Science Fiction Has Arrived To A Planet Near US

We are in a science fiction situation, our spaceship, Earth, is under attack by the aliens who lead us into Armageddon. The CO2 catastrophe is a comet crash in slow motion. The nonlinear effects are sneaking in, like the permafrost gun. But they could explode anytime: permafrost has twice the CO2 content of the present atmosphere… Also the ocean will die from CO2 making carbonic acid, killing the oxygen making plankton. The ocean absorbs around one third of the CO2.

Funny thing is that, once the nonlinear effects kick in bad, it’s exponential, feeding on itself… What are we going to do? We will need to terraform Earth in reverse, using… thermonuclear reactors extracting CO2 from the atmosphere, and sending the CO2 into basaltic rocks, at huge energetic cost. It will work, but we need thermonuclear fusion… first… No other forms of energy will be powerful, and Return On Investment good enough. Here I compute the ROI in AWE (Absolute Worth Energy)… not currency… The ROI on intermittent energy is all too low…

Whether we like it or not, science fiction has arrived to us, as a war of us against ourselves, and the most pleasant way out is more science fiction… Notice in passing that, should a comet appear on a collision trajectory, only thermonuclear bombs could deviate it, or explode it away in divergent bits. No other method could work. So H bombs have their advantages…

Great progress has been made in non-explosive thermonuclear fusion recently in several countries, including China, South Korea, USA… Of course a frantic flurry of anti-thermonuclear articles occured.. Probably paid or influenced by the fossil fuel party… With carefully crafted anti-nuclear titles as in Slate: Future Tense:The Theranos Trial Shows Why We Should Be Suspicious of Nuclear Fusion. By Charles Seife, Dec 08, 2021

… A completely misleading title: actually, Mr. Seife meant “suspicious of nuclear fusion startups”… Now some may wonder why to worry about the cackles of low lives… But then look at the investment: Biden, the big time climate guy, spends countless billions on electric cars and plugs (Elon Musk just said it was a poor allocation of money)… But just not even half a billion on thermonuclear research, all of which constitute contractual obligations, some under international treaties (ITER). The point is that the fossil fuel cacklers have a real influence on planetary steering, because our “leaders” (to use Obama’s self-glorifying grotesquely misleading semantics) are not “leaders” at all, they are just prostitutes paid by those with the most capital, the fossil fuel industry In 2019, around 84% of global primary energy came from coal, oil and gas. The International Monetary Fund recently updated its comprehensive report on global fossil-fuel subsidies. It arrives at a staggering conclusion: In 2017, the world subsidized fossil fuels by $5.2 trillion, equal to roughly 6.5 percent of global GDP. Now of course, The Atlantic (owned by Steve Jobs’ widow, specialist in pro-plutocratic, Plutocratically Correct, window dressing) contest the logic of the IMF, just because it shows too clearly where the power is. The Hidden Subsidy of Fossil Fuels: A new report says that the world subsidized fossil fuels by $5.2 trillion in just one year. But that calculation is less tidy than it seems. By Robinson Meyer…

As officially the part of word GDP of fossil fuels transactions is around 7%, one can see that roughly 15% of world GDP is fossil fuels… So fossil fuels, let alone the financial and diplomatic sectors attached to them, is the most prominent socioeconomic actor of the planet. It is naive to believe it does not control any croaks coming out of famous ecologists [1]. 

And this is why governments have invested so little in all things civil nuclear. There are exceptions, namely in countries not controlled by the Western plutocratic mafia: China, India, Korea… There it’s the opposite, of course. China is at the forefront to the world’s effort on Thorium reactors and thermonuclear fusion…

Our “leaders” …to use again Obama’s self-glorifying grotesquely misleading semantics, hiding his ignorance, servility, but not crass hubris… are not “leaders” at all, they are just prostitutes paid by those with the most capital, who control their future and that of their well-compensated “experts”.

The main criterion then, to be considered an expert by the world’s propaganda machinery, including the plutocratic universities, becomes not just “expertise” per se, but how the would-be “expert”, to be called upon, by the powers that be, will serve the principals, namely those who pull the strings… of the world.

