Most Of History Is The History Of Conspiracies. Those Who Deny It, Deny Oligarchy. Often Because They Belong To It.

Con-spirare means simply together-breathe. Conspiracies are even more frequent that the oligarchies they enable. Oligarchies are organized by individuals so close to each other, that they breathe together. Oligarchs also dine together, have parties together, play various games together, love together, marry together, do business exclusively with each other, etc. If oligarchies want to stay in power, they have to deny that there are such collusions, because smart people would attribute the unjust power of oligarchies to such collusions, instead of more meritorious circumstances. So dutifully, little scholars in the employ of oligarch condemn “Conspiracy Theory“, to satisfy their employers and get treats like the greedy pigeons they are… To boot, the employees of oligarchy accuse common people of being racist. Conspiracy Theory is out, say the conspirators, Race Theory is in, instead. Amusingly, said conspirators ted to be always of the same “race”… 

So oligarchies deny conspiracies exist. Instead they prefer to attribute their success to “God”, a great dog in the sky, or chance, or… merit… not the application of groupthink, group discrimination, and group plots… All all too close to plain old racism not to muster  a putrid odor…

Yet, conspiracies exist, history is full of them. Conspiracy is a more general notion than the notion of “plot”, with which it is often confused by lesser minds. A plot necessitates a conspiracy. A conspiracy does not necessarily entail a plot. Conspiracies, like elites socializing together, do not necessarily create explicit plots. 

Oligarchies bind through conspiracies and act through plots. Consider for example Julius Caesar: his entire life was spent fending off, or organizing conspiracies, sometimes for excellent reformist reasons (his distribution law in 59 BCE, when Caesar, as Consul, worked directly with the People Assembly, so-called Centuriate Assembly, ignoring the Senate which led to hatred which brought diverse plots, including civil  war and Caesar’s assassination…).. 

One of the oldest documents in the world, engraved in stone by pharaoh Ramses III describes a “conspiracy of the Sea People in their islands” (Sicily, Sardinia, etc.) which destroyed most civilizations (Egypt barely survived and enslaved an entire invading army.. Israel appeared a bit later…) 


Here is a more detailed example:


Peter the Great was born in 1672. His reforms, battles and conquests had a lasting modernizing impact on Russia, as he firmly intended. Many institutions, and conquests, of Russia originate from his reign. He adopted the title of Emperor in place of the old title of Tsar in 1721, founded and developed a Navy and the city of Saint Petersburg, which remained the capital of Russia until 1917. A year before his death from pneumonia after bathing in a river in the middle of winter, Peter founded the first Russian university. Peter spent his entire life fighting lethally against opponents who preferred death to Peter’s far-sighted reforms. Many of these opponents were extremely close to Peter, and he publicly executed some of them from his own hand, arguing with them even during their execution. One can say Peter had to, because the conspirators were so fanatical and kept on going, like demented energy bunnies, until death stopped them.

Like many children of European monarchs, Tsaverich Alexey Petrovich, son of Czar Peter the Great, didn’t often see his father, who spent much of his reign away fighting the Ottomans and Swedes and traveling around Western Europe to instruct himself. Instead, Alexei was surrounded by a Moscow entourage that believed in “less westernization and a bigger role for the Orthodox Church, the aristocracy, and the old ways”. Alexei bathed in conspiracies of those vested in the obsolete and Russia-defeating ways that Peter had fought against for his entire life, in continual life and death struggles.

Still a boy, under the secret and forbidden influence of his banned mother, Alexey once swore to his confessor Jacob Ignatiev, that he wished his father’s death; the confessor answered: “God will forgive you; we all wish him dead because there are too many burdens on the people” (Impositions of Czar Peter such as cutting beards and removing boots while sleeping…). The confessor spent enormous time with Alexey, often in drunken feasts of equally minded oligarchs. 

Peter wrote to Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, in the hope of recovering his son Alexey, who had fled to Germany and then Napoli, yes, in Italy, part of the “Roman” empire: …”a friendly fraternal confession to share it with you, namely, about my son Alexey. Some time ago the Prince received a command to come to me so that I could distract him from indecent living with indecent people. But instead he hid somewhere and I can’t find him. For his sake I ask your Majesty that if he is found secretly or explicitly in your areas, he should be ordered to return to me…”

Peter’s son returned to Russia. After adverse testimony from his own pregnant lover, Alexay ended tortured to death (that was presented to the public as “died of sadness”)_. And on it went: the rest of the history of Russia is a succession of conspiracies, plots and coups. The consequences could be serious: when Elizabeth, daughter of Peter and  Czarina for twenty years was on the verge of winning against Prussia and Britain in 1761, she died and her nephew who succeeded her, and admirer of Frederik II, immediately withdrew from the war, and Prussia-Britain won, with consequences such as the loss of America for France, and Nazism for Germany…      

