Billionaires Avoid Taxes By Borrowing Their Life Style, So Tax Their Borrowing!

Tax the personal borrowing which sustains the billionaires’ lifestyle… as if it were income… because it is! (Put a cap to avoid taxing personal borrowing below the .1% elite, say… Also that does not mean that borrowing for growing a business should be taxed; so for example SpaceX could borrow, not be taxed, but Musk buys for himself a 100 million dollars palace with borrowed money, tax…) OK, I have been saying this for more than a decade and last with:

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren@ewarrenDecember 13, 2021: When someone makes it big in America—millionaire big, billionaire big, Person of the Year big—part of it has to include paying it forward so the next kid can get a chance, too.

Elon Musk childishly replied: “You remind me of when I was a kid and my friend’s angry Mom would just randomly yell at everyone for no reason,” he wrote.

Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen,” he also said. (“Karen” is slang supposed to indicate racist white woman).

Paying taxes is serious business. Civilization depends upon taxation. Because the cancer which kills civilization ifs plutocracy (for example when Rome got infected by plutocracy, it turned from republic to monarchy, and died…) Thus I claim that the fundamental reason for taxation is to PREVENT THE APPARITION OF A PLUTOCRACY (Rome had 100% tax above 50 million dollars).

As it is, Musk could become a trillionaire in dollars, thanks mostly to government subsidies, while paying basically no taxes… and then transmit the whole thing to his armada of children, still paying basically no taxes. And this has already happened: these armadas of descendants of children of billionaires are constituting the core of the Deep State. Example: Anderson Cooper, one of the US TV most celebrated talking head, for years at CNN, is directly descended from what was once the wealthiest family in the US. This sort of inherited money is hidden in plain sight in foundations, anonymous companies, Delaware, etc… Bill Gates’ mom, while a director at IBM, made her son’s, and her family’s fortune by giving Bill the monopoly while contracting with IBM of something the US Federal government funded universities had developed… Etc. Musk’s own fortune has much to do with NASA and then Obama’s policies. NASA basically did much of the fundamental research on landing rockets (see the LEM, Lunar Exploration Module, a Moon landing rocket…), and then gave the contracts…

A gigantic Hawaiian island was bought on 350 million dollars of borrowed money of a billionaire notorious for paying no taxes. Ultimately the non tax paying plutocrats will expropriate us all, and reduce us to living below bridges.

In this exchange, the inability of the otherwise brilliant Musk to raise above primary school level is a very clear example of what happens with oligarchy and plutocracy: individuals who are highly successful in some domain (say milking the government), and thus deduce they are gods of understanding, and the atlases on which Earth rests…. So their very power, which is already too big, feeds their hubris, turning it apocalyptic.

Putin is an example of that hubris characteristic of those who have way too much power: Putin wrote, he says by himself, a 5,000 words historical essay… which brings Putin to the conclusion that whatever is happening in Ukraine is… genocide! Millions of Russians killed! No less! Nobody is going to dare contradict the Czar: world war, here we come! Don’t laugh: the AXIS Beijing-Moscow, although not formal, is a de facto reality…

Musk between 2014 and 2018 made around 15 billion dollars and paid 455 millions in taxes, a tax rate of 3%… More recently he paid ridiculous amounts of taxes, one year just $68,000, while owning an archipelago of palaces (one of them worth around 50 million next to San Francisco), and his private jets, paid by the always generous taxpayers…

This is not just a question of equity for the world population, but of sanity of the world population: the plutocrats, worldwide, as in Russia, control the media, thus cognition, information, deliberation, reflection, even meditation… and of course their own opposition, which the meticulously financed, as George Soros himself explained painstakingly many times over many years…. to his fellow plutocrats, telling them that their own world order depended upon total mastery of all those aspects of their freedom.

History shows vast spans of time, with subjected population, slowly sinking until an adversary invaded and finished the dying civilization.

