Putin 2022 = Hitler 1936

What is the most important lesson we learn from history, when considering World War Two? That France should have fought Hitler in 1936. Similarly, we should fight Putin now… and for very similar reasons.

If France had fought Hitler in 1936, instead of waiting until 1939, and the fall of Spain, the French would have discovered a number of military tactics and equipment the Nazis refined in Spain during three years of war there (1936-1939). Among them, using the air force for ground support, putting radios in all and any tanks, the importance of aerial reconnaissance, and… amphetamines. The French military learned all of that in one week in the middle of May 1940. When they had finished their lessons, the Battle of France had been lost.

Had the French army fought the Nazis in Spain, it would have defeated them, and learned how to defeat Nazis. Yes the Spanish republicans were divided, as the Ukrainians now are. 

Ferocious antagonism from London (with its Nazi king) and Washington (with its French envy plutocrat FDR at the helm), plus the Nazis organizing both the winter and summer Olympics, and the fact the left was in power in France, and a Jew to boot, made the French balk under pressure… They didn’t attack Hitler for invading Spain, and the Rhineland, and establishing a dictatorship in Germany. Big mistake.

We also learn that one man, the top general of the French army, could not have taken better decisions than those he took, in the service of the Nazis. Of course, he was an idiot who didn’t know the first thing about generalship (keep a reserve!). But there is more: Gameli’s crushing incompetency may not have been really accidental. Of his own admission, Gamelin was more worried in 1936 by Leon Blum, a Jew, Prime Minister of France and head of the “Front Populaire”… than by the Nazis. The incredible mess in which he deployed the French army in 1940, exposing it at Sedan, exactly where the Prussians had triumphed in 1870, is too blatant to be sheer incompetence. 

All of this relates to Ukraine, including the treachorous aspect. Traitors are the more efficient, the more they are found in unexpected places. 

Dictator Putin is the first invader in Europe since Hitler. Like Hitler, Putin won’t stop, and for the same reasons: he already went way too far, assassinating the opposition, instrumentalizing the entire state for his personal service and that of his goons. Putin also made his country an economic failure. At this point, Putin is fighting for his life, not just his own comfort. Differently from Biden, who can fear at most only insults from his opponents, Putin has committed serious crimes against the Republican constitution.

So Putin is more than just Putin: he has become a maleficent process, an avalanche of desires, with formidable mental inertia, burned bridges, and many bridges too far.

Moreover, Putin wrote explicitly that, actually, Ukraine meaning “border region“, it’s not actually a nation, but the border region of Moscow centric Russia. So naturally, he has been messing up Ukraine for more than a decade, lying his way through…

New York Times Jan. 22, 2022: Britain Says Moscow Is Plotting to Install a Pro-Russian Leader in Ukraine In a highly unusual public statement, backed by U.S. officials, London named the putative head of a potential puppet government but few other details.

The British government said Saturday that the Kremlin was developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine — and had already chosen a potential candidate — as President Vladimir V. Putin weighs whether to order the Russian forces amassed on Ukraine’s border to attack.

… Calling Putin “president” in 2022 is similar to calling Hitler “president and chancellor” (in one word, guide, Fuhrer) in 1936. Hitler had killed some of his opposition, so did Putin. Parliamentary elections were held in Germany on 29 March 1936. They took the form of a single-question referendum, asking voters whether they approved of the military occupation of the Rhineland and a single party list for the new Reichstag composed exclusively of Nazis and nominally independent ‘guests’ of the party. Like previous votes in the Nazi era, it was rigged, with a claimed turnout of 99% and 98.8% voting in favor. Putin does not rig as much, but enough, and has killed and jailed his main opposition.

New York Times: The highly unusual public communiqué by the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, issued late at night in London, comes at a moment of high-stakes diplomacy between the Kremlin and the West. Russia has deployed more than 100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders that could, according to American officials, attack at any moment. “The information being released today shines a light on the extent of Russian activity designed to subvert Ukraine, and is an insight into Kremlin thinking,” Liz Truss, Britain’s foreign secretary, said in a statement. “Russia must de-escalate, end its campaigns of aggression and disinformation, and pursue a path of diplomacy.”

The British announcement was the second time in just over a week that a Western power had publicly accused Russia of meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs, part of a concerted effort to pressure Mr. Putin to de-escalate. On Jan. 14, the United States accused the Kremlin of sending saboteurs into eastern Ukraine to create a provocation that could serve as a pretext for invasion.