Nearly two meters tall Peter the Great was painted when he visited London, by the same painter who painted Newton and Locke… Peter nearly caused the court of France to faint when he grabbed the child king Louis XV, at Versailles, and brought him up in the air to embrace him… His serious purpose was to study European high tech, and he worked in Dutch shipyards. Later he duplicated the ship making in Russia, building Russia’s first Navy, and a mighty one…

All historical figures were involved in conspiracies and plots. This is true even of intellectuals. Live conspiracies and plots are themselves covered up by other conspiracies, plots and propaganda… it reminds me of renormalization in Quantum Field Theory… The apparent masses and charges are not the real masses and charges, and the more detailed the analysis, the more different… Exactly as QFT has it, and for similar reasons… This is an interesting case where state of the art physics provides a ready-made example of how refinement of analysis changes the analysis itself.


ENABLING THE NAZIS, AND THUS THE HOLOCAUST OF WORLD WAR TWO WAS A CONSPIRACY: However, that was (greatly) a US Deep State conspiracy, and those are generally protected from revelation by overlaying layers of other conspiracies (Why? “Revelation” in Greek is “apocalypse...). So there is another conspiracy to cover-up the fact that Hitler was enabled by a US cover-up. That cover-up, itself enabled by its own set of lies, is called “isolationism”.

Before 1942, Roosevelt, other top US politicians and the US media conspired to hide from the US public the holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis. To do so, FDR fired his friend Dodd, a University of Chicago historian. Dodd had been FDR’s ambassador in Berlin, who was extremely well informed and extremely anti-Nazi. The story is told in “The Garden Of The Beasts“, by Erik Larson, an excellent book.

Then FDR named another pro-fascist plutocrat (Jo Kennedy) as ambassador to London… and argued with Hitler for years… thus validating and recognizing Hitler as an interlocutor… when there was just one way for civilization to talk to Hitler, war, and it was precisely what France and then Britain, decided to do. Because they had to, there was no alternative. For the US Deep State, the one centered around Harvard, Nazism was the key to world control…. And indeed the stupid Nazis sent a battleship to Boston to celebrate Harvard! I say “stupid”, because it did not dawn on the Nazis what the American Deep State was exactly up to… namely a bait and switch similar to the one of 1914-18 (first pro-German, and Germany enabling, then anti-German). The Nazis… and Europe… would have gained from making a more in depth analysis of what exactly the US powers-that-be were exactly up to… while they helped Nazi Germany (not just to exist and go to war, but even to bring Nazism to power…)


A few glimpses of functioning, multi-generational conspiracies:

The mother of the present US Secretary of State was elevated to “Commandeur” of the French Legion of Honor (it’s a supreme grade of the Legion d’Honneur, above Chevalier, which means knight, to which some mainstream US journalist were also elevated, like Roger Cohen…). So was the Sec of State’s stepfather Pisar (at the highest possible level of Legion d’Honneur…)… All US citizens, not French… But somehow at the core of the inner machinery of… France… Donald Mayer Blinken (born November 11, 1925) is an American businessman and former ambassador. He was a director and one of the founders of E. M. Warburg Pincus & Company, an investment bank in New York…. Easy enough, when one is a scion of the Warburg banking family… During the Weimar Republic, Max Warburg served on the board (‘Generalrat’) of the Reichsbank from 1924 to 1933, under Hjalmar Schacht, (until 1930). Dr. Schacht, himself a pawn of JP Morgan (secretly tied to Rothschild), was the financial master mind of fascizing Germany in the 1920s and 1930s… thus Wall Street… and Hitler… most important promoter. Schacht was Hitler finance and economy minister. A monster scandal, severely repressed, happened when, shortly after Hitler got to power, and when Nazi rule was not yet firm, a book revealed that the Warburg, German-American Jews, had financed Hitler. The book was ordered destroyed by “judges” everywhere… Just one copy survived… Yet there are plenty of reasons to believe in its overall message, that Hitler had secret backers (it’s even possible a family member of the Warburgs wrote the book as a warning against Hitler… [1])

Hey no oligarchies here, nothing to see, please do not ask too many questions… Pisar’s clients included many Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and many known political and business leaders of the 20th and 21st century, including some notorious ones: tycoons Hammer and Maxwell, French and US presidents. His books have been translated into many languages. Pisar was the longtime lawyer, confidant of ill-fated plutocrat Robert Maxwell a plotter so great that, at his burial after he mysteriously “feel” from his yacht of the Canaries, the Israeli PM solemnly declared he could never say all the services he rendered, they were top secret…

Another glimpse:

Congo has 2/3 of the world’s cobalt (for so-called “renewable”, actually intermittently clean energy). In 2021, most Congolese mines are Chinese owned (19 out of 25). Some of these mines are so enormous, cities have sprung next to them. The purchase by the Chinese of a giant American-owned Cobalt mine in Congo was done by a private equity firm with Hunter Biden, son of Biden, on its board… as a founding member… As in the Warburg cases, a number of companies were created to use as screens for plausible denials (plausible only to very friendly media breathing the same air and going to the same receptions…)

Race to the Future: What to Know About the Frantic Quest for Cobalt. A New York Times investigation examines the global demand for raw materials as the clean energy revolution takes off. This is what we found.


