Enrolling The Victim In The Crime Beats Blaming the Victim

“Blaming the victim” is an old trick: it is found in Aesop’s fable of the wolf and the lamb… Where shifting the blame is used next, after blaming the victim is found insufficiently persuasive. Yet, looking at history, one sees a much more effective trick, used extremely frequently: enrolling the victim(s) into their own abuse and destruction.

Examples of this method are really legions. It is the same general idea as judo: deflect the power of the opposition, to incite it into lethal trajectories where their get hit by planet Earth…

Examples: The more frequent application of self-abusing the victim is found all over geography and history, when the lower classes implement the rule of the upper classes… Octavian’s army persuading the Roman Senate to put them in power (Augustus would kill or exile many of them later). Persuading the Romans they would save themselves by becoming Catholic sheep, and turning the other cheek… for the Barbarian at the Gates (circa 380s). Persuading countless American Natives to kill other American Natives with a little help from European colonists. Persuading the Russians they were better off with a dictator and a civil war, than a Czar and democratization. Persuading the Germans they would be better off grabbing back Eastern Europe, by going to war, after their war against Western Europe, trying to grab Western Europe, and the result that Western Europe freed Eastern Europe, from Germany .. But this time the Germans would go to war completely unprepared… and rather unwilling… For an even better chance of total destruction of Germany. Another example was enrolling Jews to kill Jews in Nazi extermination camps, periodically killing them all to leave no witnesses (this is related by witnesses in detail in the nearly ten hours long documentary Shoah)…

One reason this outrageous method of enrolling victims in abusing themselves works is that cajoling someone into their own destruction is a Big Lie. As Adolf Hitler pointed out in “Mein Kampf“, normal people are used to little lies, but not big ones… So they don’t expect, or even don’t imagine, them… Hence added Hitler, men of great destiny like himself can persuade, with Big Lies, anyone to do anything. Enrolling people into working hard at their own destruction was a Big Lie, and that’s why it worked… For Hitler, until France and Britain declared war to him.

Enrolling people as allies in their own destruction is strong medicine. The enroller is of course completely cynical and deprived of any common decency… But that is besides the point… The point is that it works… Helping people suicide themselves is the nec plus ultra of abuse…

The tyrant can always find an excuse for his tyranny.

The unjust will not listen to the reasoning of the innocent.

The truly vicious will enroll the victim in the crime.

Patrice Ayme


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