WILL IS NOT RIGHT. On Pro-Hitler, Pro-Putin, Pro-Fascist Cowardice

Scared rabits do not wisdom make. Have you seen Putin, sitting at a table, an immense distance, at least seven meters, from Macron, the French president, or Lavrov, Putin’s own foreign minister? Why is Putin such a scared rabbit? Doesn’t the famous “Sputnik” Russian vaccine work? Or has Putin’s brain been affected by COVID… Explaining his willingness to reduce the “world to radioactive ashes“, as Putin’s main propagandists said several times, with lurid details. Russia Today, the regime’s Pravda, had a big blaring title:”Russia threatens France with nuclear war“. About what exactly? France did not send one weapon we know of to Ukraine. Never mind, it’s the gesture which counts. 

In 1939 Russia invaded Finland and Poland. Invading Eastern European countries is an old, centuries old, Kremlin habit: keep on invading to weaken them. Moscow has spent much of the last four centuries attacking and invading, not just all the way to California (!), but also in Eastern Europe. Amusingly, some of the pseudo-left, misled that Moscow was a place of world liberation, have expressed their hatred for humanity by justifying this habitual horror the Kremlin has visited on the world. 

The argument goes around, among cowards, that, because a dictator has more will, he will win. This vile and stupid logic, that will makes right, is an ancient weapon of those who fight against human rights

The argument can be found in The West Must Accept Reality in Ukraine, a piece probably planted by a Chinese double agent to make the invasion of Taiwan more palatable (read her reasoning below: [1]; basically there is none… Such propaganda pieces in Project Syndicate, a consortium of more than 500 media organization financed by the Deep Plutocracy: Soros, Gates, etc.; they never run out of promoted prostitutes to flaunt their submission to masters… Yes, prostitutes, some started this way on the Internet, and are now esteemed PhDs…) 

In modern times, this argument that will subjugates everything was made by Hitler, and then, by those who were anxious to coexist with, and profit from, Hitler. Putin has done better than Hitler: feeling existentially denied by ever increasing Ukrainian democracy, while he jails and kills his opponents, and Ukraine changes parties and presidents, dictator Putin has threatened the world with nuclear war (more exactly his main mouthpiece, head of the Puting government news agency Russia Today, did so). Putin has understood that his regime can survive only through war. he had to wait until he made enough money from fossil fuels sold to the West, to be able to equip a modern army.

Putin has expressed sorrow about Kosovo’s independence (and sent special forces to prevent it; Kosovo is next to the Adriatic sea). Putin claimed Poland used to be Orthodox and then “the West” forced it to become Catholic. Poland, like Ukraine, is a “borderland” which should have nothing Putin does not like. Putin claims Russia has a right to subjugate all the countries of Eastern Europe. Putin has killed 15% of Chenchnya, and put a tyrant in power there. Putin also invaded parts of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, and annexed Belarus. 

The argument that it is wise “of accepting today’s harsh realities”, instead of fighting for democracy  is as old as those who did not want to fight for democracy. Thousands of dictators flaunting that they had more will, in the hope of scaring their opponents, were, in the end, destroyed and replaced by democracies.

Ukraine was conquered by the dictator Catherine of Russia, two centuries ago. Catherine extended the borders of the Russian Empire southward and westward to absorb New Russia (Ukraine),  Crimea, Northern Caucasus, Right-bank Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Courland. After the conquest by the Czarina, Ukrainian was suppressed as a language.

Putin clearly wants to do the same as Catherine… to start with.

Going even further than Hitler did during his own world war, Putin has written that Russians are presently victims of a genocide caused by Ukraine: ”Millions” are dying, he wrote. Pure invention: this is lunacy for all to see.

The present Ukrainian president is one of these “Russians” Putin claims are been killed in Ukraine, and that he needs to save. A lawyer by training, history teacher and famous Russophone comedian, Volodymir Zelenskyy beat by surprise the incumbent president in 2019, in a landslide.
Does Putin have neurological problems caused by a bout of COVID? Or is Putin just addicted to Hitler’s “Big Lie” method?

Any willingness to reach an agreement with Putin would be worse than British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Nazi Germany at Munich. This is not only correct, but it is vital to understand it. In the end, Hitler killed dozens of millions. Putin, with his 6,200+ nukes, could kill billions… It is not just a potentiality, an implicit threat, but a very explicit menace. Putin’s mouthpiece explicitly threatened that the entire world would be turned to “radioactive ash”. If that argument works now, it will be used again.   

The situation we suddenly have is much worse than China taking Taiwan by force. 

Preventing a never ending war in Eastern Europe is the best thing that the US and its allies can do to preserve not just Ukraine’s well-being, but the world’s survival. Nothing would compromise it more than giving in to nuclear blackmail. Russia has no more right (out of the UN Security Council, where it is a permanent member), than any other country in the world. Blackmailing countries with invasion and nuclear war is not a sustainable behavior. A rogue regime behaving that way should be embargoed as a preliminary to its disappearance from the concert of civilization. 

