the Eight century, many generations after Muhamad’s death…

There is plenty of evidence that Muhammad was not sexist: he pushed women’s rights as far as he could, considering the time (7C) and place(Arabia), and Aisha said so (he married her when she was 6 or so…). In the two crucial early military victory of the Islamists, Arab women accompanying the Arab army, and FIGHTING with it, played a crucial role (including for killing the wounded enemy after the main action, a violation of standards of antique war). Aisha claimed, and I believe her, that Uthman, the Third Caliph, who wrote the Qur’an we have, was sexist. In the Qur’an it is said that the female entourage of the Prophet should dress modestly (probably a pique of Uthman against Aisha who was brazen, independent to a point unusual even in a very head strong Twenty-Frist Century woman). Later, literalist and professional Islamists, in some remote quarters, came to interpret this as meaning that women should be veiled. However, in mainstream Islam, as practiced in main civilization centers (Baghdad, etc.) high society women not only did not wear veils, but they showed the goods after which the class of animals we belong to is named after… in see-through tops… We know this, because they have been reproduced in paintings…

Freedom in Hijab? Let the European Council go around covered with veils! Send the European Council to convents, for even more freedom and diversity! The European Council want women to be covered with tents. Less boring, it says, forgetting all that sparked the progress of human civilization in the last 15 centuries, namely the move against theocratic fascism and Greco-Roman sexism…

One has to understand how civilization went down when the Greco-Roman state cracked, and how it was rebooted… by the Franks. The Greco-Roman empire went down from lethal exploitation by an oligarchy which promoted fascist ways to justify its existence. The ultimate straw, metaphysical fascism, was “Catholicism”, spiked with imperial decrees punishing “heresy”, all the way to death through torture. All of this was copied by the Islamists, who were heavily influenced not just by Christianism, but also, directly, by Christian authorities (Muhamad’s cousin, the bishop of Alexandria, who gifted slaves to the Prophet, the bishop of Jerusalem who bent over backwards for Omar, the Second Caliph, etc…). 

When the Franks finally took control of what came to be known as “Francia“, after trying for a century to save the empire from the crazy Christians, they took over Catholicism, and made it tolerant. Nobody was burned for heresy, in Francia, for more than 5 centuries (until 1026 CE…). Judaism was made equivalent to Christianism, and Islamism was benevolently ignored (Muslims left behind from failed invasions of Francia were not bothered… they all converted without pressure…)

Ii is clear that religious fascism hinders civilization, and why it is so: because freedom of thought, instead of bringing mental jousts, is the surest path to execution.

It is also clear from the preceding that the version(s) of Islam which imposed to cover women much more than men are sexist, and the opposite of what Muhammad wanted to achieve: total wisdom for women (as evidenced by the way he totally free way with which he treated Aisha… Once one has set aside what is, by today’s standards, underage sex…) Sexism hinders civilization, by creating stupid women who then educated toddlers stupidly, perpetuating the stupidity…

The European Council, and much venal academia, have been encouraged by their sponsors, the plutocrats, to foster stupidity. So they encourage and foster the most stupid form of Islam they can find… Conveniently forgetting that the war against Middle Age plutocracy, aka the old landed aristocracy, had to include a fight against the Catholic church, which was used as a metaphysical justification, and, as Marx pointed out, opium for the people. Bu then nowadays, we have famous prostitutes, like Nussbaum, explaining to us that being against putting forcibly tents on women is “inconsistent” (because when the whore gets cold, she dresses up… So it’s “inconsistent” to claim one does have the right to force women to be half of men, and covered with tent… That’s basically the gutter level argument the well paid and famous academic rat produce, from her well-paid and rewarded Islamophilia… Nussbaum just got the Holberg prize for super-philosophy, gutter level…) 

Islamism is a variant of Catholicism, in the grand scheme of things. The plutocratic summoned both, as tow demonic helpers… Speaking of demon, Bill Gates of hell was on his superyacht, the world’s most polluting, and bought for himself an ecological farm, to claim ecological aura. Under small minded Obama, Gates of Hell were made education czars of the USA. Microsoft, Gates’ company, is again the world’s largest in market capitalization, above chip-starved Apple… Think about it: Obama, who has the reputation of a sort of thinker among those who confuse appearance and reality… entrusted US education to a greedy monopolist… Said monopolist was a friend of pedophile ring Epstein (who was conveniently suicided)… Another friend was the CEO, the chief of the United Kingdom and world’s bank, Barclay… Regulators discovered that the Barclay’s CEO was much more than just sharing drinks with… Epstein… 

Does that remind you of the “QAnon” theory, of a worldwide group of mighty pedophiles involving a lot of so-called self-proclaimed “Democrats”? Yes… But that’s for real… Melinda French Gates said she divorced greatly because of Epstein, and Gates’ Epsteinian ways… I know very little about QAnon, but the way it was pushed as a mad conspiracy makes me believe that it was to the real pedophile situation what a counterfire is to a forest fire… And as to why the world’s mightiest individuals would engage in outrageous, illegal behavior, well, it is a systematic fact of history… 

Humanity is made to encourage outrageous, because that’s how fresh ideas and emotions germinate… Wealth and taste, but… in need of some restraint… Sometimes…

Patrice Ayme

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One Response to “European Authorities Promote A Deviant Form Of Islam”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Loved the rationalization of Martha Nusbaum, using “consistency” to sound intellectual while explaining why it is ‘racist’ to disagree with those who force women to wear Hijabs and be treated like children by men.
    Completely disgusting but that’s why she is famous and respected, to drive all of us woke and deeply insane


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