Dictator Putin made clear he wants to reconquer all the lands of imperial Russia to maximum extent: he calls the disappearance of the USSR the “greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century”. Putin won’t stop with Ukraine, so he has to be stopped in Ukraine. Klar worse than Hitler in 1936!

In 1936, the Anglo-Saxons persuaded the French Republic NOT to fight for Republican Spain against dictators Mussolini and Hitler. Now we are confronting the dictators of Russia and Belarus, with Xi in the shadows, similar to Japanese dictator and emperor Hirohito in 1936.

Peace fanatics, now, at any cost, will suggest letting Putin invade Ukraine, hoping for no resistance. 

However, the fact is Ukraine is a different country with a different history and a different language, so they would be condoning a crime. 

The fact also is that Russia is a thermonuclear autocracy and thus automatically, a threat to world peace. By not rescuing our democratic neighbor, we are attacking ourselves. 

And not least, if Putin occupied Ukraine, he would have to keep on moving for reasons similar to Hitler in World War Two (vast subject). There are other actors, in particular China. Also Europe would rearm. After all, Putin based, years ago, very dangerous missiles in the Kaliningrad Oblast…  (ex-Prussia)  

When the Nazis rolled in, they always found locals to help them, because human beings are fundamentally predatory, and, if downtrodden in society, will try to exact vengeance. This is why many Jews were lilled in eastern Europe during the Nazi offensive: many local inhabitants killed Jews, independently of the Nazis, because they didn’t like them… as many Jews had been used by the… invading Soviets, prior to that. 

Turns out Ann Frank was probably betrayed by a Jew. My family, on the other hand, who sheltered Jews quasi-industrially, was saved by someone who worked at the Grenoble Gestapo and gave them a warning (my grandparents had a cordial relationship with a Gestapo employee…)  

So Putin will find plenty of arrivistes to help him establish tyranny in Ukraine…. 

Yes, the West is bad, a parody of democracy… But Putin is way worse.

Patrice Ayme

A Ukrainian soldier at the border with Russia. With troops now deployed in Belarus, Putin threatens 4,000 kilometers of Ukrainian border. The Russians have deployed thousands of troops nearby and, according to a British assessment, are seeking to install a new government in Ukraine.

P/S: Since her December 2021 appointment as Germany’s new foreign minister, in the new German government, a cocktail of “Liberals”, “Socialists” and “Ecologists”, Annalena Baerbock reiterated her country’s refusal to supply arms to Ukraine, citing an “historical responsibility” not to deliver any weapons to crisis zones. Many Ukrainians were unimpressed by this argument and questioned why Germany’s sense of “historical responsibility” did not extend to the approximately eight million Ukrainians killed during WWII, thanks to German activity.

The argument shows that present day government Germans still do not get the main practical lesson from Nazism: when you see clear and definite evil of the worst type, you resist it by all and any means, and that means, weapons. One would hope that Germany would finally understand that armed resistance was the way out of Hitler, and, thus, sending weapons to a “crisis zone”. But no, not enough reading and percepting yet…

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32 Responses to “Putin 2022 = Hitler 1936”

  1. benign Says:

    Be very afraid! Russia Russia Russia!

    No, I doubt Putin will invade. And the West is better in the last several decades on the international terrorism front–no way.

    Your mind has been Californicated, my dear, I am afraid, to take such pro-Biden (pro-Vichy-Chinese positions.

    cheers. we shall see what happens …


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My anti-fascist hysteria is very old. Once in Paris I was bombed by authentic French fascists who knew me all too well (I had scrambled their minds with my oratory). A hero got between me and the tossed bomb, and was the one disintegrated.
      I have seen California evolve. It did not use to be as it is now, and as it is now I pretty much hate it.
      Biden is an employee of the Deep State.
      I am neither pro, nor anti Biden. Just as with Trump, I go decision by decision.
      Even the Deep State doesn’t know what it wants in Ukraine.

      Putin is not like Biden, Trump, or Obama, or any US president, or even any French president (and that includes Napoleon III). Putin is a dictator who kills his opponents. Napoleon III did not kill his opponents and liberated Italy (at huge human cost in battlefield losses).
      I have written articles against Putin for two decades. I linked to some.
      The analysis Putin made of Eastern Europe is very similar to Hitler’s (I have thousands of pages of Hitler at home). Just replace “Slavic” by “German”.
      If the Ukrainian army had 20,000 anti-tank weapons, Putin would not attack. But the US sent only 200 (two hundred)….

