US COVID Experts’ Expertise: World Death Record, Towering Personal Wealth

Granted, how COVID deaths are recorded, or estimated, varies. Granted, population with more older people have higher percentage of COVID deaths. Yet, the differences worldwide are striking… and real. India, after apocalyptic predictions, went completely the other way, admittedly with a younger population, and got out of the pandemic by the end of 2021. The USA, led by the noisy privileged Dr. Fauci [0], who interacted with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the domain of modifying bat viruses, fared worst with COVID. No argument: the numbers speak for themselves:

The USA has the world wealthiest, and most incompetent epidemiological experts, objective numbers of per capita death show. It is easy to figure out a relationshionship between wealth, corruption and deliberate incompetency. What about a criminal inquiry?

Why did this happen? Not protecting the most vulnerable populations: see “Democratic” governor Cuomo in New York, refusing the ship Mercy offered by “Republican” president Trump, and, instead stuffing back COVID patients in old folks’ homes…. where they promptly got infected and died.

Another factor has been naive overdependency on lockdowns and the efficiency of masks in confined enclosures after a few minutes. The epidemological graphs are very clear: social distancing without masks worked, but, with masks, social distancing did not work. It’s paradoxical, but logical, as a micrometric mask can’t stop a nanometric virus.

General lockdowns have not been shown to work, and have many very adverse effects. In some countries (France), citizens were prevented from accessing the grand outdoors, national parks, empty beaches, etc. Clear fascism devoid of rationality of the sort even Twentietch Century fascists never dreamed of imposing onto their own populations [1]…

For the elite establishment, the advantages of this COVID disaster have been multiple, and not just from greater profits, by getting rid of expensive workers. A foremost advantage of COVID for the elite has been the disrespect of one’s own reasoning capability stupid mandates allegedly against COVID have provided with. When something creates a good feeling, people try their best to make that something come around. Imposing fascism always makes elites feel good. COVID has been excellent that way, for the elites.

Elites have always an interest in fascizing the population, hence always favor the Authority Principle. COVID has provided an occasion to do so, in the name of health, atruism.

The general population has been inculcated with the notion that obeying blindly to very stupid orders is highly moral. Resisting such a (stupid) Authority Principle was not just immoral, illegal, “right wing”, thus racist… But even that those who resist the Authority Principle are “terrorists”. The day after I and others pointed out that nobody had been indicted for “sedition” or “insurrection” in the USA, eleven persons were charged that way (as I had predicted they would be). Including a Naval Veteran, long retired with 100% disability, an elderly gentleman who walks with a cane…

Even Harvard historians are aghast that citizens protesting the government are now charged with “terrorism”. “I’m surprised but not shocked,” Noah Feldman, a Harvard legal historian, said about the sedition charges on Thursday. “It’s a hard charge to prove. And it has this distinctive history of being used by governments who overreached in prosecuting their citizens.”

Ah, if even Harvard is turning against the establishment, that is, itself, something is happening. Distinctive history of overreach? Is the USA going the way of Putin’s Russia? In Putin’s Reich basically all opponents have been charged with “sedition”.

Patrice Ayme


[0} Dr. Fauci’s household is worth more than 10.5 million dollars, in stock investments alone… and earned 1.7 million in 2020. His wife Christine Grady is the chief bio-ethicist at the National Institutes of Health (no nepotism, circulate…).

Dr. Fauci is the top-paid federal employee earning a base salary of $434,312 in 2020. Fauci is the Director of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and current Chief Medical Advisor to the President. Fauci out-earned the U.S. president ($400,000); four-star generals in the military ($282,000); and roughly 4.3 million other federal employees. 

But it does not stop there. During the pandemic year of 2020, the Fauci household income, perks and benefits, and unrealized gains totaled $1,782,807 — including federal income and benefits of $868,812; outside royalties and travel perks totaling $119,626; and investment accounts increasing by $794,369.

However, critics say that Fauci was funding research that was actually creating pandemic pathogens in labs that, if leaked or if fell into the wrong hands, might create the very human pandemic they were trying to prevent.

Something like that happened in France, with two prion deaths. France immediately closed 9 labs, as the situation is studied carefully. Prions, which are infective, chain reaction proteins, create some neurological diseases similar to Alzheimer.

The case of the wealthy Fauci household is general: the reason US health care cost so much is that the medical and pharmaceutical establishment is made of wealthy individuals… Once, long ago, a doctor made more than six million dollars, from Medicare alone… It made a scandal at the time…

[1] French authorities claimed that it was a principle of equity to not let some citizens access the outdoors when others could not. Let you, the rabble, all be poor at the same time, in the same way…

The hypocrisy was colossal, as the established elite had to respect none of that. In the United Kingdom, while the government imposed French-like fascist lockdowns, booze and maskless parties rocked 10 Downing street, the seat of the UK government, one after the other, and ministers evaded restrictions. The UK Prime Minister, opportunisitic Brexiter Johnson, presented his apology to the plutocrat-in-chief, the Queen (sorry, your highness, to have shown our privileged hand to the rabble).

In the USA, the abundance of the private jet industry, with 1.2 million employees, was in no way affected by all the lockdown silliness imposed on the bleating plebs. Exclusive ski resorts blossomed.

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3 Responses to “US COVID Experts’ Expertise: World Death Record, Towering Personal Wealth”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Yes the arrogance and incompetence is amazing, but the dems go right along, and as you say the fact they fling it in our faces is part of the plan. It’s like catch us if you can


  2. Jeff Robinson Says:

    Don’t forget about the politicians, judges and lawyers. It seems that they are all in it together. If you truly want medical costs to decrease, you have to get government uninvolved.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Good point, Jeff. Well, as far as I am concerned, Big Law is a crucial articulation of the establishment. Other countries, all other countries, have lower health care costs, often drastically lower costs, with better health outcomes… because the *correct* sort of government is involved. Monopolies are private affairs, and that’s what we have here…


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