So silly gutter logic has an influence on our “leaders” minds: after all, that’s where they live… thus all they can understand, however their good will… Common citizens, forced to live in the gutter by the rats employed by the billionaire class, and their hidden descendants, have started to notice this, and are replying in kind, rat to rat. It is high time…

Yet, the reality is, that we need expertise like never before, and it better be correct. Our science fiction starship, the biosphere of planet Earth, is severely compromised by our activities, and even its oxygen supply is threatened

Earth Out Of Oxygen: GLOBAL HYPOXIA

Beauty: don’t be home without it!

Earth is not just an habitacle, it is also where all values dwell, starting with beauty and love. Enormous warming and acidity in oceans cannot be avoided anymore, but at least we can still ensures we stay stuck with Jurassic conditions… Let’s do it!

Patrice Ayme

[1] It was apparently well known, among the governing and intelligentsia circles of France, that Nicolas Hulot, a quasi-saint of ecology who created a famous ecological TV series, Ushuaia, was a sex pervert inclined to rape teenagers among other exploits of a Jurassic nature… However, so powerful are the modern establishments and the solidarity, let alone conspiracy atmosphere they bring, that the perversions of Mr. Hulot stayed a secret for decades… Even though a 19 year old, granddaughter of a French president, complained to plenty of establishment people. She was apparently drugged and then raped. When she finally formally prosecuted the matter, the facts were prescribed… But this is just one case out of many and, decades later, the French police has started what it claims to be a systematic inquiry.

Some may say that they don’t see what a sexually perverted creep does in this general picture. However the establishment is excellent at pushing forward flawed characters, not just from affinity for them (qui se ressemble, s’assemble), but also because this way the establishment, under the implicit threat of blackmaily can make them do whatever they want.   

So, among other honors and power positions, all over the world, Nicolas Hulot, the hugely popular green activist was named ecology minister in May 2017.  One of Hulot’s victims said that two or three people had advised her while in Costa Rica: “’Avoid situations where you are alone with him. If you’re working, it’s in the hotel restaurant, not in your room. When you are on the boat, lock your cabin at night. Don’t open if he knocks on your door at night, pretend to be asleep.’ There was an ecosystem around this personality that allowed this abuse.”

The leadership of this planet is an ecosystem we have to get rid of, lest they rid of our beautiful life… As they already tried with COVID, insisting on masks and lockdowns, instead of ventilation, HEPA filters and vaccine developments (most vaccines were developed by Trump, Putin and Xi, so to speak; Trump financed 20 of them. How many vaccines did the European Union finance, in 2020? In truth, zero. The EU commission authorized 4 vaccines so far. Three of them financed by Trump, and the fourth financed by Trump and UK PM Boris Johnson (not my friend)… the latter separately financed a French vaccine that neither the EU nor France financed… The US Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine got billions from Trump, but initially was a German startup vaccine… Not financed by EU or Germany! This grotesque situation belongs to a science fiction novel, where the villains present themselves as the opposite of what they truly are, and get adulated by the stupid masses…

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7 Responses to “Science Fiction Has Arrived To A Planet Near US”

  1. EugenR Says:

    Yes, situation is rather gloomy. There is no political system or politician, (definitely not Mr. Trump) who sincerely wants to cope with the global warming problem. Global warming is a GLOBAL problem and not a local problem. All these local politicians, be it of US, China, even Europe, are elected by local people, who, all they want is to throw the trash to the neighbour’s trash heap. The global warming problem is a global problem. By the way, it is not only global warming problem, but also global trash accumulation problem, global deforestation problem, global spices diversity annihilation problem, global population growth problem, etc. etc. etc.

    Since WWII the world population grew 4 times. Most of population growth was in underdeveloped countries, their population also wants to live American life style. Big cities, big houses, big cars, big, big, big, big. Yet the earth stays the same size.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Eugen, glad to hear from you! Happy winter solstice.
      I do not view the situation as “gloomy”. Enraging, yes. Call to action, yes. Gloomy, depressive, etc: no.
      We are prisoners of an elite of jerks, I saw many of them at very close range, and for a long time: the Obama relationship is 40+ years old, directly or indirectly. I was through elite universities, taught there, and exchanged with some of the greatest (De Broglie, Feynman, Penrose, among many others, including “friends” I cannot bear to write the name of… being traitors and all that…)
      My verdict is that we need to remove the aura of respectability they surf on.

      Trump, and all politicians, sometimes have to be judged by their acts, other times, by what they say. For example, Putin is very clear that Russia is victim of an holocaust because of the West having weaponized Ukraine…. I am paraphrasing and exaggerating a bit upon what he said… but I am faithful to the emotion conveyed… In July 2021, in an essay of his.