      California is burning… even now, in January. The clowns are in denial. Freinds of mine keep on skiing, at huge cost, financial and ecological, while California burns… Hotel California is on fire, and they are checked out, and can’t ever leave…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Benign… To feed your windmill here… ;-)… I was reading foreign media in a foreign language and fell on statements made by Biden supposedly… Closest in English was:
      https://www.ft.com › content
      Nov 24, 2020 — Joe Biden on Tuesday said America was “back, ready to lead the world” at an event to unveil his new foreign policy team that marked a clear .

      I am a sort of theoretician of the US Deep State nefariousness… So the first ready to believe the US would organize another war in Europe… But here Putin is obviously doing 99% of the work, by asserting that states of Eastern Europe are not sovereign, and should be submitted to Moscow (I am not exaggerating, he really said that, to put it in a few words…)

      And no doubt some in the US Deep State welcome another war in Europe. others, though, are probably more astute and realize that the US is on the frontlines right from the start here, and nukes have no soul… Hence the Biden oscillations about incursion OK, incursion = invasion… Or maybe just mental confusion, Belzebuth knows…


  2. benign Says:

    Yes, thanks for the response. Russ and USA are very similar in DS assassinating political enemies (JFK, Reagan almost, Paul Wellstone…); also very similar in being highly unequal oligarchies of mostly Jewish oligarchs. So I do not see Putin being any worse than we there. I think we are worse international terrorists, as I said.

    Re: what does DS want re:Ukraine and Europe? my spec is that they know EU is broke, bond market destroyed, ECB allegedly unable to print money the way Fed can. So DS may want to attach EU physical assets in return for “protection,” that old Mafia gambit. Problem is Putin will spank milquetoast NATO bad if they aggress. That old gambit will backfire.

    Putin’s demands are reasonable. Cuban missile crisis redux: total symmetry. We should just make a deal, honor Minsk II and agree no NATO for Ukraine. More, we should be pivoting to Russia, as Germany is, to create a Western counterforce to China (who loves to the West bickering among themselves, why they are pushing China Joe to instigate Ukraine crisis).

    But lunatics are running the country now, and the sooner we get rid of them the better.


  3. kathw Says:

    Agree. Just from a power dynamic, Putin sees current U.S. chaos/weakness and NATO reticence re Ukraine as optimal timing for invasion. Ego+Belief = Witches Brew.
    David Brooks’ point about the U.S. learning its lesson too well re failed wars (Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan) rings true – – i.e., it’s over-correcting in its withdrawal strategy – – resulting in the current Western defense ambivalence/paralysis. Putin sees the stasis/standoff as his best chance to satisfy his ego/belief that Russian territory be restored – – back to Catherine’s 1790 empire, or at least back to 1980s Soviet Union. Also, an expanding Russia could better counter China’s ascendance.
    There’s a lot of revanchist energy here – – all serving the belief in Tsarist Autocracy. For Putin in particular, this will salve his ego/aggrievement about the fall of Soviet Union in 1989.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Kathleen. Putin makes a historical analysis centered on the dominance of what he calls “Moscovia” (Moscow)… He ignores that 968 years ago, France was allied to the fully constituted nation of Ukraine… Two centuries before Moscow was created as a fort…


  4. kathw Says:

    Unintentionally posted reply to benign – – disagree – – s/b reply to PA.
    Agree w/ PA. As bad as West is, “…Putin is way worse”.


    • benign Says:

      We will see how smart Putin is. If he is really smart, he will do nothing and let NATO cluck itself into oblivion. There is no objective argument that Putin is “way worse” than US, not a shred.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Putin makes a historical analysis centered on the dominance of what he calls “Moscovia” (Moscow)… He ignores that 968 years ago, France was allied to the fully constituted nation of Ukraine… Two centuries before Moscow was created as a fort…


  5. Gmax Says:

    This is real scary stuff. Questions: you always talk about the deep state. What interest has US deep state in war with Russia? Could it go nuclear?


  6. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Whatever happens, the French army is training to go to war with Russia. Not next year, but next week. Good job Putin! The damage is done.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed! En effet!
      Putin is reinforcing NATO!


    • benign Says:

      Putin is asking for parity in buffer zones, just as in 1960s. NATO is provoking a war by sanctions and ignoring a reasonable request. I really do not believe Putin has territorial ambitions beyond having a buffer zone and being left alone. However, Putin has said that he learned on the streets of Leningrad as a youth that if a fight is inevitable, better to throw the first punch.

      China and the WEF are using their asset “Joe Biden” to do salami tactics on the West and Russia. Sooner or later China will double-cross Russia, because they want their land, and USA’s. Biden has already weakened the US military with poisonous injections, causing many to quit rather than take the shot.

