“God”, No decidable Proposition, Ruins Effective Brainpower. Secular Penury And Dictatorship Are Intended Consequences From Frying The Logic!

Abstract: God is not just the great fascist in the sky, justifying fascism on the ground, and the evil-rule (plutocracy). God is also a self-contradictory notion, so it zaps logic itself. Once one believes in God, all is permitted… In particular to those who have, like God, all the power.


The advance of general wisdom has always profited from incorporating the most recent technical advances. In this essay we will use in particular a concept developed in mathematical logic a century ago, decidability, and apply it to an old concept, “God”.

Regions affected by the Christo-Islamist terror of the late Middle Ages stagnated economically, intellectually, and even militarily (for example the Ottomans outlawed printing, making their gigantic empire as stupid as it could be). Theocratic terror has everything to do with it… and it worked at two levels: breaking bones, hearts and minds, yes, but also breaking the logic, something that is more subtle.

Stagnation and paralysis was the aim of theological obsurantism, as it enabled outrageous establishmentarians to stay in power, enjoying sometimes hundreds of women, among other creatures.


The most drastic, and quasi original example, of deliberate civilizational stagnation, or even reverse, is provided by Roman emperor Theodosius I’s terror decrees of 381 CE. The empire started to collapse most seriously, with the invasion of Italy by Germans, 14 years later, so it is likely that there was a causal relationship. And a closer examination of history shows that, indeed, there was one.

Massive invasions occured 25 years later, in 406 CE. The city of Rome would fall in 410 CE, 29 years after the mad-with-God emperor’s lethal decrees against heretics… At the hands of the savages who helped Theodosius to stay in power in 394 CE. The population of Greco-Roman civilization would implode under the government of bishops (after 395 CE).


How does theocratic stagnation work?

It’s not just by inflicting terror. A purely logical effect is in play in generating mental paralysis, through an infernal loop. Worrying about God served in Judeo-Christian sauce, is a vicious circle. Worrying about God bites its own tail with its own venimous fangs, and doing nothing else, but being immersed in the fog of self contradicting, hubristic madness. Let me explain…

To know God, for sure, one would need to be God… For sure. Because to know for sure the end all, be all, one needs to be the end all, be all. 

But then one question would still remain: who created me, the end all, be all, for sure? Thus, even pretending to know all, thus pretending to be God, leads to even more uncertainty. How would God not be sure He/She is not in a stimulation of one sort or another?

Truly that God concept can be the road to self-devouring one’s mind.

It is therefore best to reduce one’s hubris, and thus to focus on things which can be determined to be certain, or not (decidable propositions in mathematical logic). Thus it is better to focus on matters which could possibly be sure, rather than things which can never be sure. 

Because, first of all, by pretending we can be sure of things we cannot be sure of, like this God thing, we learn to tolerate not just liars, but us, lying to ourselves. 

Secondly, of course, if one only focused upon what one is sure one can never be sure of, one may have no time for more pressing matters, and one may end up under dictatorship, or with bad laws, or without dignity, nor food in one’s stomach…

Thirdly, as I just described, “God” is a self-feeding contradiction in its intrinsic definition. Admiring “God” is thus admiring a self-feeding contradiction, and making self-contradiction the ultimate value. Thus next time a self-feeding contradiction of the human type, such as Saddam Hussein, comes around, behaving as “God” pretends to, he will not just being tolerate, as he is God-like. Saddam was into stiff contradictions: he considered that Iraq under him had “good laws”, namely Westernized laws… while at the same time, him and his family, and collaborators and subordinates, enjoying the fruits of dictatorship… Plus a few quasi-genocidal massacres, here or there….

God is also a self-contradiction on the trilemma of good, evil, and omnipotence… God cannot be those three things simulataneously. Christians resolved this by being the three of them simultaneously: it’s cool, “God” already does it. So The Catholic Inquisition sent innocents to be burned alive, after torturing them, because the Inquisition was Evil and Omnipotent, and that was Good. And also Good because it was Evil and Omnipotent. Hey, just like “Deus”.

So much for Christianism and its desertic spawn. What about Asia? No “God” there, but the functional equivalent. Indeed, obsessing with raving love for “God” is obsessing with raving love for the fascist in chief and its contradictions, and it prepares emotionally to do the same with other fascists in chief, and their contradictions, such as an emperor with the favors of heavens (like the Chinese emperor).

Cults for Asian emperors were therefore similar to Christianism, and show clearly that Christianism, or more exactly Catholicism from the First Council of Nicaea was implemented to be an evil-rule: oligarchies, all around the planet, have imposed the cult of metaphysical omnipotence, capable of doing anything, ruling through good and evil, beyond any contradictions… Ruling above seas of violent and raging contradictions, with the intrinsic sense of their higher worth… To enable oligarchies to do exactly the same, having divinized the behaviors. the ways of ‘God’ are evil and mysterious, even self-contradictory, to inure us to the evil, mysterious and self-contradictory ways plutocracies need to govern…

If a logical system contains a self-contradiction, it can imply any proposition…. Thus do anything. That is one of the more subtle ways how “God” enables plutocracies to do anything… Camus makes an allusion to that phenomenon in the Plague, when a priest declares that now he would believe no more, or then would believe anything. An approach to God using mathematical logic gives a new angle on that supremacy concept, and why self-contradiction is central to it.

Admitting “God” is admitting anything.

Including various “Holocausts”.

In sha’Allah.

Patrice Ayme

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One Response to ““God”, No decidable Proposition, Ruins Effective Brainpower. Secular Penury And Dictatorship Are Intended Consequences From Frying The Logic!”

  1. Gmax Says:

    What if God is the contradiction which keeps on living?


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