Putin And The Ape In Us

Ecologically Cornered, Putin Wants To Attack, Kill, Occupy… As Primitive Humans Always Did. When Eco-Stressed. But We Have Better Ways Now.

Fires have been burning in Siberia even with temperatures as low as minus 61 Centigrades (that’s minus 78 F)… The permafrost caught fire, and keeps on burning below the snow… the frozen ground is full of desiccated carbon rot and methane… As the water is frozen solid, firefighters have been reduced to stomping the ground with their boots, or shovels. A strange scene, 10,000 kilometers east of Moscow and its reigning tyrant, Putin… who logically enough, would prefer to invade in a westerly direction… These so-called “zombie fires” have appeared in the last few years in quickly warming polar regions. They are 100% caused by the CO2 calamity. Polar regions are warming up at four times the average of the rest of the planet [1].  

Basically the permafrost transforms itself into dry peat, and then burns. Peat fires are a serious problem. Serious science is now considering them, while they smolder from Siberia to Indonesia, releasing billions of tons of CO2 yearly (total fossil fuel burning is 35 billion tons CO2 per year). I have long claimed such fires could become so severe as to cause PLANETARY HYPOXIA… COVID for the entire biosphere…. (French president Macron repeated the claim, and was derided by corrupt scientists…)

Fires In Siberia are becoming a serious worldwide problem, be it only because they emit lots of CO2. They also heat up the permafrost, relaesing CH4 which is orders of magnitudes more of a greenhouse gas than CO2…

Tyrannical regimes generally care about themselves: stealing is a full time job, and they can’t afford any other, lest justice catches up with them.

So we are facing ecological devastation. we are facing a sixth mass extinction, and it has started. But, for the human species, it’s more of the same. Humans have changed the environment drastically, since the genius of this genus became dominant, say, two million years ago (when Homo Ergaster colonizing Eurasia started to wear animal furs to survive the cold winters). 

These human driven changes generally led to local extinctions, through ecological exhaustion, and were probably resolved the old fashion way, through mayhem… the case of the Maya is examplary: a civilization which had lasted millennia collapsed, from ecological devastation, after getting a first warning, and immediately after achieving its peak!

If a species causes problems, culling it, crashing its population, will solve said problems. Such is the human dilemma: prosperity requires calamity. So it is to be feared that one of the oldest most established human instincts is self-destruction: the ferocity of adult humans against humans creates a homeostasis which enables the human genus to avoid termination events, paradoxically, through war. 

Thus the way Putin behaves, lashing out at neighbors while his frozen tundra burns, is the oldest trick: if eight billion humans damage Earth, maybe one could reduce their numbers by 90%, and sprinkle the whole thing with radioactive dust?  Humanity has long profited from lunatics such as Putin, with a reduced sense of risk (this trait of Putin was uncovered by his KGB handlers).

Putin emotes to facilitate conflict and mayhem, because that trait has proven so evolutionary advantageous, that this self-destruction inclination is one of the oldest human instincts. So paradoxically the termination schock Putin, and the climate calamity bring to his country, invites Putin to risk further wrecking his country. One would think that, confronted to the climate calamity, Putin would opt for resilience, as more and more political leaders do [2].

Other leaders will be encouraged to choose resilience once everybody realizes that Putin has opted for basic primatology, bashing the neighbors, instead of thinking creatively about the huge problems at hand.

Eco-logy is the logic of the house. The house Putin built is full of fossil fuels. Russia is a monoculture of fossil fuels. It depends upon selling its CO2 generating fuels to Western Europe. So Russia a la Putin is condemned in the medium term, as we will have to stop the CO2 nonsense (we are at 600 ppm of CO2 equivalent, according to my computations, and we should reach 1,000 ppm, which is probably as much as at the peak of the Jurassic).