Oligarchies, the Oligarchic Principle, are intrinsically evil. Putin was grown and nurtured through the so-called “pipeline diplomacy” fostered by the powers that be in Western Europe… at the very least. World plutocracy wanted that “pipeline diplomacy”. Why? One reason is that oligarchies unite, they are stronger that way. It happened during the terrible wars of the Twentieth Century. It worked quite a bit as with Hitler: Putin and his goons stole, and much of the proceeds ended jacking up luxury prices in the West. If one owns a soccer team, Russian billionaires are nothing to sneeze at. Riciculously expensive private schools and clincs in Europe are full of relative of Russian potentates (Putin’s star girlfriend gave birth in one of these…)

What Putin is has been obvious for more than two decades. The obvious evil Putin represents has been in power for twice longer than Hitler. Now he has made this power even greater, by threatening the world with annihilation.

Facing thermonuclear will, we need thermonuclear resistance. Just as Hitler, Putin has got to have internal resistance. Faced with annihilation, this internal resistance will have to express itself… In a way it did with Germany: right the military organized coups against Hitler failed. In 1937, because the US plutocracy loved Hitler, and in 1942 or 1944, through bad luck (explosives did not explode in a plane, or, in July 1944, a sturdy table, and the conference being in a weak building outside instead of a strong bunker concentrating the explosion…). However, as Hitler wrote the piece of trash which constituted his… final will… Hitler complained that Germans had not fought to death. In the end, although they fought all too long, Germans had given up on Nazism… even Hitler saw that. (And this is why there was no Nazi resistance: Germans had deeply given up.)



The Ukrainians, starting in 1989, voted to give up on the dictatorship of the so-called “Proletariat”, and to embrace democracy. OK, Ukrainians are not Russians: Moscovites grew in the shadow of the Tatars (Putin’s sexual outlet is half Tatar), whereas Kyiv resisted the Mongols so much it got destroyed twice… Moscow adopted the Mongol, invading, subjugating and terrorizing mentality, Kyiv learned to resist it, at the cost of everything, in particular lives.

Putin hates the accord of association of Ukraine and the European Union from 2014: he knows this will boost Ukraine and its democracy, making his tyranny look terrible.

Today, Putin’s proxies or forces, shelled in kindergarten in Ukraine, hoping for escalation.

In 1939 Russia invaded Finland and Poland. In 1940, France and Britain, led by Daladier and Chamberlain repesctively, decided to come to the rescue of Finland. They would land in the north of their ally, Norway, occupied by the Nazis, and destroy the Nazis there (that part was done). The rest of the plan was to cut Sweden in two: Sweden had been supplying Hitler with top quality iron ore… and then open a supply route to Finland. Yes, Chamberlain, much criticized for pacifism, planned to do that.

Notice that I am not complaining too much about Biden: he is doing way better than the scared rabbit Obama… But not as well as he should: Biden could have sent a few thousand obsolete Stingers ground to air short range missiles to Ukraine and Putin would have long backed off. Trump, in a similar situation a few years ago, discreetly sent a few hundreds Javelin anti-tank missiles, when Putin was weaker, and Putin backed off. Now Putin is stronger, more missiles are needed.

Rabbits are not wise, because they never learned to manage conflicts…

Patrice Ayme


[1] Nancy Qian starts with the base and cowardly: 

In the fraught standoff between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, it is clear that Russia is far more committed to its cause than NATO is to the defense of Ukrainian sovereignty. The sooner the West recognizes this harsh reality, the better it will be for everyone, including Ukrainians.


[2] A despicably short and uninformed piece in The Atlantic in 2014:

It’s Too Early to Say Putin Is Using Hitler’s Playbook

Crimea is not Sudetenland, Putin is not Hitler, and Obama is not Chamberlain.

“I believe it is peace for our time,” Neville Chamberlain said, standing outside 10 Downing Street on Sept. 30, 1938, upon returning from a meeting with Adolf Hitler in Germany.

Those infamous words by the British prime minister, which followed a deal to give Nazi Germany a part of Czechoslovakia in return for a promise of no war, have been repeated for more than 75 years as the example of appeasing to a dictator in modern history. And now, a growing choir of politicians and pundits, warning of the consequences of Russian aggression in Ukraine, are using [Munich] too….”

Kindergarten in Donbas Shelled By Putin’s agents, 1/17/2022. Putin had the initial rebel leaders assassinated, and replaced by others he liked better. Putin is a man of wealth and taste. Putin is trying to create some incident(s) he could use for a war. Hitler used several on August 31, 1939, for his joint attack on Poland, in collaboration with Russia.

3 Responses to “WILL IS NOT RIGHT. On Pro-Hitler, Pro-Putin, Pro-Fascist Cowardice”

  1. Gmax Says:

    When you say worse than Hitler. That’s correct. But don’t expect silly people to understand that the new Putin is worse than the old Hitler. Denial is the word, bcs those people are basically cowards, as you say.


  2. Partha Shakkottai Says:

    Going even further than Hitler did during his own world war, Putin has written that Russians are presently victims of a genocide caused by Ukraine: ”Millions” are dying, he wrote. Pure invention: this is lunacy for all to see.”
    Standard operating procedure, the victimhood card!


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