European Union: Stress It To Build It Better

Poland is right to fight back and asserts that the supremacy of its democracy trumps… the fascist European Union machinery which has sneaked in, during recent decades...

On European construction: One has to look at how European institutions evolved… Often sneakily, newly created power centers arrogated some powers… The European Court of Justice and the like are examples… Those powers can be dialed back, and should be abrogated.
Britain, a major power, had to push back and ignore the EU and fascist Parisian oligarchs where they stepped out of line. Instead, Britain fled… with nowhere to go… 
Poland, also a major and willful power, is doing that a lot, not respecting “EU”… “law”… and I like it.
In the migrant crisis, in the last few days, Poland, correctly so, told the EU and NATO to get lost, and stayed firmly in charge. The Poles explained they would not use European organization such as the EU’s Frontex (the EU frontier police), because Poland did not want to lose control of its border, at some future date, the Polish government declared, a legitimate reason .
That’s how Europe is built for the better: by pushing back against fascism, not just quitting… Like a scared rabbit the way the UK did. Britain could have done a lot to sabotage and destroy aspects of the EU it legitimately did not like. Because it would have been legitimate, Britain would have won.
In the basic spirit of the European Union, local democracy should stay paramount. Yes, many EU partisans claim that it is not so, that the “EU” (whatever that means) overrules local democracy… But that’s not the case either in logic, history or founding documents. And, in practice the EU obeys tiny Alpine Swiss Cantons, as it should. And Switzerland is not even formally in the EU…
In the grander scheme of things, one may wonder what’s wrong with Europe. How come US president Trump financed European COVID vaccines before the EU did? How come supreme Brexiter Boris Johnson financed a French COVID vaccine, and neither France, nor the EU financed said vaccine?
More generally, Europe is falling off the cliff technologically… And does not seem to mind. How come?
The Brexiters promised gigantic scientific budgets, as if they were China… Where are they? (Biden did the same, promising ten billions for supplementary science; when he signed the “structure” bill, those ten billion dollars of supplementary funding had shrunk to 998 millions… although there was still 7.5 billion in subsidies for the wealthy’s electric cars…).
China, ironically enough, has espoused the European scientific-technological Zeitgeist of the Nineteenth Century…. That’s, of course, excellent… But why did Europe abandon it? 
From “Postmodernism”? Perverse and deranged postcolonialism? Anti-progress mentality (look at all the anti-vaxxers explaining the COVID vaccines are a plot to kill humanity…)? Plain anti-intellectual laziness? Don’t laugh: the Nazis were intellectually lazy, it tired them so much to think, they did whatever… As long as it caused mayhem, that was OK… 

In 1939, Poland stood courageously against Hitler. The alliance with the French Republic was activated and Britain followed… Polish Prime Ministers (one of them on the right) enjoy reminding German Kanzlers (one of them on the left, unkindly labelled as “Merkler” by yours truly, more than once…) that Poland would have a much larger population had it not been decimated by Germany… in 1939-1945… Accordingly the Lisbon Treaty gave a heavier vote weight than one would expect by just looking at Poland’s population…

Confronted to all this European decay, Brexiters are keen to brandish democracy, and proclaim that they are not scared rabbits because their ancestors finally joined France in resisting Hitler in 1939… something the US. seduced by the racism of Nazism and the profits it brought… did not do.

However, that’s pretty much irrelevant… and the details are much less glorious. The military effort of France and Britain in 1939-1940 rested mostly on France. The British army was no more than 300,000, evacuated at Dunkirk because the French First army held the perimeter against the entire German army. In 1939-40, the French army was more than five million (it rebounded in a Nazi-invasion army of 1.2 million in 1944-45…).

In 1939, the French were on the frontline. The British, not so much. The first British soldier took one month to reach the frontline.
The breakthrough at Sedan on May 13, 1940, was rendered possible because the Second British armored division had not arrived yet (it was supposed to back up a French reservist B division of “crocodiles“, old men full of wrinkles, hence their nicknames). Had that division arrived, with its excellent Mathilde tanks, the Nazi breakthrough at Sedan would not have happened.
The French 55th B division faced three panzer divisions on two fronts, plus the elite Gross Deutschland regiment, and the entire Luftwaffe. Still, Nazi engineers had to use suicide attacks…

Then of course there was the Battle of Britain, where the Royal Air Force saved Britain… But some of the pilots were Polish, and the Luftwaffe had already experienced gigantic losses during the Battle Of France, two months prior… Some of the best German pilots were dead already…
Poland is achieving in 2021 what Britain did not have the guts to do before Brexit: fight back against all sorts of European fascist declinist idiots (who make Biden look like a genius). Meanwhile, Britain, as it should, is joining European institutions such as the “Horizon” program…

Brexit is never done, because it will never happen. UK is already trying to get back in (consider the “Horizon” program…) Trying in and out at the same time. A kind of sex maybe for old impotent men?

Patrice Ayme

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