Are Anti-Nuclear Ecologists Promoting Mass Murder?

Viewing tree huggers as mass serial killers may sound counterintuitive, even offensive. And yet… the Nazis were fanatical ecologists. That they fester to this day in Germany should come as no surprise, that’s called atavism. Germany plans to augment its already enormous imports of coal, and then, in its defense, whines that it will get even more gas from its friendly assassin, the nuclear armed tyrant Putin… In a new pipeline going directly to Germany while avoiding Ukraine, so that serial killer Putin can attack Ukraine as much as he wants without hurting any German.

Germany, prompted by its latest “green” government, is closing its last nuclear reactors, replacing them with the world’s most polluting coal source, lignite. See pretty picture below (well, I don’t find it pretty, but German ecologists, or rather, pseudo-ecologists, full of rage as they are, find it pretty, no doubt). 

Germany ranks 4th in the world for Coal consumption, accounting for about 22.6% of the world’s total consumption of 1,139,471,430 tons. ). German CO2 emissions from power generation rose by 13% in 2021. If you ask me, sanctions should be applied (and I drive an excellent German car; I am not anti-German, just anti-Nazi).

“Coal is the single largest source of global carbon emissions, and this year’s historically high level of coal power generation is a worrying sign of how far off track the world is in its efforts to put emissions into decline towards net zero,” Fatih Birol, the executive director of the International Energy Agency, said in a press release. The amount of electricity generated from coal is expected to hit an all-time high this year… and so is the usage of coal in industry (to make steel, etc.)

Lignite coal mine in West Germany. For scale, look at the church in the distance. This is a transverse view: the mine is many miles long.

The hilarious part (sort of) is that the anti-nuclear rage of the so-called “ecologists” is reminiscent of the ecological extremism of the Nazis. But there is something even more sinister: all electric generation could be nearly carbon free if nuclear reactors had replaced fossil fuels. 

As it is, though, 84% of primary energy production, worldwide, is from fossil fuels. Thus anti-nuclear ecologists are the best friends of fossil fuels and the climate catastrophe…

But it gets even better than that: pacific nuclear energy in the West has basically never killed anybody (and recent designs are 100% safe). Whereas, according to the WHO, fossil fuels kill at least 10 million people a year.

Thus pseudo-ecologists are not just probably paid by fossil fuel lobbues, but on top of that, they are encouraging mass murder. Worldwide. 

There will be no serious mitigation of the impending climate catastrophe without mass deployment of (various) nuclear technologies and (various) hydrogen technologies (liquid H2, ammonia, fusion, etc.). Fusion is no mirage: generating more fusion power from a laser machine than was used to heat and compress was achieved in California in fall 2021.

The day is approaching when the largest iceshelves in Antarctica will disintegrated in giant icequakes… Tomorrow or in ten years… In any case, soon. A systemic error affected polar heating computation: it was underestimated by a factor of two (because latitudes starting at 60 degrees were counted, far below the polar circle, which is at 66 degree). So the polar latitudes (above 66 degrees north) are warming four (4) times faster than the rest of the atmosphere globally. Hence nearly five degrees of warming, in centigrades (around 10F).

This is serious, while German “ecologists” are not. Progressive Germans love to hate Trump for the climate, but, under Trump, US CO2 emissions went down, whereas German CO2 emissions, looking forward, are going to go up. A lot. Making smileys to Putin doesn’t improve matters. Enough hypocrisy then: that was a Nazi trait. And 100 million killed per decade is killing on a Nazi scale: this is what the Nazis achieved, on their own and by dragging mostly Japan with them…

Patrice Ayme

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2 Responses to “Are Anti-Nuclear Ecologists Promoting Mass Murder?”

  1. Gmax Says:

    What an ugly hole! Unbelievable! What you are saying is that renewables don’t scale enough? I saw Germany got all the way up to 44% in electric generation from renewables

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