      Russia also has a nuclear strategy of “escalating to deescalate,” by which they impose a first strike and ask for deescalation before a second round.

      China Joe and his Obama neocons should be removed from office immediately. This is just insane. NATO will not win any war, ground or otherwise, in Europe. You are hung up in WWII fantasy reruns. The West should be pivoting to Russia. The Zionist international bankers and the Chinese think they will share the spoils if the West goes down, but only one party will come out on top if it goes that way. And we will all be dead or serfs who wish we were dead.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        NATO is a DEFENSIVE alliance of SOVEREIGN countries. If Danemark wants in NATO, that’s Danemark, not Uncle Sam. Poland was occupied by the Russian empire and its accomplice the Prussian empire, for centuries until 1919. Poland was rescued mostly by FRANCE. So now NATO, deep down inside, contrarily to repute a FRENCH project (I am talking ona four centuries scale here) is protecting Poland.
        French armor is presently training in Baltic republic… In 1940, France and UK had launched their Finland rescue operation against USSR, Nazism…

        Fact is fascist thermonuclear dictators are the worst. They are even worse than Hitler categore… and of course even plutocracy dominated “representive” “democracies”…

        Obama “Neocons” do exist, HOWEVER, I was for the Libyan intervention, and may have played a drastic role. I persist and sign. What was lamentable was the follow-up…

        OK< got to absolutely run right now, I will be back later… 😉


        • benign Says:

          If you were for the trashing of Libya, you are a reactionary interventionist neocon Democrat, a tool of the MIC. Same goes if. you supported Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Serbia, Afghanistan, Vietnam. The Fed/MIC complex has looted the country for decades, and now we are broke (but they aren’t, as CAF points out).

          The Bidens have probably gotten *billions* from the Chinese. That’s the way it works at that level.

          Sad to see someone who thinks she’s so smart turn out to be so obtuse. If Putin is smart, he will let NATO throw the first punch, the bio-terror FF in Donbas, expose it, and then take the Donbas and spank NATO proportionately and sue for peace. If NATO has any brains left, they’ll take it. Putin knows China will double-cross him at the first opportunity and does not want a two-front war. But it is China Joe’s job to give it to him. Why can’t you see that? WWIII is a war of the elites against the people.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            It is not that simple.
            You reason out of slogan, and simplistic categories. I lived and grew up in places where coups and dictatorships happen. My family lost everything, including the native country, and my uncle, a big brother to me, who was a leftist, got killed by the FLN (long story I am unwilling to tell at this point)
            Kadafi spoiled some of my haunts as a child to sow war where there was peace, honor, hope and beauty. The area is at war ever since.

            I was against, resolutely the first and second war against Saddam (he was a much better dictator than Kadafi; also used and abused by the West). The intervention in “Serbia” was actually started by France, not the US. As Sarajevo was getting destroyed by heavy artillery, after many warnings, French artillery started counter strikes on Serb positions. French air force followed. UK, and then NATO intervened later. Clinton finally followed…

            Syria became very complicated because of belated French and US intervention. By then Turkey and OPutin had moved in.

            Putin has already thrown the first punch, because he rejects the notion that EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES ARE INDEPENDENT OF MOSCOW.

            The essay below preceded the intervention of BHL by weeks. BHL (wealthy Jewish heir, hahaha) then swayed his friend Sarkozy, who later ordered the bombing a Saturday morning, as Gaddafi’s forces were entering the capital of eastern Libya. Clinton and her aides were aghast whn they learned the French had attacked…
            If it turns out the essay is historic (re-hahaha). Anyway I can’t be accused of being a bleating follower of Lucifer knows whom…

            Intelligent people can walk and chew gum, and can fight several dictators at once. In 1940, the French republic was at war with more than four dictators: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito… Well, after the treachorous general, ultimately, France won…


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        We have long known the Bidens got at least 5 million dollars from China. New accounting shows it’s more like 31 million dollars. US Congress should inquire. It’s not just Fox News, but also the BBC & New York Times which are finding rats scurrying around…


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        The dictatorship in Russia is unsustainable as a strategic risk for the West, including the USA, contrarily to what Tucker Carlson claims in his righteous naivety of untravelled military historian.
        Right now it turns out the situation has to be taken care of: the dictator exerted blackmail, trampling all sovereignity of independent countries. China could cause problems, but it is even less in a good situation to make war, at this point, than Russia is.
        One fights a war best when the aggressor is not ready.
        That things went wrong in 1939-40 was mostly due to the US Deep State’s secret agenda of getting rid of western Europe as a world power.