Musk pretends that he wants to save civilization, and SpaceX, basically the for-profit part of NASA, is a crucial part of this. Musk is a great innovator, like the brilliant Nazi engineers who made liquid hypersonic rockets fly… after nine centuries of solid fuel rockets which could only fly a few miles. But such engineers, in the end, are highly replaceable. If the US government put as much faith and vigor in a controlled thermonuclear fusion research program, we would have such a reactor connected to the grid in a decade (the financial effort on controlled H fusion is certainly of the order of 1.2% of the effort on rockets… And financial, not technological or scientific constraints have been primary, say with ITER, and other H program, and this is why China has caught up…)

What is deadly, for civilization, thus all of us, is the leaders of the world, the plutocratic influencers, a la Musk pushing their oligarchic agenda. For all of Musk’s and his sibling genius, they would have been nothing, had their father not been extremely wealthy… And Obama and before him, the Silicon Valley’s venture capitalist mafia. The latter financed Musk and his brother while they were… illegal aliens. No reconduction to the border, as for normal folks. Instead, they were given US citizenship. We will not say that South African racial masters have little problems finding friends in the US… Oh, well, here I go: I know women of color, and I have myself observed tremendous racism in Stanford, Silicon Valley and Palo Alto, places which I have frequented for much longer than Musk…

But we will say that, be it Soros, Or Musk, or Putin, or Xi, too many individuals with little cognitive power have way too much influence. Primary school with nukes…

Patrice Ayme


6 Responses to “Billionaires Avoid Taxes By Borrowing Their Life Style, So Tax Their Borrowing!”

  1. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    Musk is quite the question mark for me. His neural link stuff is scary as hell. Blended with AI, stuff of that ilk makes humans who aren’t human anymore. It seems that only the most negative potential will be realized, and it seems that the gods of understanding should at least understand that.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Happy New year!
      Musk has been excellent at riding government subsidies programs like no one in recent memories.
      SpaceX is basically NASA the way the Nazis wanted it (by this I mean SS Kommadant Von Braun and his 100 top notch Nazi colleagues, who made a great service to humanity by convincing Hitler to finance militarily useless state of the art rockets). Unumcumbered by adminstration and pork barrel…
      SpaceX is a very good thing…
      Tesla is also playing a good role, although I say this because I am living all too close from the busiest freeway in the world… I can see aroud twenty lanes between me and the ocean, and I wish they all go electric. But even in Bay Area with the most electric cars anywhere, electric cars are less than 3% of traffic…

      And their climate impact is zero.

      Musk is amusing. The neuro thing is pursued by the US and French Air Forces at this point. When a Rafale fighter-bomber in emergency evades a missile by going at 11gs… Yes, eleven gs… Moving the little finger is already too much…


  2. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    Hello Patrice, and Happy New year to you as well.

    I normally get a notification when you respond to comments, etc. This time I did not. Wonder what is up with that?

    I’ve been trying to buy an electric car to do my part in the environment, but I can’t seem to make up my mind on which one I should select. Yeah – I’ve read articles about the head’s up instruments in aircraft. Interesting but also scary.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ron: well, the internet varies… I know lots of people who were offended by not getting the RSS feed, or thought I disappeared… The best is to check the site directly or my twitter feed, or facebook, or to search GOOGLE (Gates has banned me from BING because I called him Gates of hell)…

      I have a diesel car which uses biodiesel and goes 1,000 kms on one fill-up… Or more…
      Frankly if I lived in a house, with a plug, nest to a city, had money to spare, I would buy an electric car, perhaps… to complement by 4 wheel drive biodiesel… Just out of convenience for local jaunts… But which one? Teslas have best batteries, but the interface is atrocious and should be unlawful (I have head up display on my biodiesel, a must…) Head up display works extremely well… Automatic braking activated twice, once i struck simultaneously (a car had spring from behind a truck, completely illegally and dangerously… The other time the system got confused…

      Anyway, I see no electric car to buy right now…

      And it’s not clear they are a positive for the environment… See giant article in NYT today about giant nickel mines… Total destruction… The biodiesel, yes, is a plus for the environment….


      • ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

        Patrice: yes, I have read about nickel prices being driven up by the demand caused by batteries. Have you seen the MachineDesign article about transition metal fluorides used with solid polymer electrolytes to increase stability and make practical? Research by Georgia institute of technology driving this idea, which may see the light of day in next few years, and eliminate nickel and cobalt.

        Until then … there’s the questionable impact on the environment even when going electric. There’s also the impact of the old batteries and dumping them, since unlike lead-acid they are pretty much un-recycleable.

        WP did not give me any notification again today, including notifications of your post. I always wonder if we’re seeing the impact of big-tech interference when I see that sort of thing, but like you say, their systems are variable with bugs and the like.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Hi Ronald: I know for a fact that I am actively being suppressed to diminish my possible evil influence on the Internet. Several internet operators are very active that way. Gates and others have blocked me systematically since 2009, same time when we were informed we were blocked from accessing our old friend… Obama….


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