      Conclusion: Putin will probably attack Ukraine, he is just waiting for the Nord Stream 2 pipe to come on line…

      Trump, climate? I really see not much difference with Biden. Trump augmented the funding for H fusion, and left in place the scheme to finance massively Tesla. Trump talked as if he wanted to resurrect coal… But that had no effect, of course. Biden has been super disappointing: first he announced 10 billion $ for energy research… That has been reduced to nearly nothing. As usual money is going to his friends… It’s truly abysmal. Trump’s lies on climate were sort of innocuous, because he obviously did not believe in what he was saying… Anyway, he is careful in what he says, and people who listen carefully to what he says end up voting for him. Trump just said that “climate change” was used as an “hoax” by the dems and it’s exactly what we see (I have always been a registered Dem, and voted Obama twice, although Obamacare is BS).

      Actually in the Biden energy plan all the breakthrough, including the authorization for a giant Lithium mine in Nevada, were Trump policies… I am still waiting for my heat pump subsidy, so I can install it in 500 apartments…

      CLIMATE CATASTROPHE has only one optimal solution: NEW PRIMARY ENERGY production. And that demands governmental research and then regulations…

      We could make the Moon into new habitable real estate, 38 million square kilometers of it, 88% of Eurasia… Just master thermonuclear fusion, go to the Moon, cook rocks, generating O2, and H2O… Just a matter of making Musk’s style spaceship work, and fusion… of course…

      The solution to big problems, is even bigger solutions, this is what history shows…

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      • EugenR Says:

        Dear Patrice, i wish i could share with you your optimistic view. But in a world, where population continues to grow, mostly in underdeveloped parts of the world, without proper education system, where women are downgraded to statuse if illiterate slaves, with no rights, state that they accept out of conformity and ignorance to anything different, than what they were thought at their childhood, how can I believe, in change of attitude towards ecological behaviour, among the people in these societies?
        On the other hand, you have the capital driven “most advanced”, countries, with population supportive to populist politicians, who are driven only by one idea, how to make THEMSELVES GREAT. How can you believe, these populist politicians, with their supporters, whose only aim is how to sustain their wasteful style of life, leaving devastatingly big ecological footprint, will make ever any change? How can anyone believe, these people and their leaders can positively relate themselves to such an abstract idea, as a need to create an ecologically sustainable economy, with no big cars, no suburb habitats, with a need to drive daily hours in traffic jams, to reach the cities, with skyscrapers out of glass and steel, ecologically devastating by creating micro climate, by using wastefully energy? Etc.etc.etc……

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  2. nigelsouthway Says:

    I suggest this whole writing is science fiction… we don’t have a climate all.. if you want more facts I can provide.

    Nigel Southway

    TBM Advocate.


    Dedicated to the restoration of our manufacturing sectors

    905 464 5517


  3. ianmillerblog Says:

    Sorry, Patrice, but the problem might be too advanced. Thye problem is the Thwaite glacier. Currently its flow towards the sea is hindered by a massive ice sheet that is held in place because it has frozen around some ocean peaks. Unfortunately, it appears the warmer Southern ocean is melting away the ice around these peaks, and it could be as little as a few years before that ice sheet comes free. Apart from the large number of icebergs, that won’t mean anything because the ice is essentially floating, but it will free the restraint on the Thwaite, which will start tumbling seawards. It alone could raise sea levels by several meters. That is enough to inundate most port cities, wipe out small Pacific Island states and make a mess of Bangla Desh. Sorting that out will make a huge economic problem.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      If it were only Bangladesh… many countries are flat and sea level, for example my original Senegal… 😉 A country like that will disappear…

      Basically the 2000 kms, 3 kms deep wide Circumpolar Antarctic Current CAC gyrates. With more heating, more gyration. But acceleration = vv/r. Thus CAC sheds surface waters back into oceans north. That lighter water is replaced by deep upwelling carrying slated, 4C, CO2 laden water from rotting north oceans bottom (Indian, Pacific, Atlantic). That upwelling eats the ice shelves. They could collpase and shatter in tremndous icequakes, 9 Richter… Hey, tomorrow, or next year… “Scientists” used to say:5000 years… Idiots…

      What needs to be done ASAP is nuclear and hydrogen. Electric cars should not be a priority, it’s literally putting cart before horse…


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