Putin is cornered, so Putin is a bad, very bad ape, he runs around all agitated and wants us to be all very afraid. We need a tranquillizer gun… France and Germany are trying to soothe him through the “Normandy Format”[3]

Hopefully, the ape will regain his senses… before things end up the old fashion way…

Patrice Ayme

[1] NYT Friedman wrote a good editorial on replacing resistance motivated leaders by resilience motivated leaders. Biden told President Vladimir Putin that Russia has something much more important to worry about than whether Ukraine looks East or West — namely, “a burning tundra that will not freeze again naturally.”

My translation: Yo, Vladimir, while you’ve been busy putting your “little green men” into Ukraine — all those masked Russian soldiers in green uniforms without insignia — little green shoots have been popping up in your warming tundra. Siberia had a totally freakish, hyper-extreme weather event — a forest fire that firefighters had to stomp out with their boots because the local water sources were all frozen.

I’m pretty sure this was the first time a U.S. president ever tried to persuade a Russian leader to get out of his neighbor’s front yard and focus instead on saving his own backyard — because as Siberia is affected by climate change, it will threaten Russia’s stability a lot more than anything that happens in Ukraine.

Alas, Putin is part of a generation of world leaders who know how to build their popularity only on the strength of their resistance to enemies abroad and at home.


[2] From Friedman rolling out what serious leaders should do, resilience to resist the climate calamity: …”the energy-water deal that Israel, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates…. The U.A.E. — whose leader, Mohammed bin Zayed, is the most prominent Arab ruler working to build his stature by delivering resilience — would finance the construction by an Emirati firm of a huge solar power plant in Jordan that would generate cheap electricity for Israel, which would build a desalination plant on the Mediterranean and send water to an increasingly parched Jordan…. EcoPeace Middle East is an alliance of Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian environmentalists that has been pushing for a regional strategy called a Green Blue Deal. It would build on the Jordan-Israel-U.A.E. accord but also include the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza and extend to both fresh water and electricity…


[3] Pressure on Putin is exerted not just from the “Anglo-Saxons”, but also NATO itself (30 countries, some of which were occupied by Moscow for centuries and still survived… Ukraine, since the 17C, but also Poland and the Balts are among them), and the “Normandy” task force (France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia)… 

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6 Responses to “Putin And The Ape In Us”

  1. Gmax Says:

    I would venture to say your Russian readers are not going to like it. Putin the ape. Running around acting up breaking stuff b/c Russia is doomed. But I love it. So how do you rate Biden?


  2. benign Says:

    Putin bad! Putin bad! … this is getting tiresome. Remember, China Joe is working for Xi, who is using salami tactics on US/Russia.

    My money still says Putin does not want the non-Russian-speaking part of Ukraine and will not invade. Maybe he will take Donbas, maybe not.

    He will announce that he is putting nukes in Cuba, and when US objects, say ok, then you promise not to put nukes in Ukraine.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    @EmmanuelMacron Putin est un dominateur et denominateur beaucoup trop commun: https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2022/01/27/putin-and-the-ape-in-us/


  4. MAT Says:

    Putin very bad, indeed. He refuses other nations’ sovereignty


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      This is the crux of the matter. Plutocrats around Putin explicitly want to rebuild the Russian empire at maximal extent:

      27 January 2022 5:01
      On what basis did Poland and Finland come out? We didn’t let them go!
      What should be the Beautiful Russian Empire of the Future. Interview with Konstantin Malofeev

      27 Января 2022 5:01
      «На каком основании вышли Польша и Финляндия? Мы их не отпускали!»
      Какой должна быть Прекрасная Российская Империя Будущего. Интервью с Константином Малофеевым


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Bulletin Of Atomic Scientist which disingenuously refuse to mention the possibility of invasion.]

    Putin made very clear in a July 2021 historical essay of 7,000 words that Ukraine is just a “borderland” of the Moscovian Rus. This is a complete rewriting of history. However, those following Putin believe that Ukraine, and much of Eastern Europe, do not exist as sovereign countries. So “military-technical” may simply mean an invasion. indeed, time is working against Putin’s autocracy and its dependency upon a wasting asset, fossil fuels. Reconquista of the USSR is now or never.


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