        “Pivoting to Russia” is similar in 2022 as “pivoting to Germany in 1936”. Actually, there was no Germany, there was Hitler. And there is NO Russia, there is Putin.

        “Zionist international bankers” no doubt exist, but there are even more “international bankers” and “bankers”…Israel is 10% of the population of France, and the French EEZ, the world’s largest, is 500 times the Israel EEZ… So let the Jews in peace, some of them can be exasperating, like anybody, yet, not as much as me, by a long shot, and they suffered enough already…


        • benign Says:

          You have succumbed to war fever. Stupendenously stupid anachronistic take on the current world situation. You think we would let Putin put missiles in Cuba, because we respect Cuba as a “sovereign country?” Realpolitik, baby, not your delusional rantings. There is no gain to this provocation except to “wag the dog” and try to win elections … but the Dem’s (of which I was once one) are history, if we have fair elections ever again. … [Your mental health would improve if you left Cali, btw. I believe there are mental “field effects.” Think about it.] Cheers.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The wise is always at war.

            None of these positions of mine are new…
            What’s new is Putin’s ultimatum.

            As far as putting nuclear hypersonic missiles, of the skimming type, this is exactly what Putin did, long ago, in Kaliningrad oblast. My position on that outrage, then, was as now.

            Germany has dictator fever, as usual. Merkel was probably a Moscow plant. After all she took herself for a Tzarina… There is no reason to submit to Moscow anymore than to say Berlin, Tokyo, or Rome… Actually those four were allies in 1940, all at war with France…

            I do agree that Californians tend to be morons too busy making $500/hour to think anything but love for Plutos… The advantage of masks is that you can see the stupidity at great distance, like this woman who was running on a trail today, with a canvass, gator mask, like she was going to hold up somebody, and would put her hands on top of her scarf as she passed people. That excited me so much, I caught up with her, and fish-tailed her, sans masque, of course… Thrice… War, honey, nothing like it…


          • benign Says:

            You are your party are living in a fantasy land and will destroy this country unless stopped.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I do not approve of Democratic Party policies since… Hmmm… JFK, RFK? Last half decent US president was Bush Senior (and I was against the Iraq war…) Reagan was terrible, but not as bad as Clinton.
            Registration to Dem enables to vote in various cases in California, a one party state… Schwarznegger (R) and Brown (D) were half decent governors… At the level of the policies they imposed. Newsom was always a diasaster even when SF mayor (whereas the present black woman dem mayor is not bad… For now…)

            My fiend Obama was of course very disappointing…


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Fiend was a typo, but it fits…


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        WW2 fantasy reruns? Ike is replaced by his ex-professor, Patton, misbehaves, and Patton slaps him hard. Then Patton drives to Jukov, puts him on a big white horse, they go arrest Stalin and the Politburo, Stalin is put on trial for crimes aginast humanity, etc.
        Yalta was made to weaken Europe for the US Deep State…


  7. Don Kemerling Says:

    Jan 24
    Replying to @Tyranosopher
    Britain also came out with anti-Saddam propaganda just before the Iraq War was waged. The 5-eyes perpetrated the idea that Trump made a deal with the Russians get elected. GB is not reliable, except when perpetrating narratives to support deception.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Right about Trump. Yet, even the unreliable is sometimes right. Example the Kathlyn massacre, when the Nazis alleged that the Soviets killed dozens of thousands of Polish intellectuals and officers… The madness of Putin here is above the board, one just needs to read HIM, not the Anglo-Saxons!


  8. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Putin is a vile, uneducated, uncultured, uninformed apparatchik dictator of a failed country which produces nothing except armaments and fossil fuels.

    What have you got in your home stamped “Made in Russia”? Many Russians outside Moscow live in relative poverty. His regime murders its exiled enemies à la Trotsky. He laments the end of the hideous USSR.

    Even he is not so stupid as to believe NATO is a real threat. His current posturing is only designed to disguise a wish and perhaps intention to resurrect the USSR, starting with Ukraine, which he believes “belongs” to Russia.

    He is the natural soulmate of the even more vile XI of China. The world deserves better than these two Satanic monsters. I increasingly believe that Homo Sapiens is deservedly doomed. Good people are not blameless, for they have allowed these sub-humans to thrive and threaten nuclear Armageddon. Tiny South Korea is a vastly more impressive nation than huge, soulless, nasty Russia.

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