Rage against “Conspiracy Theory” is something intellectuals employed by plutocratic university seem to view as a duty to demonstrate how much they support the established oligarchy. After all, their self-respect and a crucial part of the propaganda they project depends upon denying that they belong to anything else, but an oligarchy of merit. Typical is this October 2021 declaration from a particle physics theorist:

“Conspiracy theory would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so widespread and so incredibly dangerous. Today it threatens democracy, human health, and world peace, among many other things. In the internet age, scientists and rational bloggers will have no choice but to take up arms against it on a regular basis.” (Professor Strassler claimed to be all angry against silly people who believe there was some conspiracy about how one represented the activity of La Palma’s volcano… Because they are unused to digital data… But in truth he seems to have been more interested in fustigating so-called and non-defined “Conspiracy Theory“) Strassler is a specialist of QFT, Quantum Field Theory… Hey dear professor Strassler, visiting scholar at great intellectual Harvard university, please define “Conspiracy Theory”? (Strassler is an excellent physicist…). Curious how much Harvard keeps on resurfacing, the naïve may say… But it is no accident whatsoever: the daughter of Xi, Chinese president, went to Harvard to, to learn to think oligarchically, lest she didn’t know how to do that very well already… Harvard is the leading plutocratic university. History may well vomit on it… As the place where misleading the world was taught. Yes, Obama became a genius at Harvard, blossoming later as a disaster for health care and the climate, the CO2 crisis, and world peace… Although magnificent propaganda has persuaded hundreds of millions of poorly informed victims… of the exact opposite, a testimony to plutocratic brainwashing…

Now of course Strassler thinks probably the world of Blinken, son of Blinken, stepson of Pisar the Great… Who mysteriously went from gangsters of a pillar of the world, in a few years (family connections did it)… And that’s the entire point. Strassler wants us to not doubt Bilken and his ilk, and their oligarchy-given right to lead the world establishment (into the wall, but hitting a wall should calm the commons). Strassler is trying to seduce his superiors at harvard to get what the pigen wants: more crumbs from the masters.

Right, Blinken went to Harvard (what else?). So now Blinken, family connected to Warburg connected to Hitler (one way or another) has the right and duty to steer the world: he was born that way. And us, who see that see what should not be seen and theorize about what one should not theorize. Some will scoff, and say that it was always that way, and always will be. But that is incorrect thinking: we are in exceptional times, with an on-going Sixth Mass Extinction, the preceding one was 66 million years ago… and we are led by… abject conspirators. They are abject, because they feel, in their infamy, that they are qualified to feel, think and act in the name of the world… And they have obviously been making a terrible job at it (from thousands of nukes threatening to blow us all any time, to a dismantling, deconstructioning climate and imploding biosphere).


History is not restricted to conspiracies: natural events and vast economic, ecological and sociological forces also arise. But most of the human actions launched by leaders and oligarchies are enacted by conspiracies

Denying the necessity of making theories of conspiracies is denying the necessity of studying history as a science… precisely to study plots and conspiracies and how to prevent them… Denying conspiracies is what oligarchies need to exist, to breathe together… In peace… to digest us in peace.

Patrice Ayme


P/S: New York Times has written many essays deploring “conspiracies theories”. Condemning theories about conspiracies as a mental disease destroying “democracy” is a staple of the NYT. The last one was yesterday, 11/22/2021. I sent a comment to the last of these essays explaining the difference between plots and conspiracies, and the ubiquitousness of conspiracies in history. My comment was delayed overnight, and published only after the comment section had been closed.


[1] Franz von Papen once a German Chancellor (in 1932) and Hitler’s colleague (in 1933) recommended the Warburg book in his memoirs that were published in 1953… The book was also said to have got the help of French intelligence which desperately tried to show the US-Nazi ties… a strategy which may have backfired as early as 1933, when FDR took a detestation of France…

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  1. Gmax Says:

    It is amusing that even sophisticated egghead like the one from Harvard condemns ‘conspiracy theory’ without telling us what it is. The want to say that they don’t like those who tend to see conspiracies around?

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