Obsessed By Clean Air

Clean Air Is What We Need, Not Just Vaccines:
After censoring earlier observations of mine on masks, the NYT finally published this:

After the cholera epidemics of the Nineteenth Century, a conclusion imposed itself: cities needed clean water. After COVID, a conclusion is that we need clean air. We have the technology: High Efficiency Particle Air, HEPA filters can eliminate most of the viruses and bacteria from the air, using Van Der Waals forces. Masks cannot do that. HEPA filters should be mandatory everywhere.

Without HEPA, viruses build up in the air, and then circumvent masks’ fibers. So mask or no mask, in an enclosed room, after two hours, if one person exudes viruses, everybody catches said virus (N95 means 95% efficiency at 300 nanometers; but the virus is 100 nanometers, and 95% is not 99.97% anyway… The latest number is what HEPA filters achieve… On their first pass…), Not taking any of this in consideration explains the lamentable results of some countries with COVID. One can compare comparables.

The USA and its CDC, with their armies of well paid “experts”, have fared badly…. compared to some comparable countries. While the vaccine development has been remarkable, especially the mRNA vaccines, the mask mandates have been ineffective. That can be seen epidemiologically. Just today the CDC finally agreed that many masks worn in the US don’t work very well. Telling what peer reviewed articles said on the subject causes censorship in social media.

Living with pandemics cannot be avoided: too many people, too much travel. A good mitigation strategy is HEPA filters everywhere. They are cheap.


Mendham,NJ replied:

@Patrice Ayme You are obsessed with Hepa filters. That is one small part of the equation; not the most important. The most important factor with Covid is its biology. The way it behaves is erratic and in a way it has a mind of its own. This is why all the experts have been wrong now for two years, not only in this country but throughout the world. This disease has to be controlled as a prn basis and with support services until it peter out as it is doing now. The hysteria has to stop. This viral disease is not cholera which can be controlled and treated with appropriate antibiotics and environmental and social issues.


Well, literally, air filtration of viruses and bacteria is antibiotic… anti-bio: against life. Another comment on the preceding was authorized:

Joseph DiBello
Marlborough MA

Your points are valid, but Patrice is right about the masks and air filtration.


Peer reviewed articles have show that masks, as used in the USA can be five times worse than… no mask (the CDC is still in denial of that). As a result France, and other European governments, outlawed nearly all mask types, more than a year ago. Millions of masks were destroyed.  

At face value, the US expert establishment connected to the CDC is arguably the worst… in the world. Just look at the numbers.


Fauci, in an explosion of hubris, said that “attacking him was attacking science”. No, it’s attacking corruption in science. NIH called “gain of function” by a slightly different name, and then proceeded to finance the Wuhan Insititute of Virology to do just that on many species of bat corona viruses… While knowing the lab was not respecting the level 4 (maximal) safety necessary to do this. Whether that caused the pandemic or not is not sure. What is sure, is that it was, per se, a criminal act.

We need clean air!

Patrice Ayme

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